FAQ: Should I Cycle my Fat Burners/Pre Workout?

– Should I cycle my fat burner? So, the quick answer to that question is yes, you should cycle your fat burner. So if you’re taking a fat burner, it’s got a set stimulant profile, and you’re taking it every day. The body produces hormones
like epinephrine, noradrenaline and adrenaline from the adrenal glands. That same stimulant profile
keeps getting introduced and the body does get used
to it and the effectiveness at producing those fat burning
hormones is diminished. So you go through your
whole fat burner is great, but instead of buying the
same fat burner next time, it’s a great idea to
try something different with a different stimulant profile. The different stimulant
will shock the body into a new result at
producing those hormones and you will get a better result. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue, you may need to cycle by
stopping your fat burner for a small period of time. So, symptoms of adrenal fatigue is if you’re struggling to
sleep, if you’re moody, if you’re irritable,
or you’re stressing out a bit more easier than you’re used to, it’s possible your adrenal
glands are a little bit fried and in that case, it’s good to
take a two to four week break from any fat burner and stimulants as well and make sure you drink plenty of water and if you can find a
product with withania, ashwagandha and rhodiola in there as well, will actually reset your adrenal glands and help with adrenal fatigue. So I hope that answers your questions and that you got something
out of that video. If you have any questions
on any other supplements, please hit us up at fatburnersonly.com.au. Thanks for watching guys,
catch you next time.

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