Ellen MacFarlane & Invisible Ghost

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humble host Vincent the dapper chap in the tux is my stellar butler Mr.
Livingston and the lovely lass yeesh Livingston what pray tell in the bloody
hell is this monstrosity Miss. Tangella did not have the palate for what Maurice
prepared for supper tonight she’s in the kitchen preparing her own meal well
that’s all splendid but but what does it have to do with this abomination Handrew
asked if he could fill in the producers
agreed god shave the queen all right then moving on tonight we shall present a
brilliant film from 1941 entitled Invisible Ghost it stars Bela Lugosi
Polly Ann Young and revolves around a depressed physician who mysteriously
finds himself at the center point of murders and other grisly mayhem that
occurs in the village my goodness what no madam I will not be giving Handrew
a pay increase and if your intent is to impersonate Tangella may I suggest you do
shut up and close your bloody yap on word and who better to join us for a
ghost movie than an actual ghost hunter for with us tonight will be the
sensational Ellen MacFarlane renowned ghost hunter who has appeared on film
and television to tell her chilling tales and he also operates ghost tours
in the California wine country Ellen claims to have psychic abilities and
she’s not very tall so one might say that she’s a small medium at large in
any case Ellen will tell us her most blood-curdling ghost stories opine
about tonight’s film tell us what ghastly and ghostly event she has in
store for this year and perhaps even quite possibly perform a reading here in
our very own and very haunted Poulter Mansion so don’t go away
because it’s going to be another night of ghostly Lugosi fright right here on
Creature Features stay tuned what night is it it is Creature Features
night but no it is Ellen MacFarlane night because we have Ellen MacFarlane with
us tonight and she’s a ghost hunter correct
a ghost hunter not a Ghostbuster well no busting you would have to have like a
badge right a proton pack like police and you’d have to have the equipment and Dan Aykroyd and the
automobile with things definitely and the logo yeah copyright 20th Century Fox or something
like that exactly who knows all right well she’s a
ghost hunter she’s got all kinds of ghostly tales we’ve had her on once
before with your partner in crime but he couldn’t make it tonight so we’re
just doing Ellen and she’s got enough stories to fill up an entire episode
right and then some yeah definitely right and we’re gonna be watching
Invisible Ghost 1941 Bela Lugosi have you seen it
I believe I haven’t but I am a big Bela Lugosi fan everyone’s a Bela Lugosi
fan you know I want to meet somebody who is not a Bela Lugosi fan you know maybe
one of his ex-wives I bet if he was alive today he would not have as many
fans why it’s like me I don’t have many fans but I know once I’m dead I’ll have many
people like you better when your gone it’s strange isn’t it and maybe so I
don’t know I think I think that you have a lot of fans now no the only fans I
have are ceiling fans throughout the mannor all right so we’re gonna watch
the film we’re gonna hear some ghost stories and I don’t know Tangellas
probably gonna do something silly so you stay with us you guys stay with us and
we’ll be back after the first run of the movie stay with us Good evening, Evans.
Evening, sir. Dinner is served, Mr. Kessler.
Thank you. Good evening, my dear. You’re more beautiful than ever this evening. Mrs. Kessler first, Evans.
Oh, yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir. Evans, how’s Dad taking it? All right, Miss Virginia.
They’re having dinner. [door bell buzzing]
Oh, I’ll answer it. Hello, Virginia. I told you not to comehere this evening, Ralph. Why?
Didn’t you want to see me? Well, it– it isn’t that I didn’t want to see
you. You’re certainly acting strange, darling.
What’s all the mystery about? Let’s go into the library.
You see, Ralph, well, it– oh, I– [music playing] Ralph. After dinner, we’re taking a long walk. I’d like to speak to you, Ralph. What’s come over your father, Virginia?
Is that why you didn’t want me here tonight? Yes.
It stopped me cold. I’m sorry if I accidentally stumbled on something
you didn’t want me to know.
Well, it must seem weird to someone who’s never seen it before.
It happens once a year. He always appeared perfectly rational to me.
Well, there’s something I must tell you. It’s about my mother.
I don’t understand. Well, it happened several years ago.
My father and mother were apparently as happy as two people could be.
He worshipped her. Ralph: Another man?
The usual, best friend. It almost broke my father’s heart.
He seemed to reconcile. But he never forgets their wedding anniversary
and celebrates it that way. Guess he isn’t the only one who resorts to
make-believe. But, well, it does give one an uncanny feeling.
