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Hello welcome, Bee Walker with Modern Canine Services. Today we are in our home in Phoenix, AZ It’s the middle of July
and it’s very hot outside , too hot to go hiking or go for a walk with our dogs
during the daytime and so during these hot summer months I’m always trying to
find new ways to mentally and physically stimulate and exercise our dogs. As you
can see all three of these guys are pretty tired right now because today for
the first time we tried out a mobile dog gym. Run Buddy Mobile came
today and our video today we’re going to show you how our dogs got used to the
treadmill and how they got this tired we started with Apollo and Heidi and
then brought Rainy out later. David Lopez the owner and creator of Run Buddy Mobile was great in getting the dogs used to the treadmill and encouraged
them to move and find their balance. You can see all three of our dogs were a bit cautious at first. David said this is normal and it takes a couple of sessions
for most dogs to get comfortable on the treadmill. The treadmills aren’t
motorized but rather self-propelled which means that they move when the dog walks and stop when the dogs stop moving David: “little by little she builds her
confidence, she is going to start standing up straighter a little bit more tails
wagging tongues draggin action. It takes them three or four sessions or so
they take leap of faith and start trotting they do have to balance and get to flex every muscle in their body working them out on an incline is physical therapy on the back legs and hips will change the dog’s
mobility.” none of our dogs were bold enough to run on their first session but
I think they are smart to start their new workout slowly just like a human
fitness trainer David recommends regular workouts for dogs and offers discounted
rates for weekly sessions if you live here in the Phoenix metropolitan area
and want to book a session with Run Buddy Mobile for your dog or wish to
find out more about their services you can find a link to their website in the
description below the video we here at Modern Canine Services think
the mobile dog gym is a great way to exercise your dog especially in the hot
summer months when many dog owners in Phoenix find it hard to provide regular
long walks on a daily basis David and his team members are also experienced in rehabilitating dogs with medical conditions if you enjoyed our video
please like and share it and if you aren’t a subscriber already be sure to
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exercise for your dogs during the hot summer months here in Phoenix Arizona

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