Fat Loss Factor You MUST Consider – Meal Plan Mixup!!

A calorie is a calorie? Fat Chance! Guys, the sooner you understand this, the
less likely you are to be fat. [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athleanx.com. I know that I mentioned last week that we
would hit the gym and show you the midback and the way to target that as we did the V-Taper. However, there is an issue that kind of came
upon my desk this week that I feel should be a hot
button issue, and it is one that I think we had to do a video on, we had to address, because
I think it is that much of a confusion. And really it’s determining how guys are looking
because it’s all about our nutrition, and we know that nutrition plays a large part
in how we look. Now the issue here is the statement that ‘A
Calorie Is a Calorie Is a Calorie. And guys I can’t say enough or strongly enough
that I don’t believe in that at all. Matter of fact, I thought, Why don’t I show
you an example of and let you decide yourself, whether you believe is it true? or is it not
true? Now I will explain it again why I really firmly
believe that it is not. But on face value guys, people that say a
calorie is a calorie, their argument is, as long as you
are eating let’s say 1500 calories a day, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter what you
are eating, you are going to maintain your weight, if that’s let’s say your standard
base rate of caloric expenditure for the day. Then you are going to have 1500 calories of
a Snickers bar and 1500 calories of something entirely healthy, and it is going to be the
same net result. And that is completely, completely bogus. And let me explain why. Here is a 250 calorie Snicker bar. Now when I grew up, I remember these things
being bigger than this. I don’t know what kind this is but this is
250 calories and it is not even as long as my finger. Ok? 250 calories. Now, I am going to show the other extreme,
greens, we all know that greens are entirely healthy, right well this is baby Kale. Four of these big boxes of Kale would equate
to the number of calories that is in this. I just didn’t want to have a stack of four
to show you here but it is four of these boxes of Kale that would equate to the number of
calories here. Ok. Let’s take a look at the difference between
the two, though, from a nutritional standpoint. If we look here we have got Kale down this
side, Snicker bar down here. Both 250 calories. Your Kale is going to deliver in this four
boxes full, which remember it is a lot more than you can eat too, when you are eating
healthy, 12 grams of protein compared to the 3 in the Snickers bar, must be the peanuts
in there. Sugar, nothing in the Kale, 32 grams of sugar
in that Snickers bar. Fiber, 10 grams of fiber, it is very tough
to find fiber these days because there are a lot of things that we don’t eat, especially
processed foods don’t have fiber. 10 grams of fiber. 1 gram in the Snickers bar. Vitamin C, 290 milligrams of Vitamin C, 0
milligrams here in the Snickers bar. And finally Iron, you have 35% of your recommended
daily allowance of iron in your Kale. You have got 2% of your RDA here in Snickers. Now, I am sure you probably could have told
me before you looked at this breakdown, that Snickers bars, are not all that good for you. But where does that leave the guys that argue,
that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Hopefully it leaves them in the wrong position
because guys I can tell you for a fact that’s not rue. Let me take that argument a little bit further. This is a Nestle Crunch Bar, it is fairly
big, and I admit that. There [are] over 800 calories in this bar,
right here, okay. Bunch of fat and bunch of sugar. This is my dinner for tonight. There is less than 800 calories on here. Now in terms again of quantity of food, way
more food here than there is here. Way more nutrients here than there is here. We have sweet potatoes here, I have couscous,
I have edamame here, and I’ve got grilled chicken with grilled eggplant. Guys these are good tasting foods. I’m not saying that this doesn’t taste good
but THESE are good tasting foods that you can certainly live on and they can provide
way more in the form of nutrition than this bar. And again way more in the terms of volume
than this bar. Here is the thing guys, It comes down to nutrigenomics,
okay. There is a term that we are right on the cusp
of now, developing a lot more information about how/what we eat can determine gene expression
in our bodies. Now think about how powerful it is guys. This is going to, again, become a major topic
as we move forward in the next few years because science is all over this. When you eat certain nutrients they have an
impact on the expression of the proteins on the outer layers of our cells that determine
what then happens inside that cell. So, what that cell becomes or how it is expressed,
or the metabolites that it produces, depending upon the levels of the nutrients that is put
into the body, that will determine how much of an expression, is the term, is actually
occurring from those cells. Now you tell me, that the makeup and the constituent
and the value of what you eat don’t impact what you are ultimately going to become. And if you guys want to become bigger, better
and stronger, then you got to start caring about what you eat. It’s not about the number of calories, it’s
about the quality of what you put in your body. Guys I’ve talked about iy even from here from
a supplementation standpoint. You know how strongly I feel about my AthleanRX
supplements. I’ll tell you one thing, let me read to you
the calories in each one. AtthleanRX 1, 100 calories per serving. It’s a pre workout. AthleanRX 2, 165 calories, post workout, ok. Not as many as you might be accustomed to. The overnight nutrition, 100 calories. Guys, it’s not about cramming as many calories
as you can into a post workout shape as you are used to or any of the weight gainers and
things like that. It is about getting in the right nutrients,
because the right nutrients are what are going to have an effect on your body through, again,
what we are talking about nutrigenomics. And as we start to learn more and more, again,
we are just on the cusp of it now, we’re going to see a lot more of an impact and importance
on what we should be watching what we eat. It is something that we have been on the top
of guys, with the AthleanX Factor Program Meal Plan, built into all of this, the concepts
behind that. This is why we want you to eat a certain way. But I know, as you guys will see, and you
guys can vouch for who are on the program, eating on this program is probably the easiest
you have ever had it. And it is probably the tastiest and the best
tasting that you have ever had. So, there is not all that much of a trade
off when you have to get rid of a lot of this crap and instead fuel your body for building
muscle and for getting bigger and stronger. Guys, if you haven’t already, make sure you
head over to ATHLEANX.COM right now, and grab the AthleanX Training System. It includes the XFactor Meal Plan your step
by step approach to eating, based on everything we just talked about. And guys it is almost summer, right? You want to make sure you look good. Nutrition is going to be a key part of how
fast you see results in the next 90 days. Finally, supplementation standpoint. ATHLEANRX. Guys who aren’t already trying it, give it
a try. See why it is not all about calories. See why it is about what goes in these bottles
that determines how you look and what you get out of them. Music I’ll see you guys back here next week as promised,
midback. We’ll hit it up
next time.

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