Food Slime Asmr – Satisfying Slime Compilation #24

Hi!!! Welcome back y’all 🙆🏻‍♀️💖 Thank you for the MASSIVE support I’ve received so far 🥺💘 Y’all asked for a food slime video so here ya go! And of course, we start with something delicious 🤤 Not much asmr here but it’s visually satisfying There’s actually a lot of drama going on in my life It’s so stressful ughhh and school work’s literally burying me alive 🤦🏻‍♀️ I also have a test tomorrow, it’s pretty easy to learn but I’m hella lazy and I procrastinate a lot 🤪🤪 I’m pretty sure most of you guys have heard about the Amazon rainforest incident… Not really an *incident* since we caused that to happen. I’ve seen a lot of pictures and videos of how quickly the forest is dying, and it’s honestly so sad 😞 And the worst part is that we, ordinary people, can’t really do anything to help 😩 I’m also uploading a new video tomorrow, or today not quite sure Also I honestly don’t know how my neighbors deal with my dogs barking so loudly every single day 🤣 Of course, we gotta include the iconic clear slime queen, Snoopslimes I’m actually currently editing on the next video, so if u’re reading this, go check the new video out! Also, I don’t think I’ll be able to add captions as much as I thought I could In my opinion, it’s a waste of time for me 😳 But I’m only doing this for you guys 😤❤️ I have so many ideas on what I’ll be doing for my 1k celebration but it’s a pretty far journey to go Alright, Imma continue editing the new video See you at 4:00 (time stamp…?) And I’m back;) I actually didn’t finish editing lmao, I’m gonna continue after this This actually is very satisfying to me 100% Asian food 😙, it’s pretty obvious I’ve posted a few videos of her in the previous food slime video Holy crap, I’m not even halfway through the video I- Just found a post that says “How tf you picky and still pick the wrong ones?” 😳😳😳 Idk what could be more relatable than that 🤦🏻‍♀️ Alright, I’m getting bored with this:( I really don’t have anymore motivation to do more of these captions but it depends on you guys If you guys want more of these subtitles, do tell, I won’t stop Also, my brother got his IG exam results today and I’m very proud of him considering I’m dumb and he’s not 😔 Y’all use tik tok? Or at least watch tik tok videos? If you do, you might be familiar with *VSCO girls* For any of you that doesn’t know, VSCO’s basically an app where girls can feel confident without being judged ya know? Now, I have neither VSCO nor tik tok but there are videos of how VSCO girls act on tik tok And they’re pretty hilarious and somewhat relatable Alright back to editing, will be back at 10:00 I’m back, again again lol I honestly don’t know what to type rn Video’s almost done tho yeeyee 🤠 Right I had an English test on run on sentences today and it went terrible The teacher literally blamed me for nothing, like I did exactly what he wanted me to, but still blamed me???? I actually just noticed that there’s a lot of clay mixing videos here Should I ditch y’all again and go on editing the new video? XD I won’t though Also, if you haven’t checked out a video about Zach Choi on my channel, I recommend you to cause if you know Zach, you’ll LOVE the video:3 Also, it takes me like almost an hour to finish the captions for each video Also um why mix popcorn (fake ones obviously) with clear slime? Doesn’t make sense to me Right um I had this IT test yesterday and I was close to finishing when the app shut itself down And I had to start all over again 🤬 This is the last video y’all uwu New video will be uploaded tomorrow! Those are some loudass pokes and pops tho Alrighttt, see ya guys in the next one :3

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