looks like we’re in a good spot now
we’re in the middle of the lake it’s a perfect place to set up in order to make
sure we don’t move along with the current and get lost we’ve got this
massive anchor so three two one this is your guy someone who’s traced this here
all right all the lights up all the lights off now
get all the lights off what’s going on guys all right listen up I just turned
the camera on we were just packing up and I think there’s another cop at the
door if you guys haven’t seen our last video yet the cops were called to my
house and currently they’re after us but we don’t know if they’re the real police
this just doesn’t seem right something something seems wrong about all of this
all right we’ve done nothing wrong and I know but you guys but this seems
extremely fishy you’ve been helping me in the comments and we don’t think these
are legit officers but I’m not sure someone at the door oh he’s right out
there guys we’re just getting ready to pack up
and leave we’re trying to lay low for a little bit we’re documenting everything
though everything that we see everything that we do because we want to tell the
story to you guys we want you guys to know what’s happening and we want you
guys to be able to help us I don’t think he’s leaving
no he’s still there he’s still there you can be camera focused or yes
everything’s like a mess right now I checked out the front door and I got
some footage of him but I noticed something I didn’t see a cop car at all
what kind of cop comes without a cop car we’re gonna lay low for a little bit
obviously as you guys know we’re documenting everything okay
I don’t know I’m freaking out here why don’t you check the mass camera a little
slow outside what do we do votin what do we do you gotta get out of here man we
gotta get our stuff and get out do you think that’s really good I don’t know oh
that’s a real cop or nah man now we can start piecing this together guys if you
see anything in this video that seems suspicious let us know down below but I
have no idea right now he’s leaving she’s thinking he’s leaving
Jake we can’t just run from the police do you really think those are real cops
Logan cuz I don’t we haven’t done anything wrong there’s no reason for
them to be here she doesn’t have a car I mean even people in the comments thought
it was suspicious I don’t know if these are real cops or not and to be quite
honest with you they’re not giving any explanation we’re gonna pack up all of
our gear and head out of the city to lay low for the next 24 hours it’s all
packed up should be good to go Jake I just realized why do I have to go look
at the cost might be after me but you’re part of the team okay you’re coming
along with Poppa Jake Papa Jake goes down Logan goes down with them no plus
how am I gonna build this raft what raft look at the rafts all right we
can’t we can’t stay at a hotel or something that leaves a money trail we
don’t know who we’re dealing with if they’re able to look at security footage
anything like that we know we need to go basic okay all right I say we build a
raft or the cardboard and use it to survive for the next 24 hours and just
lay low for the time being until we can figure this all out all right you grab
anything you need I’m gonna pack some more essential supplies on a real note
guys I can’t believe Jake’s dragging me into this what are you doing you’re
bringing your Easi doesn’t matter if we’re in the middle of nowhere so we’re
gonna wear my easiest Jake if we’re going into the wilderness you have to
pack light yeah this is like I’m only bringing four more upstairs all right
start loading up the car what are you bring it Jake I’m not going with you
look at it I need you it’s Papa Jake and Logan we we have to solve this together
you really don’t think these are real cops do you Logan I know what’s asking a
lot of you okay to come out with me and yes for all intensive purposes they are
not after you you could stay here but if I’m gonna get to the bottom of this I’m
gonna need you the viewers documenting everything it’s the only way we’re gonna
get through this plus I get lonely at night you know that I can’t do this
together man you win all right okay Jake I’m in but you know we also need the
viewers in you’re right guys we need you as well all right we’re gonna be
documenting everything and uploading it but we need you guys to spread the word
we need you to like the video comment below what you think’s going on help us
solve this mystery because without you guys
there’s no way we’re gonna get through this a few moments gee what are you doing Oh ready to go
let’s head out now I guess we just made it to the lake where we’re gonna be
building the raft actually went ahead and pulled you guys on YouTube to figure
out what you thought was the best idea and you guys all voted that we should
build a raft and try to swim out into the middle of the lake to lay low I
don’t know if you guys can tell exactly on this camera but the Sun is starting
to set we have to get our fort built and get this thing in the water and fast
we’re gonna use this to float on and then we’re gonna build our fort on top
of it using cardboard I’ve got some MREs as well as some other stuff that we’ll
need when we’re surviving in the lake but honestly guys I don’t want to stay
out there for too long we’re trying to do everything we can to make them lose
our trail also guys more Jase Duke called me and he was actually telling me
that he’s working on trying to solve this entire mystery and then it might go
even bigger than just us this might somehow be linked to Chad wild clay and
his hacker as of right now I don’t have a lot of information to base it off of
but we’re gonna start piecing together the clues but our first priority is
getting this thing built you get all the gear yeah all right let’s get the base
on here start getting it going Suns going down really fast man let’s try not
to draw any attention keep an eye on the woods here it is she’s completely ready and
