Foam Rolling / Foam Roller Basics

Hi everyone, it’s Lunden, and this week
we’re talking about what the heck this is! Well, this is a foam roller and basically technically, you use this for self-myofacial
release or foam-rolling our your muscles. This helps with flexibility, it helps prevent
muscle soreness, it also helps prevent injury. And it feels good to really work out those
knots that form within your hard-working muscles as well as the outer area of
your muscle, which is the facia. So, today we’re going to foam-roll out your calves your IT-bands, your piriformis and your back. So, with foam rolling the idea is kind of like,
if you have ever laid on top of… a tennis ball or softball and tried
to massage out a really stubborn knot that you might have in your back or
some other place in your body that you can’t really reach to massage out, so basically the foam roller is going to dig deep into your
muscle, that’s gonna give you that release. Alright, here we go, let’s get started!
Calves are first. Put both legs out in front of you. I’m just resting my calves on the foam roller here.
Hands are placed right by my sides,… palms down – you can do your finger tips foward,
or towards the side, whichever kind of feels comfortable for you. Then lift your hips all the way up
and roll over both of your calves. Now, the key is not to go as fast as
possible, it’s actually to go pretty slow and identify areas that are sorer than others. The areas that are sorer than others
obviously need more attention – so you’re gonna find a spot that’s pretty sore or somewhere right next to it if it kind
of hurts to be directly on top of it. And hold that spot for 20 to 30
seconds until the muscle releases. If you wanna isolate one calf at a time you can cross one leg over the other and,
crossed at the ankles, lift your hips up the same way and roll over one calf at a time.
You can also turn your toe inward or outward on that foot
of the calf you are foam-rolling. That way you can get the inner part or the
outer part of your calf, depending on what’s sore. And do both sides! Really make sure you
concentrate and focus for the 20 or 30 seconds. Really let the muscle release. You don’t wanna rush through this. It might hurt
a little bit, you might want it to be over quicker. But you still wanna take your time for rolling. Okay…
Now we’re gonna do your IT band, which runs along the side of your leg right here.
So, I’ll do my left side first. Base of the hip right on top here on the foam roller,
my other leg is gonna bridge over, this is gonna be the foot that’s planted down, that’s gonna push my body
and allow it to move over my IT band when I come down onto my elbows and slowly roll over my IT band. Now, this area can be really painful,
especially for runners… especially for runners who don’t
do this often, I should say. If you’re a runner, I’d suggest doing
this before and after every single run. Find a spot that’s really sore, that
you can hold on to for about 20 or 30 seconds. And slowly roll down to the other side. You can’t just work, work, work your muscles
all the time, you have to give back to them! You have to release all the knots
from that working so hard. You have to foam-roll and stretch and recover. And come all the way down. Okay, so
last but not least we’re gonna foam-roll out your piriformis, which is a muscle
that’s buried into your glute muscles. I noticed sometimes that my piriformis
would be tight when I’m foam-rolling it if I’ve ran a lot uphill, or done a lot of sprints – something
that activates the glutes a lot more. So, basically, you’re going to slide
the foam roller over to your side of the piriformis muscle that you’re working on,
so I’m gonna put it all the way to this side and I’m only gonna put my
right butt cheek on the foam roller here. Right foot is gonna cross over the left knee, left knee is bent
for this and both hands are behind me. And they are going to be my moving hands
and they’re also gonna help keep me stabilized. So you’re going to roll
the foam roller all the way over you glute muscle, and right in the center is where your
piriformis is hidden, and usually that’s the most sensitive spot – that’s where you feel the most tender area. And you can
just go ahead and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds. Change sides! Left glute muscle, left piriformis, left foot crossed over. Rolling over. You can go all the way from
your lower back, all the way over your glute muscle, almost down to yourr hamstring. That way you can get a full release.
And remember, you wanna move slow over your muscles until you find that
tender spot and then you wanna hold that spot to insure you get the release. You know it! Last but not least, we’re gonna foam-roll out your back. And this one feels really, really awesome!
I store a lot of stress and tension in my back, so sometimes I even do this if I’m watching TV or if I have a few minutes
in between breaks while I’m on the computer and doing some work and this is a really great
way to just kind of relax and reverse that posture that a
lot of us have from being hunched over at a desk or something like that.
You’re gonna start with the foam roller horizontally right at the bottom of your
shoulder blades. Lay right on it there. Okay, so, knees are bent, feet are flat,
hands can be by your side, just for the time being to kind of figure out where exactly you wanna
place it. Then you’re gonna bring both hands behind your head and you’re gonna lift your hips up,
pushing through your heels. Roll the foam roller from this area on your lower part
of your shoulder blades all the way up to your upper
traps here, and as you roll your foam roller towards your head,
while your hips are up you’re gonna lean your head back, and then as you roll the foam roller
more towards your feet you’re going to keep your chin up,
of course, and crunch a little bit forward. Go slowly over that area of
your back until you find a very tender area and then you can
just open up your elbows and lean all the way back. Alright, so there you have it! Now you
know what foam rolling is and how to use this thing next time you see it at the gym, or if you want to buy one to keep
at your house. That way you can foam-roll out and recover those muscles whenever
you have a few minutes to do so. Don’t forget to leave comments and let me
know what you think and if you try foam rolling. And don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness channel!

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  30. Here's some info on the IT band, you may want to do some research on.

    For example, he and de Mille explain that people love to climb on a foam roller to roll out their IT band, which runs up the side of the thigh from the knee to hip, and is super sensitive to foam rolling. But the pain you feel when rolling the band is actually your body begging you to stop.

    “The IT band is just a big, long, band of connective tissue, so rolling it won’t necessarily ‘release’ it,” de Mille says.

    Giordano echoes that you should never roll your IT band. Mostly, because it’s a waste of time and probably not getting at the root of the problem. “If you’re having IT issues, it’s probably coming from your hip,” Giordano says. He suggests foam rolling at the hip instead, and working some hip exercises into your routine to “start to stabilize the hip and take pressure off the IT band.”

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