Well, it doesn’t frighten me anymore. Now that you know I love you. You wanted your coat, Miss Kessler?
Oh. Oh, yes.
Thank you. I was going to take a drive.
It’s such a beautiful night. Come along?
Yes, of course. Sure you don’t mind going?
No, no, I’d love it. We’ll be back in an hour, Cecile.
Yes, Miss. [humming] That’s a nice young man, Miss Virginia’s. I guess so.
If he wasn’t, Miss Virginia wouldn’t bother with him.
Does she plan to marry him? I never discuss things that aren’t my business.
If you want to stay here, I suggest you don’t be so curious.
Well, just the same, I think this is a crazy house.
And what about those murders? Jules here says there’s been a lot of them.
And nobody’s ever been able to find out who did the killings.
You talk too much, Jules. But I only said that–
Excuse me, Miss Cecile. Time I show you where we keep our linens. [music playing] Mrs. Kessler.
Oh, Mrs. Kessler. I brought you your dinner.
Oh, please, Mrs.Kessler, I gotta go home. Home?
I want to go home, too. Oh, but you are home.
And as soon as you feel better, I’m going to take you
to your husband and daughter. But they never write to me.
Oh, but they don’t know where you are, Mrs. Kessler.
Nobody knows that but me. You see I found you–
I’m running away. We’re running away in a car.
We’re going faster, faster, faster. We’re gonna crash.
We’re gonna crash. I can’t go home now, can I? Mrs. Kessler, please– please, eat your dinner. I’ve got to go home.
I’ll be back in the morning. Goodnight, Mrs. Kessler.
Goodnight. we are back you are back and Ellen
MacFarlane ghost hunter is back with us too we’re gonna talk about ghosts but first this film so he’s doing this whole
dinner thing at the table speaking to his non-existent wife do you suppose she’s
the invisible ghost I would hope so well in your experience are most ghosts
invisible or not invisible not always no sometimes they will appear
as like a mist or a flash of light or an orb or you know sometimes they’ll
show as like a partial figure of a person and interestingly enough it takes
a lot of energy to actually manifest as a ghost if you’re dead if you’re dead
yes I imagine it takes a lot of energy to do anything if your dead it really does
right no so all right so you’ve been like ghost hunting for like how long now
about 25 years 25 years yes oh yes I started very you still like it I started young but I I was
about five or six years old when I knew that I had an ability to see spirits so
I actually started very young and then when I was about 10 years old I really
started to get into it and then 11 Ghostbusters came out and that was like my entire
world you felt inspired yes yeah so you’ve done television yes I have done several TV shows which
ones Ghost Adventures back in 2015 with my partner Devin right it was the
Chinese town of Lock out on the Sacramento Delta which was it’s very
haunted actually and is still very haunted today it’s an artist community
but you can go out there right we did Monsters and Mysteries in America which
we did on the Napa Rebobs which is an urban legend we’re gonna talk about that
in a bit yes we did a movie called Haunted Wine
Country which was pretty amazing which was more film but we’ve done countless
internet shows we were our favorite was your show oh of course it was we talk
about that every tour well no we don’t we don’t call you out it’s like anything
you say goes I mean we’re not going to question like say well what kind of
meter did you use to detect this ghost we’re just gonna be like oh really well
that’s absolutely amazing so you’re still doing this as a tour operator we
are we are we actually launched a new tour last week called the Harlots
Hustler’s and Hysteria Ghosts of Napa the city’s red light district 3 H’s yes
in Napa yes and people can go on this beginning when it’s actually started and
it’s year-round they just need to go to Napa Ghosts and and check the calendar
so napaghosts.com alright we’re gonna give you the info early tonight so you
can look it up but you know I’ve been on run these tours they’re fun you know
you’re outside and there’s a big group of people and you get to hear ghost
stories and maybe see a ghost right we’ve actually had a lot lately all right well we’re gonna
talk about some more ghosts soon but first we’ve got to get back to the
Invisible Ghosts because it hopefully gets better right all right off we go
Invisible Ghost you guys stay with us You’re late again, Jules.
I’m sorry, Momma, but I just couldn’t get away from her.
Jules, why don’t you tell Mr. Kessler about his wife,
that you’re hiding her? Oh, I haven’t got got the heart, Momma.
It would kill him if he saw her the way she is.
Poor thing. She’d be better off if she’d died with that
man when that car was wrecked.
