Fitness for women How to warm up and stretch before exercising

Trevor: My name is Trevor Theisman and basically
we’re going to do a female version with what we do with Coach McQueen. We want to take
a look at flexibility, kind of a cardio; where the person’s at, their heart rate, we’ll check
it throughout the workouts and just make sure they we’re gauging them properly and we’re
going to see if we’re going to go put at beginner, intermediate or advance. It’s just going to
be a quick run through, maybe a little less time than we did with Coach McQueen but you
want to go ahead and introduce yourself? Brenda: Brenda Martinez. Yup.
Trevor: Again I’m Trevor so let’s just jump right into it. Let’s start getting loose.
If you want to help at home or if you want to join along, just hop on in. We’re going
to start with a little bit of high knee touch. This is a simple warm up. It’s going be similar
with what we did with Coach. As you can see when you start using these
bands a little bit, I know you used them before a little.
Brenda: Yes. Trevor: Your heart rate definitely climbs
quicker and your legs start burning much faster. They’re definitely very good.
All right. We’re going to go with the front thigh raise. Your legs burning a little?
Brenda: One at a time? Trevor: One at a time. Okay. Now if you can
balance just go and stay on one foot, and if you need to tap and go, whatever you can
do. Here we go and switch legs. Good. Most important part of this is just staying upright.
We don’t want to lean forward and we don’t want to swing back. Right, right. You just
want to keep your balance. Try and keep it all in your thigh. Good. Let’s go and widen
out a little bit. Go with a slow squat. Brenda: That’s why I want to make sure I do
right. Okay. Trevor: General rule of thumb is when we slide
down… Can you squat forward then slide your hips back? More.
Brenda: More. Trevor: There you go.
Brenda: Okay. Trevor: See how it takes your knees from the
front to the back. Good. A little more still. You want to try and have your knees behind
your toes. Brenda: Fall over. Is that better?
Trevor: Yup. Go ahead and come all the way up. That’s all right. You’ll get it. Put your
arms out in front of you if it helps you balance. Good. A lot better. Towards your hip is good.
Getting the blood pumping a little bit? Brenda: Yup.
Trevor: I guess we should check your heart rate before get going too much. Just hold
down that middle button. 132. Again, we already have a good cardio going. We’re starting to
get the blood pumping a little bit. Let’s just keep going a little and then we’ll go
and stretch. We go back to the squat. You want to shuffle
one. Brenda: Okay. I’ll make sure I’ll do that.
I tried to do that. Trevor: Same concept. Whenever we do this,
we always want to keep our knees behind our toes.
Brenda: Straight and back. Trevor: We’re here, we sit back, slide your
hips back. See I do this way. Brenda: Okay. Is that better?
Trevor: I think you’re still a little bit – all right, so stand up.
Brenda: I’m not good at this. Trevor: Oh you’re fine. This is all part of
– you got to work on it. Brenda: Okay.
Trevor: We want to sit back. Brenda: Sit back.
Trevor: Squat. Good. Now slide back just a hair, just like that.
Brenda: Okay. Trevor: Now we’re going to shuffle and go
one, one. One, one. Yeah. Brenda: How many?
Trevor: Keep going. A little bit more. Get your blood flowing a little.
Brenda: Still standing okay? Trevor: Yup.
Brenda: Okay. Trevor: Good. Getting your heart rate up a
little bit, feel little sweat. All right, let’s go and check your heart rate one more
time. 137. About the same. We’ll go ahead and stretch out and we’ll jump into the routine.
We’re going to unclip. We’re going to do the same type of thing. We’re going to stay simple
and we’re just going to do a normal stretch. Not worry so much about a band stretch as
of right now. Let’s go and spread out. Go down the left leg or right, whichever you
prefer. Again when stretching, we just want to go
to a good pole. You don’t want to go too hard, too far to where you’re overextending. We
just want to get a good pull in the hamstring. Good, switch. A good 20 second count is about
where you want to be with the stretch. Take in deep breaths, breathe it out. Down the
middle. Good. Now slide down, put your knee on the ground. Good. Now we’re going to slide
out and get in your groin. Good. Always when you stretch you want to make sure
you warm up for at least five minutes and then you go into a stag stretch, what we’re
doing right now. Each hold for about 20 seconds. You want to make sure you get your hamstrings,
your butt, your lower back and your glutes. Okay? Feeling little looser? What we did with
the Coach I told you to make sure that when you pull forward you want to lean forward
with your hip flexor so it targets your quad more. Again, so when you’re here you kind
of shift your hips forward. Okay? Feeling a little more pull.
Brenda: Okay. Trevor: Yup. Good. Okay. Feeling a little
loose? Brenda: Sure.
Trevor: Let’s get some trunk twisters in there. It’s important that you
always get your lower body and your core loose
[crosstalk]. You see how you’re going this way? See my
shoulder line? I was trying to stay center… Right here.
Brenda: Oh okay. Not moving, just moving your arms.
Trevor: Yup. Well, you want to twist your torso, but you want to stay on one spot. Good.

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