Emergency Preparedness Exercise – Measles – Feature – (2019)

Mauro Ruiz: We’re happy to participate with Texas
A&M university-kingsville in a tabletop exercise about a potential measles
outbreak and able to plan and prepare for the possibility of a disease
outbreak of any kind. I think the importance is making sure the
information that you’re getting is from the right sources, so making sure that
the organizations the institutions and the agency are consistent in the
information that we’re providing to the general public so they’re informed about
the situation and can protect their families and themselves. Dr. Shane Creel: We had developed
a scenario based on a student presenting themselves with a potential measles
diagnosis and we built off of that and trying to determine what the impact it
would have on our local health systems and how the Department of State Health
Services would help us in managing a potential measles outbreak on campus.
Sharing of information letting everyone know what resources are available and
how we are able to address this as a community and one thing with emergency
management every event is local it begins local and ends local we have a
lot of outstanding support from other state agencies such as the Department of
State Health Services. Mauro Ruiz: We had an amazing amount of participation from so many
different partners locally even from the entire Coastal Bend region that really
made this event very successful.

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