Facial Exercise Facerobics® – eBook – The Manual – The Ultimate Facial Exercise Program

[music & lyrics] little by little piece by piece I take
back what’s been stolen from me little by little piece by piece until I’m
complete – hello it’s Peta from Facerobics and welcome today I’ve got some
really exciting news that I wanted to talk to you about I
want to let you know that I’ve actually written a book and a lot of people have
been asking me over the eight years that I’ve created Facerobics to write a
book and it’s been one of those things that has been in the making but have
never had a chance to do it because I’ve been running these businesses and I just
haven’t had a chance to scratch myself really and now that I have got some help
on and I’ve got an assistant that helps me now I’ve had some time to be able to
get something together so I have a book and it’s called Facerobics – The Manual –
The Ultimate Facial Exercise Program in this book it’s got everything every
single thing all in one place and I want to tell you it’s an e-book at
this at this stage I haven’t actually is not actually a physical book at the
moment it is an e-book and you are able to purchase it download it into your
computer and print it off or read it on your computer or on your tablet and
that’s the reason why I did it as an e-book to start with because it can go
straight into your tablet and you can read it from there
now I’ve got every single part of face aerobics everything to do with face
aerobics is in that manual there’s a hundred and fifteen pages and it’s all
about how to do exercise along with me from exercise one with me one two three
and it absolutely goes through the exercises pictures hand positions
there’s all sorts of other things that are really interesting about Facerobics how it started the other thing is that I created a diary now the diary
is part of the book and it’s a diary over six weeks and it gives you the
whole program over the whole program all the series so
goes for six weeks and then you’ve got a week off it shows you all how to do it
and then every series you have this diary where you can check to see what
you’ve done you can make sure that it’s keeping you on track now this is the
main thing why my channel is so prolific and why this all happened and evolved to
what it is today because I wanted to get people to understand how to do Facerobics and that’s why I’m always putting up videos and helping people
with how to do the exercises properly all of that sort of thing so that’s why
the channel has got 400 videos on it because it’s you know there’s stuff
there with the series there’s playlist with all the exercises in them this
exercise along with me series up to series 3 and all I want to do is help
people understand how to do to do it here’s a link to the book just go have a
read about it it isn’t it is a download at this stage as I say it’s not a
physical book right now I’m in the process of getting that done this year
so there will be a physical book but I can say that most of you would probably
want to in your tablet and it’s much easier to read that way I mean I don’t
read physical books anymore I read all the books on my tablet so that’s one of
the reasons why I did it now the thing about this book is it’s
for people who may not be able to join the gym may not want to join the gym
it’s for people who would like to further their facial exercises were
techniques and understandings of how to do it
but it’s it’s for you people it’s for you so if you don’t want to join the gym
you know don’t want to take it any further but do it you know follow the
the channel this book will absolutely help support you with your facial
exercises and especially the diary I mean the diary is fantastic now it’s
pretty you know it’s just a basic diary it doesn’t have all the bells and
whistles and all sorts of pretty pictures on it maybe one day I can get
one done like that but at the moment it’s one for you to download to print
off to keep you on track that’s why I’ve
done the diary also there’s a diary there for those of you that do 50
repetitions for three weeks and a hundred repetitions for three weeks so
there’s the the program where you do up to 150 repetitions through all the three
levels or there’s the two level program as well for you now I created that two
level program as well and it’s something that’s always been a part of face
aerobics and a lot of people do actually do 50 repetitions for three weeks and a
hundred repetitions for three weeks so I thought I would put that in as a diary
for you as well now the program actually goes all the way through almost all of
the year okay almost takes up the whole year if you
start in January it all finish around October maybe November okay if you go
through all the series and if you take the week off and you learn the new
exercises and it’s even got that seventh week in there for you to to just look at
the videos one day a week and you just check yes I’ve done that I’ve learned
that yes the next one yes the next one and then you’ll be ready to start the
next series the following week so it’s something that I really hope that you
guys get behind I’m so excited about it I’ve just I’m just over the moon that I
was able to write it and I’m over the moon that I’ve finally got it written in
a book and finally I’m just so excited about that it’s only taken me like eight
years but that’s what happens when you’re busy all the time and you’ve got
your head down and your bottom up you’re always sort of working and working and
you’re just all these other projects just don’t get done but now I’ve got the
time to do it I’m just so excited so please do have a look at that link
and go ahead and have a read about more about it and it might be something that
you would like to to purchase it’s not expensive it’s just as I say it’s just a
payment and a download and there you go I hope you enjoy it
really I hope it’s something that you enjoy and the sale is history in it this
but there’s all sorts of little tidbits in it that you might find interesting
that will help you throughout your Facerobics journey
okay guys now the thing is also I’d really love you to subscribe to the
channel because it really helps you with keeping updated with the program so
you’re not just stuck in the same thing all the time that you actually are
changing things about and doing things the way you should be and it keeps you
motivated and on track and also really appreciated if you do like my channel
that would be fantastic now you have a lovely day wherever you are in the world Bye [music & lyrics] little by little piece by piece I take
back what’s been stolen from me little by little piece by piece until I’m

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  1. Wow Peta you keep looking younger and younger! You are such a role model and inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, I cannot wait to get this book!

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