FREE PRINTABLE + 10 min arms, abs, butt, & thigh workout – standing only exercises

Welcome to today’s 10-minute standing only workout. That is the best part of this workout. It’s so good We are working your arms, but abs so many things let’s just get started with your warmup Make sure your feet are nice and wide your toes are pointed out bring your shoulders in Very good. I like that. I am so excited you made the time to be here today You are not going to regret this you’re gonna be feeling so good at the end Tuck your abs in beautiful Give me your squats. Just go down low Do your best to keep your feet flat on the floor? I know it’s difficult to do this Squeeze your abs in sit back go down. I love that. I love you. You are amazing. Keep going Drop low stand up very good. Give me those arm rotations Keep your feet planted on the floor toes pointed out switch directions Make sure your core is engaged One more warm-up switch directions one more one more we are going to do a lunge reach You lunge forward and then reach to the side take your time with this. It’s just a warm-up If you do only two that’s two more than you did yesterday. Okay, it’s all good That best far forward as you can and reach Beauty-full Love that. All right. Our first move of the day is tricep chops. If you have a dumbbell you can hold on to it That’s the modification you see on the right. If you do not have a dumbbell ain’t no shame in your game I’m doing the bodyweight version too. Let’s go Keep your feet planted on the floor toes pointed out abs sucked in and Wham that’s all you’re doing Slamming stuff letting all your aggression out tuck your abs in each time You slam make sure you bend your knee ever so slightly those feet should not come on the floor You should not be on your tiptoes Very good tuck your core in Put some swag in it. I like it one down. Let’s go We have an Arnold press You want your feet nice and wide toes pointed out if you have a dumbbell a pair of dumbbells, you can hold on to them Otherwise bodyweight is good, too. That’s the version I’m gonna be doing. Are you ready? Let’s go Raise your arms up. Bring them down bring your elbows together in front. Make sure you’re squeezing your arm muscles It’s okay. If you don’t feel it right away, you will feel it the more you do this workout Bring your elbows all the way to the front Very good if your chest is in the way, don’t worry, I feel you I feel you Just bring those elbows and as close as you can Very good. Keep that soft bend in your knee. I love this All right We’re gonna step it up a notch with a side hop punch You are going to just hop ever so slightly in one place and then punch in alternating directions I’m gonna talk you through this. Don’t worry. Are you ready? This is technically not jumping. We’re just doing a little hop It’s a tiny little hop Sign a little hop. Alright good Each time you punch to each side make sure your arms are parallel to the floor and your eyes follow your fists Very good. You got it. Keep your core engaged I like it Punch punch punch That was awesome Give me a squat hold. If you are able to do the squats and the warmup, you can definitely do this here you’re just going to hold in this position for as long as you can the timer is just a suggestion if you can do the Whole 30 seconds pat yourself on the back do your best just hold it Do your best to keep your feet flat on the floor Tuck your abs in Squeeze your thighs with your booty put your hands in whatever position works for you. I Have my hands in the prayer position because I’m saying prayers right now. Think about what you’re gonna eat after this workout Just hold it you have 10 seconds to go. You can do this. You’re almost there Squeeze your abs squeeze your booty feet flat on the floor. Keep that bend in your knee. And yes you did that That was awesome. Next up. We have a penguin crunch. This is your last move and after this you get a break Hello Are you ready? This your last move. Let’s go keep your arms parallel to the floor Clench your fists and raise your knees as high as you can your goal is to get your knees to touch your elbows But if you cannot do that go through your own range of motion Your range of motion is all your body needs raise that knee as high as you can Raise your arms just a little bit. Very good. Keep going Keep your core nice and tight suck your stomach in breathe That’s a lot. How are you supposed to suck your stomach in and breathe? I know I know – what enzyme go ahead and take a quick break catch your breath. I’ll be right back Hi, just a kiss. You’re new here. I’m Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now. We live in Texas. I love pizza with no tomato sauce I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in nutrition and I wanted to personally invite you to check out my website Kabocha fitness calm on there. You can find an All-inclusive all-access pass to all of my workouts and listen Premium 30-minute workouts are not available on YouTube My eight-week booty program my 21 day belly fat focus program I get this your whole year of workouts planned for you January through