Ah, I guess so. Jules, I’ve been thinking– maybe
she had something to do with all these horrible murders.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, she wouldn’t hurt nobody. She’s like a child.
She’s still dazed from the accident, you know, amnesia.
But she’ll be better soon. And then I’ll take her home. But if they found out I’ve been hiding her, they might think I had somethin’ to do with
the murder. Jules, you must tell Mr. Kessler.
Oh, no, no, Momma. We must never tell anyone.
Never. Sure you won’t come in?
No thanks, darling. I think I’d better run along.
Goodnight, Ralph. Oh, Virginia, shall I put your car away?
No, thanks. Evans will take care of it.
All right. G’night.
Good evening, Miss Virgina. Would you please put my car in the garage
when you have a moment? Yes, Miss. Hello, Casanova. Have you gone crazy? The only chance I had to see you.
You ignored my letters and my telephone calls. Did you think that you could get rid of me
as easy as all that? Be quiet. They’ll hear you.
You bet they will. And you’re going to listen to me, too.
I’m not giving up to that Kessler girl or anybody else.
Well, this is different, Cecile. I never said I loved you.
-Are you in love with her?-Yes. Well, you’re not marrying her.
Understand? Nothing’s going to standin the way of my happiness.
Not even you. Don’t threaten me.
[car accelerating] She’ll have to know about us sooner or later.
And besides, I’ll make you a good wife, Ralph. I promise I will. Guess what. What?
I’m in love. With Ralph?
Yes, Dad. He’s a fine boy.
I’m so happy for you, my dear. Oh, he hasn’t asked me to marry him yet.
But he will. I know he will. [laughter]
Good night, my pet. Good night, sweet.
Good night, Evans. Evans: Good night, Miss Virginia.
Can I do anything for you, sir, before I retire? What happened to your hand, Evans?
Oh, nothing, sir. I hurt it when I was putting Miss
Virginia’s car in the garage. Put anything on it?
Oh, the bandage. Oh, you might catch an infection.
How’s that? Just like new, sir.
I guess I’ll read for a while. Goodnight, Evans.
Goodnight, sir. Oh, yes, Evans– thank you for the dinner.
Yes, sir. I’m afraid to come home. You’d kill me. You’d kill anybody. Why– why, Mr. Kessler. [shouts] welcome back to the show Mrs. Ellen
stepped away for a moment I think she’s off to get a book I believe you’re
correct and I think it’ll be a ghost book or maybe ghost pictures we don’t
know it so is a surprise but we’re going to do letters because you guys sent it
to us and if we don’t read your letters that would be rude correct
indeed all right how about a letter and how are you Mr. Livingston I’m quite
well thank you that’s very nice and you Tangella
all right I understand you cooked your own meal this evening and then you you
banging poor Hendrew over the head with a pan I didn’t even know she was doing
that back there it was exhausting I’ll bet I have to listen better all right
our first letter is from Mark Crusoe in Vacaville California and he writes
Vincent you and your staff have lived up to Bob’s original show you are doing
great look at your staff both of you if they would be if I paid them both I only
pay one all right move the idea the Chamber of Horrors it scared the hell
out of me in the 60s have a great new year hugs
to Tangella high five to Livingston that’s from Mark thank you oh he gave me
the Klingon thing all right and no the Vulcan Vulcan Vulcan thing right all
right well thanks for writing Mark we’ll see what we can do about that film next
up is a letter from Milpitas Milpitas we know this place Albert Revis I
believe dear Creature Features when I lived in North San Jose and East
Milpitas I always receive your Saturday night horror show now that I’ve moved
across the railroad tracks I travel to the Embassy Suites Hotel in
East Milpitas to receive your signal so we could signal boost it down here your
show is great but too quiet you could try having some thunder and lightning
outside that big window you have in the background that will scare things up you
know sometimes it happens back there you just can’t hear it because we have
double pane glass it keeps the PG&E bill down keep up the
good work from the city of the Milpitas Monster Albert Reavis well thanks for writing you know I don’t get this whole
thing about how he has to go to the hotel to I found it quite confusing as
well I know mystery solved not yet alright last one last one all
right this one is from Rich Schmell in Stevensville Montana sounds like a lovely
town hmm it’s actually to you dear Mr. Livingston
you’re obviously the smarted of the three on your show perhaps what do you
think about that you’re not starting out on a good note Richard all right I
have a math problem that has perplexed me for quite some time and I hope you
can help if I cut a cake into three even slices each piece will be point three
three three three of the original size correct correct
but if I solve for three times point three three three three
the result is 0.9999 correct correct what happened to the remaining point
zero zero zero one of cake I believe sir you will find the
remainder on the knife makes sense to me all right well thanks for writing Rich
and I hope that puts your mind at ease that’s it that’s it that is it for mail
if you’d like to send us a note in email send it to the address you see over here
if you’d like to send it in regular post use the address here and we’re gonna get
right back with Ellen MacFarlane and the Invisible Ghost in just a moment stay
with us Instructor: [ON RADIO] Exercise number one. And be ready. [knocking on door]Arms on the
sides. At the count of , close hands into–
Cecile. Instructor: [ON RADIO] –fists on the chest.
