Exercise of the Week – Firefly

Hi, everyone! My name’s Kailyn, this is Marshal. We’re both trainers at Elite Sports Clubs-River
Glen and North Shore. Today, we’re here to show you the exercise,
the Firefly. So Marshal’s gonna come down in a 4-point
stance on his hands and knees and what he’s gonna do here is rock
his hips back towards his heel and then pull one knee to his same-side elbow rock back, and then alternate his legs. If he wants to spice it up and add a little
bit more core, he’s gonna come onto his toes and let those knees just hover above the floor. He rocks up pulls that knee into his arm,
rocks back, controls himself, and does it again on the other side. If he wants to add some FIRE, he’s gonna add
a little jump and propel himself forward as he pulls that knee into his chest. So he rocks back, little hop, little spring,
and a little land. So those are a couple ways you can take your
Firefly and advance it for your ability. Thanks for watching our video. Check back next week for more!

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