Energy Balls Recipe 3 Ways! | vegan, paleo snacks

so today I am showing you guys three
different energy byte or energy ball recipes that are gonna make the perfect
snack or a little something either even as a pre-workout post-workout something
in your handbag school work whatever they’re very versatile they keep in the
fridge – or the freezer if you want to make like 20 of them and save them these
are definitely something I depend on all the time for when you need a quick snack
full of good healthy fats are gonna be satisfying keep you full and fibre – so
let’s go ahead and get into the energy balls so the first flavor we are making
is lemon zest and we’re gonna start off with some almond flour rich in protein
vitamin E and healthy fats some ground flax which adds a ton of fiber in fiber
and not only it feeds your healthy gut bacteria but also helps keep you full
and it’s just overall really good for your digestion adding in some almond
butter and then about a tablespoon of lemon juice lemon is great it’s loaded
with vitamin C it’s hydrating and it makes it a little bit different than any
other energy belt because it’s more refreshing because of the lemon and then
I’m just destined some of the skin off the same half the lemon about a teaspoon
more or less you don’t have to be super precise with that and then I’m adding in
just a little bit of honey you can definitely use maple syrup if you’re
vegan but I really like the combo of the lemon and the honey together plus
because we aren’t cooking of the honey we get all the amazing benefits from the
raw honey which is really really good so then once it your dough is all mixed
together go ahead and round it into balls so this made six balls for me each
of the recipes makes about six balls and you can keep them in the fridge or if
you’re not gonna eat them I would say within a week I would store them in the
freezer so it’s great because her freezer friendly and there you have your
wonderfully delicious lemon zest energy balls or energy bites perfect little
snack next up we are making a chocolate espresso if you haven’t been able to
tell from my videos I’ve been loving this combo lately so I’m using some
cacao which is great because it’s loaded antioxidants because we’re not cooking
it we still get all those great benefits a little bit of espresso for some flavor
and some coffee extract but you can definitely use vanilla I just had coffee
extract my figure might as well for this recipe a little bit of maple syrup and
some almond butter so this one is a really great energy bite flavor because
it’s literally going to give you a little boost of energy from a little bit
of espresso it is separating to about six bowls so it’s definitely a lot less
than even an espresso shot or a coffee but it does have a little bit so it
gives you that little pick-me-up if you need it in the morning or that afternoon
slump plus it has a wonderful flavor of the chocolate and the coffee definitely
brings it out so it’s a really a winning combo and then we are making some tahini
cinnamon tahini is great because it’s not as sweet it’s a little bit more
bitter compared to like your almond butter but it still has really great
benefits so it’s basically it’s ground-up sesame seeds which are really
high in meth I mean and Messiah is something that your body needs in order
to function properly then I’m adding in some coconut flour as well as some
cinnamon cinnamon is great for blood sugar regulation also for any kind of
sugar cravings a little touch of maple syrup for sweetness especially with the
tahini a little bit of chia seeds which are gonna add omega-3s and fiber and
really help to make this a nice filling energy bite slash ball so then just mix
that up until you get your nice thick dough again and again you’re gonna be
separating this in two balls so mine made about six balls and optional here
you can roll this one or any of the energy bytes into a topping of your
choice so for this one I decided to roll it in some hemp parts or hemp seeds
which are loaded again with healthy fats in lots of Omega 3s fiber and what’s
great about all of these recipes is the fact that they’re full of protein fiber
and healthy fats all three of which really help to not only satisfy those
hunger cravings but really give you that fuel you need
when you’re looking for a snack so cover that in your hemp seeds and you are good
to go you have a wonderfully delicious tahini cinnamon energy bottle alright
guys I hope you all enjoyed this video I’m going to leave
my healthy snacks playlist right here with tons of more ideas like this so I
hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye

11 thoughts on “Energy Balls Recipe 3 Ways! | vegan, paleo snacks

  1. These sound amazing!!!!! I am going to make them this weekend!!!!! Thank You for providing not only nutritional videos but easy recipes!!!

  2. so easy! I’ll try to make the coffee balls but gonna replace the almond butter with peanut butter
    Thanks for the recipes ?

  3. I think I'm gonna try making something like this, with the almond butter. I made raw protein brownies or fudge or something with dates a few weeks ago and they really upset my stomach. I have a gallbladder issue, so I think they were too much sugar + fiber together or something. This seems like a better ratio. Thanks!

  4. thanks god, Liv , that you created energy balls without dates this time?
    dont get me wrong, dates are lovely, but extremely sweet.
    Personally am more savoury person, but if i make some Treats i like to be able to control how much sugar substitute am putting in.
    thank you my lovely xxx

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