December You never have to think about it ever again you can access all this content directly from my website by logging in or you can download the iPhone app or the Android app and just have everything in one place and your pocket. It’s so convenient Go ahead and check out my website. Cocoa fitness comm it’s totally free to try So give it a shot see if it’s right for you Welcome back. We are jumping into round 2 with speed bag punches. This exercise is so fun. Love this Technically not jumping is just shuffling your feet gently from side to side You got it. Okay. Let’s go shift your weight from one foot to the other There you go rotate your arms keep those arms at chest level Rotate rotate rotate I like that. Keep going go at your own pace ten seconds to go It gets better after this keep going tuck your abs in and Beautiful love it. We’re doing a side crunch if you have a dumbbell you can hold on to it If you do not have one use your body weight That’s what I’m gonna be doing. Are you ready? Okay, let’s go. We’re gonna do one side first and then move to the other side One hand behind your head. Your other arm should be parallel to the floor Palms wide open lean as far to the side as you can Pretend you’re trying to get your elbows to touch your thighs Make sure your core is tight Tuck your abs in While still breathing takes talent to do this less than ten seconds to go. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor You are doing so amazing All right Of course we need to do the same thing on the other side again If you have a dumb ball, you want to hold on to you can do that? That’s the modification you see on the right otherwise Join me in the body weight club. Let’s go Keep that arm at the back of your head. It should be touching the back of your head but Your elbow should not be coming forward toward your face Keep your upper arm parallel to the floor There you go. That’s good. That’s good. Lean in a line a straight line. I don’t want your torso leaning forward or leaning back Very good, it’s like you’re a robot that’s waving at people. I am robot side steps You’re going to step from side to side each time. You step. You’re just going to put one foot behind the other This is key Are you ready? This workout has gone by so fast because after this you have one more exercise and we’re done Step from side to side take nice wide steps you want to step as far to the side as you can Cross your arms in front of you. You can have your palms open or closed. It doesn’t matter for this exercise. Just raise those arms Keep going. Keep your core engaged. That just means keep your core tight suck your stomach in while still breathing three two one Last move de jour snow angels You want your feet together slight bend in your knee and you’re going to raise your arms up touch the back of your palms together at the top of the movement and Top touch the inside of your palms together at the bottom of the movement. Are you ready? Let’s go This is your last exercise in this workout, can you even believe it? Keep that fly bending your knee? Keep your feet together. This can be difficult. Especially if your thighs you really love each other but do your best Raise your arms all the way up I need a full range of motion back of the arms touch at the top palms touch at the bottom almost there three two One. Yes, you did it you You wait out today. Let’s go ahead and cool down Nice deep lunge you can touch your back knee to the floor You have done so well today you have done so well those speed back punches they get some people but you made it through Of course we’re going to do that same deep lunge on the other side so just step your foot out and lunge Think about what you did today so many amazing Exercises. That was awesome Finally I want you to stand up at your own pace Put a slight bend in your knee give yourself a huge hug. I just want to remind you today that you are awesome You are beautiful you are strong and you can do amazing things I truly believe in you Thank you so much for working out with me today subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already And I will see you in my next workout video

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  1. GUYS – We need a name for the "me" on the left! 🤣 The best comment wins $10 to go treat yourself at your favorite restaurant (I'll pick by the end of the week and message you to claim your prize). So leave your ideas below. I cant wait to read your comments!! 😂

  2. yay!!
    i want to have a healthier body and life style
    im overweight at the moment but have no health problems
    but that doesnt mean i wont get any so i want to try my best and prevent it by being more healthy and fit!!

  3. I'm only 13 but I love u so much Kola❤🥤and your workouts. And the left version of u can be called "loose lady." Because she's not as intense and is more chill when working out.

  4. Happy New Year!!! Great workout! I'm starting over again but I'm ready. The you on the left should be called "Rookola" which is rookie and your name together.

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