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What’s up guys today’s video is gonna be a full day of eating it is currently 7 a.m. In the morning. I just took a shower, but I’m about to make breakfast I’m actually not feeling that good this morning I feel kind of bloated asleep was kind of off last night was definitely Contributed to my bloating but I will so show you a little bit of a physique Update this morning. Ok. I had to turn on the light, but this is Fizzy this morning not feeling my best No, we’re gonna deal with it They will still be good. It will get better and also I want to show you guys a little bit of this view outside, you know, I love Morning so much because I get this view And it just makes me feel so good starting off the day I don’t know if you can see but there’s the moon right there. It’s kind of cool. Anyways, I am gonna make breakfast I’m probably just gonna make everything my dorm today because to be honest I don’t eat our dining halls that much the food is good, but it’s just a lot of processed foods Oh eat there like once in a while, but I Try to just make simple things in my dorm most of the time. I’m gonna make my breakfast. This will also be my pre-workout meal Okay, this is going to be my breakfast I have egg whites eggs and spinach all cooked in the microwave I just microwaved it for About three to four minutes. I had like a huge cup of strawberries. I’m so excited to eat these They look so good. I’m a matcha latte that I have just every morning I have One slice of toast with almond butter and cinnamon on it. And the other one is just playing and yeah That’s the new my breakfast I’m so sorry that the lighting is going to show you right now, but later in the day I promise the lighting won’t get better, but for now, I’m just gonna eat my breakfast and Get ready to go to the gym Okay, you guys I’m actually feeling so shitty right now that I don’t want to go to the gym I’m still gonna go and I know that after I go I’m gonna feel better. I feel so bloated, but I do know that exercise will Take down a lot of my bloating. So I’m gonna go get this session done. Take some pre-workout I should stop thinking about it and get myself to the gym for the pre workout that I use is Frumpy science. This is the high volume Pre-workout in the flavor Kiwi lime. I absolutely love this pre-workout. I personally don’t do well with caffeine and makes me Really jittery so I just avoid any Pre-workout with stimulants and this one is caffeine free. It works really well for me So I’m gonna take this and get myself to the gym. Hey guys, I’m back from my workout I’m honestly feeling so good right now. I do not regret going to the gym I think every time I Don’t feel like going and I end up actually going I always feel better after my squats today felt so good I think that was the best Squat session I’ve ever had so if you’re feeling a little bit unmotivated today to go work out just know that You’re not gonna regret it. You’re gonna feel better afterwards, but now it’s time for The post-workout meal. I’m gonna make some ground beef green beans and rice in the microwave So I have like green beans on the bottom of the Tupperware and I cooked ground beef on top I also seasoned ground beef with salt pepper garlic powder Onion powder so I’m gonna pop this in the microwave for three minutes And then I’m gonna microwave the rice and then mix it all together and I’ll show you guys when it’s ready to go Okay, my food is done. Not super fancy but this took like five minutes to make I have ground beef green beans and 200 grams of white rice and on top of that. I’ll be having three slices of toast east who are From Trader Joe’s this one. Is this other random brand they taste a little bit different but I like all of them I’ll be putting all the macros on the screen for you guys but throughout today, you’re gonna notice that I’m eating like so much bread so much carbs, because well first of all, I love bread. I love carbs. But also I am currently eating over 300 grams of carbs per day So I definitely have like a lot of carbs to spare currently. So eating 2400 calories And slowly increasing but feeling really really good about where I’m at. But yeah, that’s a new view and post-workout meal I’m gonna eat this and then I have to go to class after class. I Won’t come back and make my lunch and I’ll show you guys my lunch. And then hey guys, I’m back from class I’m literally sweating. This is so hot outside for today’s lunch. I’m thinking probably a bagel with peanut butter Rice, we’ll see but I’m going to show you guys what I make. Okay, so I’ve decided on these bagels They started by the brand Sara Lee They’re just plain bagels gonna toast these and put peanut butter on it and I’m gonna use these frozen chicken that I got from Trader Joe’s I Always pick one of these up whenever I go you just microwave this for three minutes and it’s ready to go I’m gonna have this with rice and some butter lettuce Okay, I have my lunch ready I have chicken lettuce rice And then I added garlic powder pink salt and onion salt and I have one bagel I put peanut butter on this half and I actually decided to put vegan cream cheese on this other half. I recently got this New Yoko’s the vegan cream cheese from Trader Joe’s and I’ve been having this every single day. It’s actually really good. So yeah, that is my lunch after this I have another class. So I’ll see you guys after my next class When I come back to have a snack I am back from class. I’m gonna make a little snack But first I’m gonna have a little bit of collagen protein powder. The one that I use is from Amazon this one is by source research. I would definitely recommend mixing this protein With something. I just chuck it with water. I just hold my breath chug it in It doesn’t taste that good, but I just do it. Anyways, I’m also going to have some strawberries and Probably a vegan bite you guys don’t know what that is I’ve talked about this maybe like a couple times before but it’s these like little cookie things they’re made of oats So they are gluten-free high-fiber no added sugar and the macros are Just really good for two cookies. There’s only 90 calories three fat 14 carb and For protein I only have one left in this box I’m just not out of this one, but I have like a whole stash in my dorm So I have like a couple more of them over there and then on the bottom I have like my whole stash but yeah I want to see I’m pretty obsessed of this and it tastes so good. I Believe you can get them from some grocery stores. I Know that safely carry son, but I would just recommend getting them online. I usually got it from their website This is called Alyssa’s bakery. I’ve also ordered them from Amazon the past so you can definitely give them a line okay, I have my strawberries and this Protein I’m just gonna chug. It it tastes really shitty to be honest. I don’t really feel like mixing it with anything So I’m just gonna drink it like that. I just took a really quick shower But now I’m going to make my dinner cuz I’m so hungry for dinner. I’m probably gonna have Chicken as my protein have some vegetables rice Probably some sort of sauce. I will see what I’m feeling and First just going to microwave the cabbage for three minutes and after this I’m gonna add in My chicken and rice and microwave it again Okay, I’ve decided that I’m gonna add some vegan pesto to my bowl Just to give it some more flavor and I love pesto. This one is the one from Trader Joe’s I Put this in Pasta rice, they really like everything so I microwaved the whole thing For like another minute after I added a pesto. I know it doesn’t look the prettiest but it tastes really good I’m gonna add some salt and pepper They have that is there for my full day of eating? I hope you guys enjoyed I’m gonna have my total macros on the screen right here If you liked this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up You can subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys in my next video You

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