Face Trainer Tool | Skin Gym

This is the Skin
Gym a Face Trainer. This tool is amazing
for lifting and toning the muscles from the inside. You’re going to want
to start on the neck. Use medium to light
pressure, and always move the tool upwards. The neck is an
especially important part of the face to work
because that’s where we show our first signs of aging. Next, we’re going to move
to under the chin area. This movement is especially
important for firming the skin. Next, we’re going to
move to the jaw line. Using a 3 to 5
degree angle, we’re going to move upward
towards the ear. Now when you’re moving
along the jaw line, you’re actually stimulating
the lymphatic flow. So at the end of this
movement make sure that you’re draining
down the neck. Moving onto the
cheek, using the tool you want to make sure that
you’re moving out and up. That is a motion that
you kind of always want to be using when
you’re using this tool. Next, we’ll move
on to the eye area. Now under the eye
you really want to make sure that you’re extra
gentle because this is the most delicate skin on the face. So you’re gonna move along the
orbital bone, up to the temple. The final step of
using the Face Trainer is to finish with
that lymphatic drain. So you’ll move the tool
across the top of the head. And then flush all of
the work that you’ve done down the side of the
face, and then down the neck. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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