[Eng Sub] To Do x TXT! 2020 – Ep.5

[TOMORROW X TOGETHER] [Gathering up]
Let’s jump together. 5, 6, 7, 8. [Input error]
TO DO! Jump. He didn’t do that. 5, 6, 7, 8. – Where are we? – What’s this?
– Where are we? [Are we here for TO DO?]
This is a studio for TO DO. TO DO. [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER]
– TO DO. – TO DO. We’re back! [TXT is back with drawing kit cases]
Hello. Hello, everyone. We’re back.
What are we going to do? [Having a long way to go]
We’re going to collect grape stickers. [Enthusiastic]
– Right. – Right. – To collect grape stickers, – we’re back carrying these cases.
– We’re back. – Right
– We’re so determined today. – Right. – Last time…
– I think I’ll collect all for mine. – Right.
– Unlike last time, [I’m so sure]
we’ll get 50 stickers. – I expect to bring that many stickers.
– Right. [What’s today’s mission?]
So, what are we going to do? Today’s TO DO mission for you is… “Scream in silence”. That sounds fun! – That’s our specialty.
– Finally. – What’s that? [Moving his mouth]
– In silence… – Wearing the headsets.
– You know. That’s my specialty. It’s our specialty. [Scream in silence] [1. Stand in a line wearing headsets]
[Player says a word to the next member] [2. Members will succeed when the last
member says the word correctly] [3. Within 1 minute, TXT members
will get stickers for successful cases] – In a minute.
– If we say 60 words correctly in a minute, [Ambitious]
will we get 60 stickers? [Worried]
If it’s a minute, we’ll get one. It’s harder than expected. It’s okay. We’ll do well. [Bic picture]
We’ll get 60 if we say 60 words correctly. – That’s too hard.
– Let’s practice. Read my mouth. [Orange]
Orange! Good. [Meticulous SOOBIN]
Should we just say a word? Not explaining? Let me. Let me. [Idiot]
Idiot. [LOL]
Let’s get started. [So smooth like having an MC]
Shall we move on? [TO DO TOMORROW X TOGETHER]
– TO DO! – Okay. [Headsets are given to all members] – Shall we wear them now?
– Let’s wear them. [So excited] [Dancing] [Game starts!] [The first word: Tapioca pearl] Tapioca pearl. [Like my eye balls]
Tapioca pearl! [Failed]
Letter by letter. Slowly. – Ta.
– Sa. – Pi.
– Bi. – Oh.
– Oh. – Ca.
– Ca. – Pearl.
– Tabioca? – Tapioca pearl! – There you go!
– Tapioca pearl! Tapioca pearl! Tapioca pearl! [Drinking like this] [Yeon-Tto-Meok]
Eating ramyun without me? [Expressing bubble tea]
Tapioca pearl! Tapioca pearl! – Pearl.
– Oh! [SOOBIN ->YEONJUN success!]
Tapioca pearl! Tapioca pearl! Hey! [What’s that?]
Bubble tea! Tapioca pearl! [Like this] [Hurriedly]
– Straw? – Tapioca pearl! – Ta.
– Na. – Pi. – Bi.
– Oh. – Oh. – Ca.
– Ah. Ya ya! [What?] [Nabioya (X)]
Pearl! Tapioca pearl! Butterfly effect? [Sighing] [Copying YEONJUN] [Checking if it was correct]
Hey, it’s bubble tea. Tapioca pearl. [Okay]
Right? But I failed. [Saying that he failed to deliver]
He doesn’t have any idea. [Oh, my! How can he not know it?]
Coin bank! [Their own world]
[Not having any clue] [Why can’t you say?]
[Will anyone explain the game rules?] [Curious] [1 minute is over already] [We wanted to watch them
since they’re doing their best] [So sure]
Piggy bank! [Wrong] [2nd word: Amor Fati] [Calmly saying every syllables]
“A, Mo, R, Fa, Ti”. [Got it]
[Going well] “Amor Fati!” [We know this song]
“Amor Fati!” [HUENINGKAI, look at me. – Ah. Mo.
– Mo. [Amor…]
– R. – Ji. – Fa. – Fa.
– Ti. – Ti. “Amor Fati!” “Amor Fati!” [This?]
Yes! [Success!]
“Amor Fati!” [Excited]
Next, next. [Why?] [You’re the best. I love you] [Their own world]
– One more time? – Did I say something wrong? [I mean, turn around] – We’ll have another question.
– You love me? – You love me?
– I love you. [Giving up] [3rd word] [Orangeade]
O, ran, ge… [TAEHYUN ->SOOBIN, quick to sense]
Ade. [You know it]
Orangeade. Orangeade. [I know it]
[Challenging to move on]
– Orange. – Oh. Orangeade. – Orangeade.
