Exercises for Big Toe Following Bunion Surgery

When you have minimally invasive bunion surgery,
or any bunion surgery, we like to make sure that you can get as much motion and mobility
in the big toe joint as possible after the surgery. So today, we’re going to instruct
our young patient on how to do range of motion exercises. I’m going to put a little X right
here and right here. And what you do is you use your opposite hand – so, since this is
a left foot I’m going to use my right hand – two fingers under the big toe, and my thumb
on the first X. And I’m going to raise the toe as high as it will go and hold it there
for a minute. After a minute is up, I’m going to switch directions and I’m gonna put my
two fingers under the first X and my thumb on top of the second X and I’m gonna press
down as low as it will go. As low as the big toe will go. And hold that for a minute. We
alternate a minute up and a minute down for six minutes twice a day until I tell the patient
to stop. That will keep the joint moving and help to prevent stiffness.

9 thoughts on “Exercises for Big Toe Following Bunion Surgery

  1. Thank you for that video! Im starting to do some toe excercise but my toe is very stiff..is it normal to hurt when i try to bend it?

  2. Dr. Nadal,

    I'm doubt you still check this page but a response would be appreciated.

    I had bunion surgery on June 23 (today is August 4) and my big toe is very stiff. It's not super painful but it worries me that my range of motion isn't all there. Will I Gain this back? Another thing I've noticed is when I curl by toes, my foot shakes uncontrollably. I'm not sure why this happens. Unfortunately my doctor only gave me one or 2 exercises to work on. Should I ask about PT?

  3. hello, should i wait until i get the stichies removed or can i do this excercise right away? It's been a week since my surgery and i can not move my toe and dont even try to cuz it feels very stiffed. Is 2-3 weeks after surgery a good time to start these excercises?

  4. Hello, I live in the state of Ohio. I have been thinking about this surgery but him an avid tennis player, and I also like to run, walk, workout. How long does recovery take? I'm afraid of being sidelined for a year at the age of 5e. I also don't want to get fat because I can't do anything and I am in my 50's. I have no issue playing tennis for 2+ hours. My issue is finding shoes that I like. I try to buy wide width which does help. When I have to wear heels it's not as pleasant but I've managed. Do I have surgery just because I don't like the way my foot looks and because I can't wear all the types of shoes I want or should I be in pain? The bunion does not hurt – I'm just afraid of swelling and complications and not being active the way I want . Any good recommendations for doctors in the Cleveland Ohio area?

  5. I have had 2 surgeries in 3 months because the first one failed. double bunioctomy..on the second surgery my new doc put K wires in so he told me not to try and move my toe.. now after 6 weeks the k wires were removed and i began to walk but my joint is SO STIFF and can't bend.. should i try these excercises ?:(

  6. Ty ty…I just had surgery and my doctor told me this today but seeing this was better than his verbal instructions 🏄🏽‍♂️

  7. Here is my physical therapy post bunionectomy video that several people have told me has helped them! All these techniques are from my physical therapist and just wanted to share because its so informative! Hoping for fast recoveries! 



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