Faction Labs Pre Workout: Disorder

– Hey Burners, I’m here
with Ryan from Faction Labs. How ya goin’? – Yeah good mate, how are you? – Thanks for joining us. So, he’s brought us
– Thanks for having us. – a brand new pre-workout. You can see these eclectic colours here, so I’m really excited to try it. It’s a brand new brand as well? – Yeah, yeah. – What can you tell us about Faction Labs? – [Ryan] It’s been created
to really, really hit that high-stim pre-workout market. It’s been created by a group
of people that have been in the industry for quite some time. So, we’re going to hit
every mark that every person looks when they’re looking
for that high-stim product, unbelievable flavour, and then shiny packaging. – [Interviewer] All right,
so, just stick around to the end because we’re
going to try all the flavours, but I just wanted to give
the viewers a run down on the actual ingredient profile
’cause it’s pretty intense. – [Ryan] Yeah, yeah it’s dosed. – [Interviewer] It’s dosed up. So, just to start with
you’ve got your clinical dose of Citrulline Malate, so your full six grammes. – [Ryan] Yeah, yep – [Ryan] that’s right. – [Interviewer] So great for pump and performance. You’ve got 3.2 grammes of
Beta Alanine in there as well, so great for stripping lactic
acid and explosive power. – That is right, yep. – So that’ll give you the tingles. – Yeah, the tingles. Everyone gets that when
it’s on your lips, so. – [Interviewer] That’s right. It starts on the lips, then
moves through the body, but 3.2 grammes is the clinical dose and so it’s very highly
dosed which is good, then you’ve got 500 milligrammes of Acetyl Tyrosine, so
– That’s right. – that’s going to help
with dopamine production in the brain. 450 milligrammes of
Anhydrous Caffeine so that’s – It’s a little bit. – That’s a lot. So a typical cup of coffee is
between 70 and 80 milligrammes; this is 450 of caffeine. So you’re gonna feel it. – Like we said, it’s for
that high-stim pre-workout and you will feel it. – You’ll feel it. So, this is for those that
want something really, really hard core, and then
you’ve got your tropics in there. So, you’ve got your Alpha
GPC; your Cocoabuterol; your Mucuna Pruriens, and
then you’ve got Theanine which is a natural extract to
actually stop the jitters from all these stims. – Yeah, exactly. So, we noticed once we
did throw that in there, the life length of this product; it got rid of that crash and it gave you really
good energy and focus throughout the whole day. – [Interviewer] So really,
really impressive hard core formula here. So, I think the next thing to do is try it and see what we think. So, I’m sure you’ve tried it all before. – [Ryan] I’ve had a few samples, so I can’t wait to get everyone’s
feedback on these flavours, so cheers. – [Interviewer] Look at that blue there. So what’s this flavour? – This one’s called Blue
Pearl, so we’ve sorta; a lot of people
– smells amazing – Initial thought have said
this is blue raspberry, but my feedback on it; it’s
like getting a bunch of lollies, like Skittles, chewing them all together and then you get a flavour once you chew them all together. So, give it a try. – Let’s try. Okay, that’s delicious – That is really good. – That is delicious. Now, I’m only going to have a mouthful because I’ll be too stimed. – I’m okay. – [Interviewer] You’re okay. All right. – [Ryan] I like it. – [Interviewer] That’s amazing. All right, so the next one looks like grape. – [Ryan] Yeah. – [Interviewer] But
it’s called Purple Rain. – Yes, it is; it’s inspired – Some funny names here. That’s actually more
like a watermelon Nerd. – It’s got a bit of Nerd to it, actually. – Yeah. That’s amazing. I think I prefer that one over the blue,
– Okay. – but the blue was still great. – Yeah, cool, cool. – [Interviewer] Now,
we’ve got the Red Russian. – [Ryan] So, this is my favourite. – [Interviewer] Okay. – Some people say it’s
a bit like Red Frogs. – It smells exactly like a Red Frog. – It does. – When you open that
Allens Red Frog packet, it smells exactly like that. And it tastes like it
smells. That’s amazing. That’s a red lolly right there. – That’s a dangerous, dangerous flavour. – That is dangerous. – It tastes too good. – You could mix up a whole scoop and just drink that to enjoy it. – Yeah, daily as well. – Wow, okay. – Twice a day, not from
experience or anything. – No, that’s 900 mg’s
of caffeine, whoo, okay. – That’s okay. – [Interviewer] And what’s this one? – [Ryan] This one’s called Green Haze. – [Interviewer] Green Haze? Don’t even know what that means. – There’s been a lot (laughs) of mixed reviews on the flavour into
what it actually tastes like but a lot of positive
reviews to the flavour. To me, it’s like a Kiwi Passionfruit – Okay. – But I’ve been told a
few different flavours. Everyone’s got their own way, so. – All right, let’s try it. – Bottoms up, eh? – That’s exactly a Kiwi Passionfruit or – It’s delicious. – a bit tropical as
well. That is delicious. – I think that’s where people
get a bit confused ’cause it’s got that tropical flavour to it, but. – I’m just trying to
think of the rating there I actually would give these two, that one’s number one for me, the Red Frog is just the best. – Yep – Actually, I would draw these two. – Okay. – That one’s third, but if
I had that just by itself, it would be one of the best
tasting pre’s I’ve ever had – Yeah. – And that’s third, so. – Yeah, exactly. – For me, Red Frog,
Green Haze, Purple Rain, then Blue Pearl, so. – Right. I can see you’ve
only half drunk this one. – I think I, yeah, might
as well finish this stim. – Yeah, just so it’s all
even on the table here. There we go. – 100% – Too easy. All right,
so just initial thoughts on the taste; they’re incredible. The formula is next level, so I’ll feel that in about
20 minutes even though I’ve had a little bit. – Yep. – [Interviewer] Done really well with it. Thanks for coming in
– [Ryan] That’s all right. – [Interviewer] and having a chat with us about the products. We’ll have samples available. – [Ryan] (laughs). – Just hit us up if you want one, we can send one out with your order. All right? Thanks Ryan. – Thanks for having me. – All right. No worries. Appreciate it. Thanks for coming. All right cheers burners,
thanks for watching.

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