– Yes! [I trust you]
Orangeade! [Desperate]
Orangeade. [I don’t know… I should dance]
Oran… [I’m smiling but I’m not so happy] [Look at me carefully]
O! Orange… [Desperate]
Ade. [Failed]
Orange and strawberry! [Still having a hope]
Orange. Ade. [Can’t see it clearly]
[Icon of miscommunication] Orangeade. [Finally, did you get it?] Orange..ae…. [HUENINGKAI exploded]
Orange! A! A! O! Ran! Ge!
A! De! Orange police? [GG]
[HUENINGKAI wants to stop this game] Hey, what’s that? [Everyone, you said you’re good at this]
Orange Hate? Orange Hade? Tell me again. [Okay, let’s take them off]
– Take them off. – Take them off.
– Take headsets off. – Sorry? – They’re so terrible.
Three of us did it well! [Finding the culprit]
Let’s say it one by one, from here. [Can’t believe]
– Orange hade. – Orangeade. – What?
– Orangehade? What’s that? – Orangeade.
– Oh, that’s the word. – Yes, ade. [Surprised by the wrong answer]
– It doesn’t make sense. Orange hade. – Hey! – It was so close.
– Hang on. [Still in shock]
“Amor Fati” was correct. – Yes.
– Yes, it was “Amor Fati”. Three of us are doing so well. [HUENINGKAI ->BEOMGYU]
We have a big trouble here. [Respect to SOOBIN]
He hears only once and gets it. [Game rules]
I think we need to change it. – How?
– We wanted to have a time limit. [Without a time limit,]
So far, you solved 2 questions [take stickers as many as you can]
and spent 3 minutes. [Dramatic rule change]
[It’s like “Please take our stickers”] We did it fast until “Amor Fati”. Shall we change the order? [Problem: HUENINGKAI ->BEOMGYU section]
You do it well until HUENING. – So… – Will you go to the front?
– Right. [Varied opinions]
You’re doing so well. I don’t want to stop it. – Okay. – But TAEHYUN pronounces
so well. – We’ll do our best. [Putting TAEHYUN in the middle]
Will you start, then? TAEHYUN is so good at
pronouncing words. [Special decision:
Having TAEHYUN in the middle] [Round without time limit starts] [Will it go well?] [First word]
Je Ja Ri Meol Li Ttwi Gi! (Standing long jump) Look at me. [BEOMGYU’s 1:1 lesson]
– Je. – Se. – Ja. – Sa. [Failed to get any syllable]
– Ri. – Yi. Meol. Meol. – Meol.
– Ri. – Ri. – Ttwi. – Ttwi.
– Gi. – Gi. [So obvious that he couldn’t understand] [Tell me again]
– Try. – Meol. [Oh, my]
Se Sang Meol Li Ttwi Gi? [Frustrated] [Hurry up]
Je Ja Ri! [Smart TAEHYUN got it] – Je!
– Da. Jari. [Error in communication]
– Meol. – Rival? – Ri. – Rival.
– Ttwigi. Je Ja Ri Meol Li Ttwi Gi! [You know this]
Je Ja Ri Meol Li Ttwi Gi! [Miscommunication]
Blowing you up? [No, not that]
Meol Li Ttwi Gi! – Beo Le Jwi. (Bugs and mice)
– It’s a type of long jump. But you start it while standing. [Smiling while explaining] [Giving up]
[Just go] [Failed to understand]
Bungee jump? [So confident]
[Tell me] – Ra.
– A. Rival… ee…jwi…. [Lost confidence] Rival. [Repeating the only word he got]
Rival… [Rival=mouse]
It’s a mouse. [Confident]
I don’t get it. [Having no clue]
You don’t know it, right? Rajenkasere? What? [Hey]
Pass. Pass. [2nd word: Lesser Panda] [Input error]
What’s this? [I don’t know it, but I’ll tell you]
I’ll do it, anyways. [BEOMGYU’s 1:1 lesson]
– Le. – La? La. [La(X) Le(O)]
– Le. – Da? Le. Le. [Failed to move on]
– La. – Le. – La.
– Lesser. [Anger gauge]
– Ba? – Le, le. – Sa?
– Le! E! – Ja? – Ja?
– Lesser Panda! [Desperate]
One more time. Slowly. Lesser Panda. [Did he get it right?] I hope it’s right. [Amazing, smart TAEHYUN!]
– Lesser Panda. – Lesser Panda. [It’s me!] [So comfortable]
Lesser Panda? Me? – Yes, right.
– Lesser Panda. Okay. [Wink] Lesser Panda! [So smooth]
– Lesser Panda! – Yes! – Lesser Panda!
– Lesser Panda! – Lesser Panda! [If you pass this section,
you will get a grape!] Lesser Panda! [Concentrating]
Lesser Panda! Lesser Panda! [Got it]
Lesser Panda! [You got a grape!] [Next word is ready] [The 3rd word: Everest] – E.
