Foot Pain Stretches & Exercises with The OH Ball – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody its Doctor Jo, and it’s product
review time again. The folks at the OH Ball sent me their OH ball and the
SnOH ball. It’s a great way to stretch out your feet if you have something like
plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, if you have high or fallen arches, this is a great
way to stretch them out, but stick around to the end because I’m going to show you some
great exercises for your feet as well, so let’s get started. I’m going to show you the OH Ball firs,t so what I really really
like about the OH Ball is first of all it’s made with American maple hardwood, so
it’s nice and firm, this is going to really get into that fascia, get into
the muscles around the feet, and loosen them up. It’s also naturally
hypoallergenic, so it’s not going to give you any kind of skin reactions, and it’s
antimicrobial and antibacterial which is really good because you’re using it on
your feet and some people have stinky feet, mine occasionally might be stinky,
so if you’re putting this on your foot a lot, especially on your bare foot, it’s
really nice to have those components as well. You can see here the paracord
string is also a military-grade 550 pounds, so if you’re pulling on this, it’s
going to, it’s going to take a lot to break it, so this is nice, it’s sturdy
everything’s strong, that’s what I really like about it. Now for the Oh ball, this
is great for everyday use, you can put it down set your foot on it hold the rope,
and the reason it’s really cool to have the rope is because then the ball doesn’t
roll out, slide away, you have control of that ball, so you can also put pressure
up this way by pulling it, so you don’t even have to put it on the ground if
you’re just lying in bed you can kind of pull on it that way,
or you can set it on the ground and then pull up that way as well, so just three
to five minutes a day is really going to help loosen it up.
The the way the rope is in there you can roll it around and it doesn’t roll up
the Rope which is nice, so it’s nice and smooth it rolls on the inside of the
ball so you can really just move it around how you want to, so you can go all
the way to the heel, if you happen to have the heel Spurs in
there, and that rolled just a little bit cause I have my sock on, but you can get
really into that heel, you can come up underneath that plantar fascia, you can
go to the ball of your foot, all the the toes, and everything, and what’s important
with these things like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs and even when you have
your really high arches or fallen arches, you really want to stretch out your calf
as well, so this is really nice where you can do
that if you’re sitting down on the floor you kind of roll it on that – and I’ll
show you that in a little bit, so it’s really nice that you can do that, but I
really like that it has the rope because you have that control and again if you
just had a regular ball without the rope you wouldn’t be able to do it this way,
so if you didn’t want to push it down onto the floor. And for the SnOH Ball it’s
just like it sounds it’s cool, and so it comes with this little plastic bag and
you want to put it in the plastic bag when you put it in the freezer that’s
how you freeze it. You want to freeze it for at least four hours, you can do it more than
that and you usually want to take a little towel and put it on the ground so
when you have that little condensation coming off the ball it will go on to the
towel, and so you pull it out and what I really like about having the coldness
with the SnOH Ball is if you have some swelling in the bottom of your feet, or
if you have some muscle spasms this cold does a really really nice job of calming
all of that down and instead of just putting ice on it, you can have some
movement with it too, so you get that massage while you have the cold, so it’s
really nice to do that as well, and again it’s got the nice rope ,nice firm rope on
there and so again as soon as I put it even with my socks on, you don’t have to
have your socks on, but it’s already nice and cool on the bottom of my foot, so if
you’ve got that pain that’s swelling that tenderness in there,
that cold is going to feel really really good and it’s just really nice to have
and roll it around and again you can even get on to the heel if there are
some heel spurs there and then going up into your calf as well, but having that
rope again it’s really nice because let’s say you’re
in bed first thing in the morning, you can have this in a little cooler beside
your bed so you don’t you have to get up to the freezer, and then you can even lay
in bed and do that if you didn’t want to put your foot down on the floor, so it’s
a really great way to be able to do that as well, so we’re going to get down on
the floor and I’m going to show you a little bit of rolling it out with the
calves as well, and then I’m going to show you some strengthening exercises, so
as I said stretching out the calf is very important as well, and the OH ball
is a great way to kind of stretch that out. So using the ropes I like because
you don’t even have to put your leg on the floor you can just roll it up and
down this way, so it’s a nice way to be able to kind of stretch out the calf
muscles without having to you know really reach and stretch, you just take
the ball it’s easy to do if you’re at work because you can just have this with
you pull it out of the drawer and stretch it out a little bit, so you don’t
even have to get on the floor you can do it from sitting in a chair and rolling
it this way if you want to use the floor to get just a little bit more pressure
on the calf area, then you can just put your leg on it this way and kind of move
the leg around move the ball with the rope. If you want to and get maybe some
trigger points in that area because again all this is connected to the foot
and those muscles underneath the foot so if you have stuff going on there,
most the time this area is really tight as well, and so you want to loosen that up, and get it nice and flexible, and you can also do the stuff on the floor
that you are doing in the chair, so just putting your foot on the ball and
rolling it around this way so you might even have a little bit of more control
if you’re sitting down close to it, and really just kind of working that heel on
the edge there coming back getting all the way to the toes, and then again you
can even just have your foot out and then pull towards you to get those spots
almost like a trigger point release in there, but really just loosening up that
area again it only takes about three to five minutes.