good to go into the water we’ve got our entrance here which we can actually get
inside the fort and we’ve got windows on all sides so that we can keep a lookout
if anyone’s coming on a boat or anything like that one of my biggest priorities
though right now is to make sure that we clean up the entire area I don’t want to
leave like tape rolls or anything like this on the ground nothing that could
attract attention from whoever’s chasing us anything like that could be a clear
sign and help them track us to where we’re going it’s here it’s ready to go
and we are good to get out onto the lake for tonight so gotta get our supplies in
here and the rest of the gear but we should be good to go
Jake what are you thinking about well you look like really serious what’s
going on I’m just thinking y’all looking if we’re out in the middle of the lake
and we’re sitting there we’re quite literally the definition of sitting
ducks you you just thought of that man just
thought of that now that’s not good all right guys we got everything ready it is
good to go the boat is there yes okay I realized live like maybe perhaps we are
sitting ducks but you guys told me in a poll that we should be making our boat
out in the middle of the lake there is close to here well it is a haunted
forest we’re not gonna talk about that but there is something that we
potentially could use to set up camp in the night if the middle of the lake
doesn’t work but guys right now the Sun is going down we need to grab our
supplies and we need to get out there fast
we don’t know who’s chasing us but whoever they are they’re not gonna find
Papa Jake and no the lake unless they come down here and look all right let’s
grab our gear and get in there so we’re inside the fort now everything
is where it needs to be we’ve got all of our supplies in here we cleaned up our
trail covered our tracks which means no one should be able to follow us and find
us on this Lake Logan’s gonna jump in here we brought some extra supplies and
we’re gonna paddle out and set up our anchor and this is gonna be where we’re
gonna be surviving for the next 24 – maybe more hours the more and more that
we’re starting to believe that these aren’t real cops is kind of making me
feel better I’m starting to feel more confident to be honest with you I mean
at least I know papa jet can handle this sort of thing you know I’ve done this
before and hey now we’re back in the box board and we’re surviving in the mova
like for 24 hours all right Logan time to get in and set us a sail you ready to
go guys I am starving we need to get on the lake and then make
dinner as soon as possible I brought some MREs so that should be good enough
for food but like I said we gonna keep a low profile so we can’t actually cook
anything on an open stove the Sun is setting we need to get out on the lake
time for us to set sail expert captain setting sail for another time on a ship
look we didn’t even name this ship guys we’re going this is a ship and more of a
houseboat it’s it’s got all the amenities we need and it’s gonna keep us
nice and safe you almost don’t think we’re getting chased by people you think
we’re just out here like cruising around and join a vacation all right guys
heading out let’s get into the middle of the lake dude all right guys
been paddling for a bit we’re almost in the middle papa Jake’s just been
enjoying the view I don’t really have to do anything which is nice looking this
is why I wanted you to come so once we get out to the middle we’re gonna drop
our massive anchor which by the way I don’t think I show it off look at how
big this thing is guys we’re gonna drop that in the middle the lake and then
start cooking some dinner looks like we’re in a good spot now
we’re in the middle of the lake it’s a perfect place to set up got some prime
real estate here in order to make sure we don’t move along with the current and
get lost we’ve got this massive anchor so in three two one
all right anchors down got it here got a nice tug on it which means we should be
able to secure this down here and we won’t be going anywhere
Jake is finally starting up on our dinner chef papa Boyardee over here and
for tonight Logan you are gettin some crackers that’s right pop the jig knows
how to bake the best crackers super salty guys like you pay millions of
dollars for a cottage this thing costs like 20 bucks and some cardboards all
right guys so I have my dinner cooking Jake is getting his dinner what do you
have for dinner I got my meatballs and marinara sauce
and I’ve got a cracker with some peanut butter so not bad my cheek you’re eating
your dessert before dinner well my dinners cooking with Chef Papa
Jake has dinner all made check it out we got our meatballs here they are looking
delish no they are out of the bag but in desperate times being chased by an
unknown enemy I’m in the middle of a lake having some more meatballs isn’t
too bad all right guys well I have my vegetable lasagna so let’s dig in a lot of bugs that’s probably the only
downside to surviving in a box for overnight is the tons of mosquitoes
we’re getting ready for bed now all cozied up in my sleeping bag it has been
an extremely long day but Logan before we go to bed I was thinking I did bring
something for us I got a little surprise for us Logan Papa Jake always thinks
ahead a walkie-talkie Logan I knew those MREs weren’t gonna fill us up which is
exactly why we’re gonna order pizza to our box for it Papa Jake thinking you
know you can’t order presents one with a walkie-talkie and two in the middle of a
lake look at some spaces here guys someone has traced this here okay all
right all the lights off all the lights off now get all the lights off
I think they followed us here look at how did they find us okay you got a ring
down yeah we’ll go investigate in the morning for now they don’t know where we
are get the windows closed turn the lights
off we’re going to bed guys we’ll update you in the morning

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