– La. [Not La, but E]
– E. – Ah? – E.
– Ah? Everest. [Wrong]
– Da. Sa. – Everest. [Frustrated]
Hey! Everest. [Not so confident] Do it comfortably. – Love you, brother.
– Love you? [A chain reaction of love confession]
I love you, bro. Love you. [It’s wrong, but it looks so cute]
– Love you? Love you? – Love you? [So confident]
– Love you. – Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you. [Lovely guys got it so easily]
Love you. – Love you?
– Love you! [Wrong! Everest ->Love you]
Love you! [Feeling it’s strange] [Trying not to having a difficult one] [Current score: 1 out of 3] [4th word: Gong Gi Cheong Jeong Gi (Air purifier)]
– Gong. – Yong? – Gong. – Do. – Gong. – No? Gong, Gi, Cheong, Jeong, Gi! – Bongyi Kim Seondal.
– No! Gong Gi Cheong Jeong Gi! [Not malfunctioning] Gong Gi Cheong Jeong Gi! [Frustrated] [How they got a wrong word]
Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri. (Bold eagle) [YEONJUN got the wrong word]
Okay, okay. Hey. [Concentrating]
Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri? [What’s that?]
Hal Meo Ni Dok Su Ri? [Not granny, but bold]
Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri [Hey]
– Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri!
– Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri. [So sure]
Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri! [Gong Gi Cheong Jeong Gi
->Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri]
Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri. Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri! Right! Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri! [Wrong answer party]
Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri! Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri. [Only one is left] [Too difficult]
[Easy one please] [Got it] [5th question]
– Al. – Al. – Pa. – Pa.
– Ca. – Ca. – Alpaca.
– Alpaca? Alpaca. [Look at me] Al. Pa. Ca. [Easy]
Alpaca. – Suddenly?
– “Can call me idol!” [Saying “Alpaca” with all his facial muscles]
Alpaca. Alpaca. – Alpaca!
– Alpaca! Yes. – Alpaca! [About to get a grape sticker]
Alpaca! Alpaca! You! – Alpaca!
– You? Me? Me? [Laughing out loud]
Alpaca! Alpaca! [Success with the last one]
[Alpaca ->Alpaca] [They got 2 stickers
from “Scream in silence” game] – I’m sweating.
– It’s too hot. – Alpaca.
– Alpaca. Alpaca, right? [Gong Gi Cheong Jeong Gi (Air purifier)]
What was the previous one? – Gong Gi Cheong Jeong Gi. (Air purifier)
– I’ve never heard it. [Surprised]
What else? [Je Ja Ri Meol Li Ttwi Gi (Standing long jump),
Everest, lesser panda] I said grandfather
instead of long standing jump. [Checking out where they made a mistake]
– Really? – Lesser panda. I was about to say
le-ccordion. What’s the lesser panda? [Perfectly synchronized]
– I don’t know. – A type of pandas.
– They do like this. – Lesser panda.
– Really? – You know, small one.
They threat like this. – A cute one. [Le-SOOB panda]
– They treat like this. – Really? [Scream in silence]
– We got 2! – We did it well! [2 out of 5 questions]
– It’s really hard. – This is… [“Love you” fiasco]
– We did it better than expected.
– He said “Love you”. [that left lingering feelings]
I asked back and he said yes. [Embarrassed]
– Who? – He did. – Yes, love you.
– That was Everest, I guess. – Oh, really?
– I’m so satisfied with it. [About to move on to the next round]
[Got 2 grape stickers] Shall we move on?
TO DO! [Still having a question]
What was the Dae Meo Ri Dok Su Ri?
(Bold eagle) – How come we got that?
– What was the original word? [Arm wrestling tournament]
This TO DO mission is arm wrestling. [Tournament to pick the strongest man
in the arm wrestling]
We’re going to wrestle? – Strongest man?
– Really? [Tournament to pick the strongest man
in the arm wrestling] [1. Members have a tournament
of arm wrestling] [2. Top 4 members will get
stickers according to their places] [3. Winner will have a special gift] [One-legged fight to decide
the one to move up by default] [Out when a member gets outside of the box]
It’s hard to stand still. Don’t come to me. Shall we? I can’t control myself.
If you come to me, – I’ll push you away.
– It’s hard to stand still. [Safety first, ankle stretching]
Just in case… – You may injure your ankle.
– Let’s stretch ankles. – Right. – My ankles…
– Just in case, stretch them. – My ankles are sensitive.
– Also, give some slaps on your butt. [To avoid the shock]]
– Good. – In preparation for shocks. – Okay. Do that again… [Ready]
One-legged fight. [Nervous]
– Ready. – Ready. – Ready. – Shall we go? – Ready, go!