A great simple way to strengthen your calf muscles and work on your feet
muscles a little bit if you’re sitting in a chair, is just spread your feet out
about shoulder width apart, so if you’re working on the computer this is super
easy to do you only don’t have to stop what you’re doing, and you’re just going
to come up on your toes here and then roll down and lift your toes up, so just
this is not full weight-bearing, but just a little bit of weight-bearing, so this
is kind of a starting point where you’d want to start with exercises and then
we’ll build up from here, but this is just a nice way to get those muscles
moving get everything kind of working after you stretch it out with the ball.
Then you want to strengthen those muscles to keep them nice and strong and
help prevent that plantar fasciitis, those heel spurs, those high or fallen
arches to come back, so you always want to strengthen after you stretch that’s
really really important. Another great strengthening exercise if you have a
resistive band is to work those toe flexor muscles, especially that first rea,
that big toe, and so an easy way to do that is just kind of put the band where
your toes are, make sure the band doesn’t slip out, sometimes with socks is a
little slippery, so be careful and just curl those toes down and come back up.
So you’re just working those muscles that go underneath the foot where that
plantar fasciitis happens, or where that fascia sits, so this is a great way to
help strengthen those toe muscles to actually go all the way across the
bottom of the foot up into the back of the leg, so it’s not going to be big
movements, these are small muscles and some people have more movement in their
toes than others. I don’t have great movement,
my brother has fantastic movement, he used to pinch me with his toes when we
were growing up, but not everybody has that talent, so just start off with about
ten of these. This is a red band, usually in the series yellow is the lightest, red
green, blue, but it really depends on what brand it is so just make sure you start
off with the lightest one, so if the calf exercises are easy sitting down then you
can do some standing up. Make sure you have a nice sturdy chair or a countertop
to hold on to for balance because you don’t want to get this better and end
up hurting something else, so just so you can place your hands on there for a
little bit of balance. Spread your feet out about shoulder width apart, and then
just come up on your toes high as you comfortably can, come down, and then pull
your toes up so you’re just going back and forth, but really try and control
that so when you come up, don’t just plop down, make sure you’re
controlling that movement back down and then bringing those toes up, so it’s that
just nice back and forth movement, and then if it becomes easy then you can try
them without holding on which is a little bit harder. So start off with
about ten of those, if that becomes easy then you can go to just one foot where
you’re coming up, and then going back, so that makes it much harder just using the
one foot. After that you can strengthen the arch of your foot. You can do this
sitting down or standing up, but what you want to do is try and keep your heel
down and your toes down and just curl up that arch, so you’re making that arch do
that work by kind of kind of if it’s flat like this, you’re pulling it up into
a C motion, so just curling it up and coming back down, so that’s just working
those muscles along the arch there and really just working them out and
strengthening them, so you don’t have to do a lot again I’d just start off with
ten on each side and see how that feels, and then the last exercise would be a
balance series, and so balance exercises are great for the muscles and the
ankles, even the knee and the hip, so they’re really good to do and that’s
going to help when you have stuff going on with your feet, so again hold on with
both hands to start off with because if you’re having stuff going on with your
feet you might be off balance a little bit. If holding on with two hands becomes
easy, drop down to one hand, if that becomes easy go just to one finger, and
then if that’s easy try doing the balancing without holding on at all, so
just start off with ten to fifteen seconds and work
your way up to a minute of each of those, and then make sure you’re
switching sides, even if you don’t have something going on with both sides you
want to work them both because if you just have the plantar fasciitis or the
heel spurs on one side, you’re probably overcompensating on the other side so
you definitely want to work both sides. So there you have it, that’s the OH Ball and
the SnOH Ball. If you have any questions, leave in the comments section, if you’re
interested in finding out more about the product you can go to,
and if you’d like to purchase the product, you can click up here, and don’t
forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking down here. And remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  2. Is all arch pain plantar fasciitis. If not, does plantar fasciitis therapy work on all arch pain? And how can we tell the difference?

  3. Hi Doctor Jo! Could the OH Ball be used as a massage ball on other parts of the body? Such as my back or hamstrings? With the ropes, it would be much easier to control than a regular massage ball. Or with the ball being made of hardwood, would this be too intense for the muscles? I just received my OH ball and it feels great on my plantar fasciitis. Thanks.

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