Fat loss drink to burn fat by increasing metabolism |Fat burner in your kitchen

This video is for all those
friends who are overweight anyone reduced their weight , who wants to reduce
their body fat.In fact who wants to burn their stored body fat and for doing that
they are going to gym they are doing the exercises . They’re following a
proper healthy balanced diet also and plus they are depending or they are
consuming those fat burners of those fat burning foods that are available in the
market but the question is do we really need
those fat burners which are available in the market and which are super expensive. Still there are people who buy those super expensive fat burners, piles …just
because they claim to reduce the body fat and reduced overall
weight. Now in today’s video I am going to share a fat burner – yes a fat burner
which is actually going to help you burn your stored body fat and this fat burner
is something that you can prepare in your own kitchen and this is actually
going to cost you much less than what those super expensive fat burners which
are available in the market will cost you. So stay tuned my friend to see what
that fat burner is so the fat burner I’m talking about here
is nothing else…. it is our very own “COFFEE” , yes coffee which is available in
almost every kitchen in India but the key over here my friends is how you
prepare your coffee such that it helps to lose your stored body fat. So the
coffee I am talking about is actually the black coffee. This is how you are
going to prepare your black coffee – Take one spoon of coffee add a pinch of
cinnamon , add hot water and stir it well that’s it nothing else .. Now please
remember my friends you should not include any added sugar, no honey, no milk
nothing else than what I have actually shown you. “Fat oxidation” or
burning your stored body fat. This process is actually broken down into
three phases, the first phase of the first step would be actually to tell
your body to release the fatty acid or the fats which are stored in your cells
in your adipose cells. The second step would be to actually transport or
transfer those fats which are released by body to your cells. Your cells are the
ones which are actually going to consume the energy out of the fats which are
available in your bloodstream and the third step would be to convert that fat
into fuel and that’s what is going to help you to lose your weight and
actually lose your weight by consuming your stored body fat. Now let us actually
look how coffee is going to help you to burn your stored body fat. Now coffee
contains caffeine we all know which is actually a stimulant. Now caffeine
sends a direct signal to your fat cells where the fat is stored to break
down the fats and release them into a bloodstream. Which means caffeine
promotes the release of fatty acids from the fat cells in your body. Now just
releasing the fatty acids from your fat cells into a blood stream is not going to
lose your weight right you need to burn you to use your the fats that are
available into a blood stream for converting them into energy… basically
burning more calories. So how are you going to burn more calories than
actually what you are consuming So for that there are two ways you all know
you can consume or you can eat bit less and second way is to exercise more.
The second strategy is actually to increase your metabolism and caffeine
actually does exactly that it speeds up your metabolism and in fact
also increases the fat oxidation that means burning your boy fat as a fuel.
Now caffeine is actually also included in most of the fat burning supplements
that we see in the market today and actually for good reason. Now apart from
increasing or speeding up your metabolism rate it also helps in keeping
you more alert and that alertness is something is going to help you during
your gym workout or whatever work out or whatever exercises you do at your home
as well. Studies have actually shown that it may
improve your exercise performance by 11 to 12 percent on an average which means
you will burn more calories ->which means you will lose fat ->which means you will
lose your overall weight. So basically having a fast metabolism will definitely
help you to lose weight and easy overall body fat. Now if you would have noted,
I also included cinnamon in the black coffee. Now there are two main
benefits of including cinnamon over here – it is actually going to improve
improve your fat loss progress. First is cinnamon is actually a rich in
antioxidant which is actually going to fight against free radicals and protect
your body from any diseases, so basically ensuring it is going to improve your immune system or boost your immune system. The second and the most important
thing is it will not allow your insulin levels to spike a lot yeah your blood
sugar level will not spike and that is what we want for our fat loss goal.
Maintaining a low level of insulin is actually very essential for speeding up
your fat burning process. Now friends there are two things important things to
keep in mind when you are using coffee or consuming coffee for your fat loss
goal – ‘Don’t make it a habit’. People actually get tolerant to the effect of
caffeine over a period of time.In short run definitely caffeine is going to
increase your metabolism and will speed up your fat burning process, but after a
point in time people get tolerant to the effect of caffeine and it may not work
or it may not give you that effect or that impact.So the best approach
would be to cycle your coffee a drinking habit. A cycle of two weeks on and then
two weeks off is something that should work perfectly fine for most of the
people. So you consume coffee or caffeine for two weeks and then you stop for the
next two weeks so that your body doesn’t get the habitual to it. The best time to
bring your coffee would be early in the morning empty stomach when you get up…
this is going to give you the maximum benefit of consuming coffee or the
caffeine. That’s it for this video friends the Shyam Sawant for power of
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