– Ready, go! [One-legged fight] [First collision zone] [The youngest one standing behind them]
Get out of my way! [Watching] [Calm]
Why do you push me? [Hyenas come to the youngest one] – Argh! – Let’s not fight together.
– Let’s not push each other. [YEONJUN’s drove HUENING out]
Do that to him first! [The eldest one YEONJUN]
Him? [Attack!]
Get out! [Failed]
BEOMGYU are left] [HUENINGKAI / 19, loves peace]
It’s nice to be out of that. [So enthusiastic]
My leg hurts. [SOOBIN and BEOMGYU’s joint attack
to drive YEONJUN out] [Last attack] [SOOBIN and YEONJUN out!]
BEOMGYU! [Contributor to help BEOMGYU win] [BEOMGYU won in the one-legged fight] Way to go! [It hurts more]
The same place was hit twice… – I helped you.
– Thank you! [Heart-warming]
Amazing. [Suddenly…]
– On my butt… – Thank you. [YEONJUN got out of the box
by SOOBIN’s attack]
I got attacked twice. I endured for the first time
but it hurt too much for the 2nd time. I didn’t know we needed to hit
each other in this game. It’s almost hitting.
Not just pushing. All right. BEOMGYU [The winner of one-legged fight game]
will go up by default. – It’s BEOMGYU. [So proud] I literally flew, after
being hit by SOOBIN. [“Palm down or palm up”
to decide who to have a match against] Okay. – Too hard.
– Palm up, or palm down. [SOOBIN vs TAEHYUN]
– Down! – Okay. [YEONJUN vs HUENINGKAI] You’re going to die! – Can I give up?
– You will play together? [HUENINGKAI / 19, quick to give up]
Can I give up? [Can’t hide his smile]
– Shall we do now? – Shall we go? [So confident]
– HUENINGKAI… – It’s so obvious! [Whining while being so confident]
HUENING got stronger these days.
Who knows? [Round 1: YEONJUN vs HUENINGKAI]
– I see. – Yes. – Good.
– The first match. [Players]
– Who will go first? – Me and HUENINGKAI. [Only one chance]
KAI, hang in there, till the end. [Relaxed]
My goal is to make him exhausted. – Your goal is not to win.
– Winning… [Weakest on vs strongest one
in arm wrestling among TXT members]
Hanging there is – my goal. – To this way…
– Let’s leave them. – Power…
– YEONJUN. [Go easy]
You’re grabbing too hard. Take it easy.
Relax. Here we go.
Ready. [Round 1]
Ready… – Sorry.
– What’s this? Go! [In 1 second] [HUENING lost]
Hey! [So happy]
– You should have tried harder.
– You didn’t last for a second! [Disappointed]
He did his best. – I did my best.
– Good job. Good job. Great job. [YEONJUN won, HUENING lost]
But he got stronger now. – Good.
– Mic. Mic. [Round 2, SOOBIN vs TAEHYUN]
He took off the mic. Put it on this side. – I’ll hold it for you.
– Okay. [TAEHYUN looks serious]
Director, can you hear my voice well? Good. [Handle]
Don’t we grab this? – I should grab here.
– Yes. [SOOBIN starts a psychological warfare]
TAEHYUN, I will win anyways. Will you let me win easily? – I’ll think about it.
– Please help me to save my power. – Still… – If I think I will not win…
– Please save my power. [Nervous]
– Relax. Relax your arms. – Okay. – Are you ready?
– Yes. – It’s fun to watch. Ready… [Round 2]
Go! [Close match] [Hurriedly]
– TAEHYUN, I have something to tell you.
– What? [SOOBIN’s hand is about to touch]
What? [Lost, Won]
– What? – TAEHYUN is strong! [Members were surprised]
What are you doing there? [SOOBIN lost, TAEHYUN won]
– Hey, I’m in 4th place. – He’s strong. I’m in 4th place in arm wrestling? – 4th? You have to do that with me.
– TAEHYUN is strong. May I go now? [SOOBIN believes HUENING is]
Why are you so sure [in 5th place before having a match]
– that I’m in 5th? – With TAEHYUN, right? – TAEHYUN is awesome. – Right.
– Last time, you won. – Right.
– For this day, TAEHYUN practiced chinning up. [Round 3 YEONJUN vs TAEHYUN]
I can’t believe it. You have to keep the distance. – I can’t wait to see this.
– Relax your wrists. [Tension is growing up]
– Yes. – Relax your wrists. – Are you ready?
– Yes. [Round 3]
Ready, go! [Won, lost] [YEONJUN’s victory in 1 second]
Okay! [YEONJUN won, TAEHYUN lost]
Okay! – Is this the final match?
– TAEHYUN. – Final match? [Final match, already]
– Should I play? – Yes. – Yes. – Come here.
