Exercise of the Week – Box Jump

Hello, my name is Matt Bartz
and this is Nicole Pearson. We’re trainers here at River Glen Elite. Today, we’re gonna demonstrate a Box Jump. So when Nicole starts the Box Jump, what she’s
gonna do is start with bent knees, arms back, and she’s gonna jump up and land in the same
posture as she started the jump with, nice and soft. And the key here is that the landing and the beginning look the same and there’s a nice soft landing. Alright, as a regression here, something that
she can do is a step up. So she’s bringing each foot up one at a time stepping up and then stepping down. Be careful not to jump back. As a progression on an exercise like this, you’re doing much the same of the technique as you did for the Box Jump, but you’re moving forward in space, jumping over a hurdle or in this case, a yoga block.

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