[ENG] Black dude at Cambodia local gym 이 남자가 캄보디아에서 운동 하는 법

Gym plays music The space is quite big, but not so nice (stinky..) Duplex floor (electric equipment is on ground floor to be watched because…) * Fee – towel provided
– electric equipment: 2,500r(0.63 US$)/day
10 US$ for a month
– non-electric equipment: 2,500r(0.63 US$)/day
30 US$ for a month
– electric equipment for 10 min: 1,500r(0.25 US$)
* Opening hour: 5am-9pm
* Need to wear clothes during workout It is cheap It was weird price policy for me.
Can use electric equipment for 10min only for warm-up Can buy protein powder amount of a glass (5,000r=0.25 US$) How to trust re-packed powder by some body,,,,?! Don’t know exp There is electrolyte vitamin powder too (1,500r=0.38 US$) Ground floor 1st floor (no shower) He does only weight training at 1st floor (he wasn’t acting for video,, I just capture him by my own)
20min cycle for warm-up cycle is not plugged, so its included non-electric equipment I tried some too (can be sweating by hot weather too) the window is opened, but i guess there is no cleaning here. also sweat everywhere After 20 min 2nd, 10 min (don’t the name)
Emphasizing that he is carrying 77kg it’s hard I ordered him to close his leg and do it again (shaking leg,,,) 3rd, 10min anyone knows why he is angry? Made by gym,,, rest in the mid anyone knows why I’m so happy? 4th, 10min short
Didn’t what will happen at this time,,,, 30kg + 30kg=total 60kg You can do this! except me 5th, 10min (same weight) 6th, 10min it looks easy, but I can’t even lift it up the gym wrote on the wall that Wear clothes during workout. but no one follow
because staffs don’t care too 7th is sit-up (5 min) His pant was teared when he went up there why these cute puppies all around here,,,, 8th is dumbbell (10 min)
It’s boring,,,,, Dumbbells are messy every where,, hard to find the kg I want this was so popular and everyone had it at their house in Korea 15 years ago,,, 9th even sandbags (10 min) You be my sandbag,,,,,, Bamboo Hula Hoop 10th push-up (10 min) k-pop in Cambodia 11th even not last one (10 min) Paid extra 1,000r (0.25 US$)
I think treadmill is the must-to-do at gym 12th 10 min, get away from me,,,,, He goes gym 3-4times a week
but sometimes skips even 2 weeks, But its easier for him to maintain his body like this
I think it’s advantage of being black Finally leaving,,,, never coming back here with him On the way back home, he gets coconut all the times
he does not drink much at gym picky customer No need to peel off nicely (3,000r=0.75 US$) It’s less sweet in Phnom Penh Hope you liked video

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  1. 와우 외국인이신데 한국말 진짜 잘하시네요!!! ㅋㅋ 운동도 열심히 하시구 운동심리 자극되는 영상인것같아요!!ㅋㅋㅋ

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