– It’s okay. We made [Advice]
– him exhausted. – Roll up your sleeve. – Your elbow can slide.
– I should’ve done that. BEOMGYU is quite strong.
Relax. Relax. [Final match]
You’re grabbing too hard. [Strongest man YEONJUN vs
One-legged fight winner BEOMGYU]
Relax. Relax. Relax, everyone. – I need to keep this.
– Relax. Relax. [Who’s the final winner of
arm wrestling tournament?] Ready, go! [Close match] [Close match?]
Look at YEONJUN’s arm. – This…
– He’s playing with him! [Relaxed]
Look at YEONJUN’s arm. [Trying too hard] [Relaxed] [Trying too hard]
He keeps so calm. Amazing. – He’s really…
– If BEOMGYU wins, he deserves a vacation. – Vacation? – You’ll be on a vacation.
– And me? – For YEONJUN, a kiss from me.
– If YEONJUN wins… [A totally different prize]
HUENINGKAI’s kiss. [Motivating YEONJUN]
– Kisses. – A kiss from HUENINGKAI. [Thanks to HUENINGKAI’s help]
Annoyed! [HUENINGKAI’s kiss!]
– Kiss on his cheek! – Go! [Teasing each other] [Tournament to pick the strongest man
in the arm wrestling]
He’s different. [Final winner: YEONJUN]
Overwhelming. Should we decide
who is in 5th place? I won. [Ready]
– May I do this with HUENING?
– Extra round. [You’ll play palm up and palm down
to decide your places] Palm up and palm down. [For the matches to decide their places]
Palm up or palm down! [SOOBIN vs TAEHYUN?
I want to do this again! [Already lost TAEHYUN]
Again, please. I lost to TAEHYUN. Let’s decide who comes
in 5th place. [SOOBIN vs HUENING for 4th and 5th places]
All right. – I’ll be your judge.
– Hang on. I’m not in 5th place. It’s to decide it.
I can’t say I’m in 5th place. I just had a match right before. – Please.
– Me and HUENINGKAI? – Okay. Okay. Time to restore my self-esteem. But HUENING is stronger than you think. – If you lose in this match…
– It’s time to restore my self-esteem. you’ll be at the rock bottom. – Be quiet.
– With power. – Okay. I will win at least. The match to decide
the weakest one. [Angry]
Don’t say that. [SOOBIN vs HUENINGKAI]
Go! [Yay]
He’s weak. [SOOBIN won]
– I am not the last one!
– He’s elder than you, so… [Agreed]
– Right. – Right. – I agree. [2nd round to decide
their places] – With TAEHYUN? – Yes. – Good.
– I’m satisfied. With TAEHYUN… [Nervous]
I saw him wining against SOOBIN. It changed my thoughts. – Right?
– He’s much stronger now. Does it mean that I’m weaker now? [To decide 2nd and 3rd places]
[BEOMGYU and TAEHYUN] Judge, please. Judge? May I do that? – Yes, relax our arms.
– Good. I’m feeling week now.
Good! Relax.
Go! [Trembling] [Lost, won]
What? What’s happening now? [Unexpected result]
Amazing! Have a match with TAEHYUN. [TAEHYUN at 2nd place]
I won already. – Right.
– He’s amazing. – What’s happening now?
– TAEHYUN is really strong. He’s really strong! [TAEHYUN came in 2nd place]
I was surprised. [TAE-sser panda is threatening]
– What… – Have a match. [Amazing]
I did it before! TAEHYUN is like an elder
brother to me. – TAEHYUN, my elder brother.
– I’ll have a match against SOOBIN. – Did we do that?
– Not yet. [Everyone wants to play]
Who will do now? SOOBIN and TAEHYUN? It’s KAI and BEOMGYU. [For 4th and 5th places] [Winner will have a match with SOOBIN]
If I win, I’ll do that with SOOBIN. – Okay.
– I’m too weak now. [Already used his power]
If you win, you can play with SOOBIN. – Okay.
– Bring it on. – The result is…
– It’s too hard. Why do you grab it so hard? Okay.
Hang on. [Match to decide 4th and 5th places]
– Ready. – BEOMGYU was stronger. [HUENINGKAI vs BEOMGYU]
Relax. Relax. Ready, go! – BEOMGYU is too weak.
– Really? [Won, lost]
– BEOMGYU is too weak. – I can’t lift. I can’t win. – Oh, disappointing.
– What? I’m in 3rd place! – Awesome. [Result of TXT’s arm wrestling tournament?]
Satisfied! Winner. Winner. – YEONJUN.
– First place. TAEHYUN in 2nd place. [3rd: SOOBIN, 4th: HUENINGKAI,
– 3rd. – 4th, BEOMGYU. 5th place! – You’re in 4th place.
– It’s not you. [Surprised]
– Really? – Am I? – You won. BEOMGYU was much stronger than this. – I won!
