FIT – Cedar Valley – Rubber Gym Floor Mats

My name is Justin Downs. My position is I’m a full time trainer here
at Next Level Extreme Fitness. The exercise we teach in the facility range
from a gamut of different things from strength training, cardiovascular, plyometrics, kickboxing
– all types of cardio exercise. the best part of having this type of flooring
is 1. The resiliency. It cleans very easy. It’s very impact resistant. It’s easy on the knees and joints. It’s very durable for all of our members
to be able to work out on and have a good safe surface to be able to manipulate the
weights on and be able to train on. One thing I like specifically is some of these
mats have been here for over 10 years and they haven’t broken down to the point where
we’ve needed to replace them. Or we feel that we have a safety or any type
of an impact issue. We do maintain a high standard of 1. Safety and a high standard of world class
equipment. And these mats have been something that have
been a staple here for good. Anytime we get new flooring or equipment,
we always resort back to this flooring because of how impact resistant it is and how well
its helped all of our athletes train here.

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