3 thoughts on “Flunky, Work Hard! / 腰弁頑張れ (1931) (EN/IT)

  1. Hello! Thanks a lot for posting this new one. I'm looking for vids from 1931 from different countries. Japan seems to have had a very prolific cinema at the time: IMDb says 108 full-length films! And of course, it was so much different from Western countries. Would you know where to find others [I already got 'Tokyo Chorus']?

  2. Looks like an interesting project. It's hard for us to know the full extent of Japanese cinema from this time as many films were either destroyed in bombing raids or by the occupying forces after the war. 1931 is a particularly interesting year for Japanese cinema as the first mainstream talkie came out that year (Madamu to nyobo). There is one other on Youtube: search 'Oatsurae Jirokichi goshi'. I don't know where you can find others, but if I come across more I'll upload them.

  3. Thanks for all the information. I'm immediately going to look for this new vid, and I'll try to know more about it afterwards! I've subbed to your channel, so I'll know if you find something new (for me, of course!) In fact this year's interesting to compare different cinemas and to see how the switch between silent and talkies was managed all over the world. And of course, there are also emerging cinemas with countries having less than 15 films (Spain for instance and many others) Good work!

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