– I can’t help. – I will work out further.
– Will you give us grape stickers? [Winner YEONJUN will get 4 stickers]
Yes. What’s that? [Found something]
What’s that? What’s this? [Special gift for the winner]
What’s that? Strong… something… – What’s that?
– Sausages. [Snack for the strongest man in TXT]
Let’s share together! [Drawing attention]
Because he’s the strongest man among us. – Really.
– Awesome! Shall we eat this now? [TAEHYUN gets 3 stickers]
TAEHYUN, in 2nd place. TAEHYUN… Thank you. Wow, I got 3 stickers. Anything for me, at 3rd place? [2 grape stickers]
SOOBIN who took 3rd place. [So happy]
– Do I have stickers? – It’s a lot more than we got from
the previous game. [1 grape sticker for 4th place]
– 4th place. – Do I have a s ticker? [Unexpected result]
Can I have a half of sticker? 1 sticker! [Comforting applause for 5th place]
– For 5th place… – Applause. – Applause. – Comforting applause.
– For everyone. – Too tired.
– Good. – I’m sweating. [Specially hard for BEOMGYU]
I’ve never sweated after playing the arm wrestling. [To the next mission]
– Shall we move on? – Okay. TO DO. [How many stickers did you get?] [HUENINGKAI 1]
I got 1. – 3 stickers.
– What am I going to do with this? [Familiar to his pun]
So, what are we going to do? You can move on. – This TO DO is…
– I’m nervous now. [TO DO mission]
It’s “Mouth to mouth”. – “Mouth to mouth?”
– “Mouth to mouth”. [From mouth to mouth?]
– Mouth to mouth?
– Delivering something? – Mouth to mouth.
– Using colored paper? [Mouth to mouth] [1. Members bite paper plates
with their mouths and use it to deliver flour] [2. If they deliver 94,3g of flour
to the scale, they will succeed] [3. Deliver it without a time limit
and say “Challenge” to weigh the amount] [4. If they succeed,
they will get 10 grape stickers] – Nice.
– Very easy. [Confident]
We can increase by 1g and add up at the end. [Thinking about how to do it]
Let’s deliver a lot and he will take some out. [Trust me]
– Right. – If it’s too much, I’ll do this. – You’re good at acting.
– “Oh, wind is blowing”. – It’s windy.
– Everyone, don’t sniff while you’re carrying
the flour on your plate. [Let’s get started]
– That’ll be a fiasco. – Let’s try. [Ready for the game]
– Okay. – We should bite it like this. [Testing the device to carry flour]
If you hold like this, – it will go down when you move.
– Okay. Like this.
If you do like this… And… – Do this.
– Shall we start? [Mouth to mouth, start!]
Go! [Carefully] [Moving flour well]
Okay. [Closing eyes] [The most important step:
From a plate to another] [Got some flour on his face] [SOOBIN ->YEONJUN]
Scared. [It’s not as easy as they want] [Trying hard] [Laughing] [I don’t want to see] Sorry! I didn’t intend it. [Blowing] [Wind of flour] [Emptying his plate]
We don’t care about how we look now. [Half fallen out, half on the plate]
We don’t care it any more. [Good]
He says okay. [So funny] [TAEHYUN ->HUENINGKAI]
Flour is all over your face! [Last step: Throwing flour to the scale]
– How much? – It’s okay as long as we win. [Curious]
How much? 22,4g. We have a long way to go. [The mission: 94,3g]
– It’s a lot. – We delivered a lot more.
– Fast. [Got the tip already]
– That’s a lot. – After doing this, I think TAEHYUN’s way
work better to move from plate to plate. – Like this. Tilt it to one side.
– I think that works better. Thinking about to tease others… I think this much would be okay. – I got the feeling.
– We’ll start. – Are you ready? [Now we’re going to start the real game]
– Okay. – 3 times. [How much did it weigh?]
– I think it’s possible. – How much was it? 22,2g. So, we need to multiply it by 4. – Yes.
– It’s easy. – Let’s challenge.
– Take it easy. Do slowly. [Personal talent show] [Special skill to take a lot of flour] There you go.
There you go. There you go! [A lot]
Great job! [To SOOBIN’s plate] [Pouring]
Tilt it to one side. [A lot of flour is falling down] [Shaking] [Heavy snow] [Running away] [I can’t see anything]
Do it well. [Crying]
My mistake. Sorry. [Like snowstorm] [Flapping] Til the plate to one side, please. [YEONJUN lost his way]
Here. I’m here. [Breathing heavily]
– Here. – Wow, your skin is so white like flour. [Of course]
I put on flour. [TAEHYUN ->HUENINGKAI]
[They’re moving so well] [Who are you?]
You did it intentionally. I’ll do that for you.
Let me see. [Laughing out loud] [The youngest is trying hard] [Measuring it by the eye]
Everyone. – Next.
