Five Brilliant Challenges To Boost Your Brain Power. Brain Boosting Exercises For Better Thinking

Here are five brilliant brain challenges that will boost your brainpower. Doing puzzles and games is fun and can help to boost your brainpower. But scientific studies show most ordinary puzzles. Don’t necessarily make you clever or make you better at handling life’s challenges. The following brain boosting exercises have been specifically selected to expand your capacity to think and remember better. Here are the five brain boosting challenges. Number one try multiplying two-digit numbers in your head. Why is it so easy for most of us to multiply 6 times 3 in our head, but we find it so much harder to multiply 16 times 32. Well part of the reason is that most of us learned our times tables as school children so we don’t have to think of the answer, It’s already stored in our long-term memory. We already know how important your long-term memory is It’s like a mental notepad that helps you remember how to think through a problem. But multiplying two-digit numbers is a good way to test your working memory and to strengthen it in the process Mental multiplication actually improves your working memory. It’s a fundamental brain boosting skill that will get better the more you practice Here are some multiplication problems to boost your brainpower do them once and Then spend five minutes a day doing other two digit multiplication problems in your head 18 times 21 23 times 24 test yourself with multiplication and see how you do. Number two spell words backwards in your head Spelling words backwards forces your brain to think hard and use your working memory. Coming up are five words. Look at each one, then close your eyes and spell it backwards in your head. You’ll be surprised just how hard it is. To really build your brain power though. You need to keep doing it. Spend just five minutes a day thinking upwards and then spelling in backwards in your head Try it the next time you were on a bus or on a train. Dumbledore parliamentarian Shakespeare establishment intelligence Number three . Start using your non-dominant hand more. Unfamiliar activities force brain cells to sprout new connections It’s amazing how badly most of us right with our non-dominant hand The part of your brain that controls that hand simply hasn’t been challenged Try using it and you will literally be building brain connections and strengthening your neuro fitness Number four. Embrace the great outdoors. Exposure to nature improves your mental functioning a Study by the University of Michigan found that students who took a memory test scored 20% better if they walked in a forest rather than in a city before they did the test Another study in the journal Psychological Science found that walking in nature or even just looking at pictures significantly improved attention and short-term memory and just An hour’s walk in a park will relieve stress stimulate your mind lower blood pressure and strengthen your neuro Fitness Number five get your nose in a book Reading a book makes people smarter It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare or Stephen Hawking But pondering a new idea guessing how a story will end or trying to figure out a character’s motivation all makes you use your brain The more you use it the stronger it gets So pick whatever subject appeals to you and just get stuck in Thanks for watching. Please remember to subscribe and leave any comments below This video was created with content. Samurai AI video. Videos made easy Try it for free using the link in the description below.

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