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Exercise 9 In the gym Take a look at Tara She’s not obese or even fat even though she likes to eat big meals That’s because she exercises at the gymnasium in some countries a gymnasium is a school but in English a gymnasium or gym is a place where you go to exercise Doing regular exercises at a gymnasium is called working out at the gym Here’s Tara’s gym You can see it has a of equipment and some of it is quite complicated However Tara starts off on a simple exercise mat Not that Mat! This one.Tara is doing her warm-up. A warm up is
gentle exercise you do to strengthen muscles before you start exercising seriously. if you don’t do a warm-up you might pull a muscle pulling a muscle is painful and can stop you exercising completely for
a while What’s this exercise called? Tara is touching her toes. She does this to stretch the muscles in her legs and back Next we can see Tara doing sit-ups These are good exercise for the tummy muscles
or abs Abs are abdominal muscles Now Tara is doing press-ups These are hard work and she likes to do at least fifteen. 11,12,13,14,15.Well done Now that she has warmed up Tara has started to push weights.This just means that she builds her muscles by lifting weights up and down, but Tata wants to be slim, not muscular, so she moves on to a running machine This is called a treadmill and you can run without going anywhere this is why people who are not satisfied with their lives sometimes say they on a treadmill Going no-where Sometimes Tara runs fast which is called sprinting but mostly she runs slowly and steadily This is called jogging Tara is tired so she takes ten Sometimes this is called taking a breather It’s when you stop working or exercising for a while to catch
your breath and relax until you are breathing normally Now it’s back to work This is a bicycle that’s just for exercises So of course it’s called an exercise bike Well done Tara. That was a good workout no wonder you’re in good shape Enjoy your shower our and We’ll see you again next time If you want to do some exercises on the vocabulary you have just learned you can find these on the English for Everybody
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  1. Sometimes the vocabulary might be a bit different – e.g. 'push-ups' in the USA are 'press-ups' in the UK. However the differences in usage are generally not major and are easily understood.

    In our videos we use British English, and where the American version is very different we usually explain this.

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