– We did only once. Two more times. [Mission to reach the goal]
We have to do this two more times. Yes. [Surprised]
– Right. – So, we didn’t weigh that? – Right. – Yes. – Then,
I didn’t need to scoop that much up. But the final amount
is less than you think. [Shall we weigh that?]
If you want, you can weigh now. – No, no.
– No. [TAEHYUN’s prediction: 35g]
I think that’s around 35g. Okay. Okay. [Members are all ready]
– Ready? – Yes. [TAEHYUN’s skill]
It’s better to tilt it to one side. Here we go! [Enthusiastic to take all
amount of flour] [A lot of flour] Good. [BEOMGYU is so careful]
– Let’s carry as much as we can.
– Right. [Failed to adjust the power]
To reach 94,3g…. [About to laugh out loud] [Please don’t]
Please. He’s dropping… [Explosion] [Floor thrown to YEONJUN’s face]
Didn’t he do intentionally? [Carrying flour from face to face] [Where’s the next member?]
I’m here. To this side. [Scared]
Please, to the side. [With his eyes closed]
Oh, no! [Delivering flour with his eyes closed]
– No point of scooping a lot up. – No. Okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. [Perfect chemistry section]
Good. [Thumbs up] [HUENINGKAI tries to add more]
Okay, one more time. [That’s a lot]
– Okay. Shall we weigh? – Let’s do it. [Enough to be 94,3g? Decided to weigh]
– Let’s do it. – Hang on. – That’s a bit heavier.
– They’ll come here. [Staff member will weigh]
– Okay. – That’s okay. If it weighs 94,3g,
that’s going to be awesome. How many do we get?
944 stickers? 943 stickers. It’s like a science class. [Bad hand] Don’t touch it. [Weight of flour that members delivered]
163,7g. [A lot more than the goal]
Even if I take this off, it’s still 111g. – We carried too much.
– Right. – Great job. [This much is 94,3g]
This is it. This much. [Emergency meeting]
Let’s not carry too much. [Agreed to move twice]
– Okay. – Shall we do that twice only? – I think carrying a lot twice
will be better. – Shall we? – Let’s do that.
– It needs to be the half of what we did. – Really? – HUENING,
tell us if you think that’s enough. – Yes.
– Shall we change the order? [The front ones who get a lot of flour]
– No! – The order matters? – I don’t think so.
– Because you laugh a lot. I’m okay as long as
I do before SOOBIN. [The one who put white
makeup on SOOBIN] [The production staff’s decision]
YEONJUN, exchange your seat with TAEHYUN. – Yes. – How?
– YEONJUN and TAEHYUN. Okay. And BEOMGYU and… [Please, please]
SOOBIN. [In the new order]
Okay! Get out. You go there. Okay. It’s time for a revenge. It’s like the food chain. – That’s the goal.
– Let’s play the game again. [Sudden compliment]
– Yes. – You look so handsome today. I won’t focus on the result. [Meaningful]
– Shall we start? – I’ll focus on the game itself. – Way to go!
– Please go easy. [Too enthusiastic] We have another chance.
Just a bit. Not too much. There you go.
Great job. It needs to be less than you think. [Their positions are exchanged]
Hang on. Hang on. [Deep breath] [Blowing] [Blowing X 2]
[Blowing X 3] [Blowing X 4]
[Blowing X 5] You have to do that. [I think I found a wrong plate]
To one side. Tilt it. [Washing his face with flour]
There you go. Like that. Oh, my god. [Perplexed]
Okay. There’s little flour on the plate. He dropped it all over. [Can’t see ahead]
[Pass to a wrong plate] Too little. [Coughing]
Where is it? Like this.
There you go. It will work better. [TAEHYUN couldn’t avoid flour on his face]
Like that… [Shaking] [To the last runner HUENINGKAI] [Too little]
What? Is that all we got? This time, you have to give a lot. [Trying so hard already]
Let’s not do anything for a revenge. [Promised together]
You have to do well this time. So that we can reach 94,3g. – Within 3 times.
– Please blow on my face. [Blowing hard]
One more time. [YEONJUN took a lot of flour]
Good. [YEONJUN->SOOBIN] [Stable postures]
– Nervous. – That’s it! There you go. Don’t throw it to the next one’s face.
Think like you’ll dump it down. I still have some on my plate. [A lot of flour] Okay. Good job. [Delivered well without any accident] He’s dropping it on his arm. [Satisfied]
I did a great job. Please. [Carefully]
Stand here. [BEOMGYU->TAEHYUN]
[Successfully delivered flour] [Worried]
Will it be 94,3g? [Last section] [TAEHYUN ->HUENINGKAI]
– Please. – Will it be on the show? – Okay.
– That’s a lot. – I think it will work. – If it’s not enough, – No, no. – A lot.
– let’s dust off our faces. [Your hair]
Your hair takes some flour. – Done.
– Blow it. [Careful to get the last 1g]
– No. – Blow it. Don’t look at it.
Let’s go back. – Done.
– Done. Let’s go back. – This much…
– Go back. [Done!]
I think that’s enough. [Time to weigh]
They’ll take it as a success
if it’s in the margin of error. I couldn’t see it well. [How much will it weigh?] [Nervous]
– Please. – How did it go? Did you weigh? [Target weight: 94,3] [+0,2g, in the error range]
94,5g. [Success!] [Throwing flour for joy!] [Like a snowball fight] [It may look blurry
and it’s not just you!] – All right. – Okay.
– Thank you. – Thank you. [Success!] [Got 10 stickers]
Done? [Messy]
– Thank you. – Thank you for your hard work. – Thank you for your hard work.
– Well done. – Let’s say bye.
– Stop it. [Never ending jokes with flour] Okay, shall we? Let’s say bye to fans.
Center. How did you feel about today’s TO DO? [His face proves it]
I had so much fun! [Self-evaluation]
[Improved from the last episode]
Compared to the last one, – I think we’ve done better.
– Right. – We improved. – We’re getting better.
– We’ve advanced a bit. – Right. – What was the funniest one?
– This one. – He liked it in a different way.
– This was the best one. – They just enjoyed throwing at each other.
– I liked arm wrestling, too. [BEOMGYU in 5th place]
I didn’t like it! I’ll go to a gym
after doing this. – It was so much fun.
– Thank you. [Fruitful day]
We got a lot of grapes, too. – We had a great time.
– Right. [10 grape stickers] [Chance to spin a wheel]
Can we spin a wheel since
we got 10 stickers? – Right.
– Shall we do that now? – Good. – Let’s spin it together.
– And wrap this up. – Then, we can say bye.
– So nice. [Coming forward]
Hang on. [Strong will for a fair game]
Hang on. Move back, please. Yes. – Stop moving. – To be fair.
– Please go back. – Stop moving. They know us well. I’ll put it here.
Spin it and move a step behind. Let the one do,
who has never done this before. – BEOMGYU.
– Your turn, HUENING. – Okay. – What do you want to eat?
– Chicken and hot dogs. Where are they?
I’ll start with the funny makeup punishment. [So careful]
Okay. Spin it and take a step back. – Go behind.
– Move back. [A combo meal of snacks] A combo meal of snacks! [Ceremony of excited 5 members]
Nice! We can eat it when filming
the next episode. [Applause]
– Thank you. – Okay. – Thank you. [Everything went well on TO DO]
We got it! – We were lucky today.
– Right. We were lucky. Let’s say bye to fans. See you in the next episode.
TO DO! One dream!
We’re TOMORROW X TOGETHER! See you next time!
TO DO! [See you next time!
TO DO] – Thank you.
– Thank you! [Like that, TXT members]
I got it in my eyes. [had fun for a long time] On your right side… I can’t see anything. [Today’s grape stickers] [SOOBIN: 0 + 2 (from arm wrestling)] [YEONJUN: 1 + 5]
[(4 – arm wrestling + 1 – scream in silence)] [Today’s grapes] [HUENINGKAI: 0 + 2]
[(1 – arm wrestling, 1 – scream in silence)] [HUENING gave his grape sticker that he won
from a drawing contest to BEOMGYU] [BEOMGYU: 11 + 4]
[(4 – mouth to mouth, 1- HUENINGKAI)] [Today’s grapes]
[TAEHYUN: 4 + 8]
[(3 – arm wrestling, 5 – mouth to mouth)] [Next episode]
We’re back. [Quiz show at a studio]
Today, you will have a quiz show. – Really?
– 3! I think it will come out 6 times. [BEOMGYU talks so fast]
Should I guess that? It’s O or X. [YEONJUN and HUENINGKAI talk fast, too]
– Then, 8 times. – 6 times. – 6 times.
– Isn’t it too favorable [Not favorable for anyone of 5 members]
– Look at me. I won’t do this. [Fierce competition]
My dad’s… – Bag?
– Paper bag. – Mom’s bag.
– Answer, bag. [But the winning rate gets lower]
– School bag? – Answer, laptop. – X.
– Oh, no. Congratulations! [Members…]
– Director. – Director. [don’t know this]
The problem is that members don’t know this. Cafe Latte. What? What did he say? [YEONJUN got angry]
– We saw it together! – Sorry. [Will they finish…]
– This is a steamed bun… – I thought so.
– I thought it was a tangerine. [this quiz show well?]
What did you do? – I…
– HUENING, spin it please. [Random prize-punishment roulette] 1, 2, 3. [Watch the result in the next episode!]
Take your hands off. [TO DO

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