At the count of two– [knocking on door] At the count of three, lower arms sideways– If it’s exercise you want there’s
plenty of it in the kitchen. Instructor: [ON RADIO] At the count of four ,
lower the arms– [knocking quickly] Cecile!
Instructor: [ON RADIO] Then straighten. Arms at side, ready, begin.
One, up, up, down. [music playing] One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.
One, up, up, down. One, two, three Mr. Kessler. MR. Kessler: Yes?
Something terrible just happened. What?
I tried to wake the new maid. I think she’s dead.
Dead? How did it happen?
I don’t know, sir. I thought she was taking her exercises.
Call the police. I’ll see what I can do.
Yes, sir. Well, Mr. Kessler, we’re up to our ears in
another one. The girl was killed the same way as the chauffeur
six months ago. The only thing we could find was this note
left by some fella who wanted to give her the air.
It’s terrible, Lieutenant. She was so young.
If we could find out who killed Cecile, we have the one who committed all the other
murders. That’s easier said than done.
There’s never been fingerprints, to say nothing of mortars.
What gets me, Mr.Kessler, is why you refuse to move out of this place.
Sentimental reasons. There’s nothing very sentimental about a house
where anything could happen and usually does. My mother lived here, Lieutenant.
Oh, I– I see. You’re the gardener?
Yes, but– but I wasn’t here. I went home early.
You see, I live with my wife. All right, all right, all right.
And please don’t try to see me. Signed, Ralph.
Ralph? D’ya know him?
Oh, I’m certain I don’t. Well, the name startled me.
I’m– I’m practically engaged to a Ralph. Did you notice anything unusual last night,
Evans? Well, maybe I’d better not say.
Police Officer: Let’s have it, Evans. When I was puttin’ the Roadster into the garage,
I saw Cecile talk to Mr. Dickson, asked if Miss Virginia’s around.
Police Officer: Go on. I didn’t mean to listen, but they were talkin’
loud. Then I heard him say that he never loved her.
And she said she wasn’t gonna let him marry anyone else.
That made him real mad, and said nothing was gonna stand between him and his happiness,
not even her. [music playing] I knew Cecile a couple of years. She offered me the companionship I needed.
Then I met you and fell in love for the first time.
I love you, too, Ralph. Surely you can account for your activities
from the time you left our house until the next morning.
No, Mr. Kessler I had a lot to think about. I took a long ride into the country, didn’t
stop anywhere, and didn’t see a soul I knew.
Mm, that’s most unfortunate. All I know is that I– I didn’t kill her.
There isn’t any doubt about that in our minds. Don’t worry, son.
We’ll do everything we possibly can. [hammering gavel]
Order. Order in the courtroom.
Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth? I do.
Yes, I managed the apartments where Ralph Dickson lived.
Miss Mammocks came there often. As a matter of fact, I thought they were married.
I went home early and helped my wife with the house [CHUCKLING]
cleaning. Attorney: The coroner’s testimony should convince
you that the defendant had sufficient reason for
wanting to be rid of the victim.
It’s the truth. Said he wouldn’t let nothing stand in the
way of his happiness, not even her. [music playing] We’re doing everything we possibly can.
Tomorrow, we’re going to see the governor. And– oh, and I’m sure something can be done.
But Governor, the man is innocent. If you would only grant a stay of execution–
If you knew him, you’d realize he couldn’t possibly be a murderer.
I’m sorry. I’ve gone over the facts in the case.
And unless you can present some new evidence, there’s nothing I can do.
The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the
shadow of death, I will fear no evil– for thou art
with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine
enemies– thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.
MR. KESSLER: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life– and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. [phone
ringing] Yes?
I see. It’s all over. who does your hair a woman in Napa does
I think I should go to a woman in Napa Colleen does a lovely job you know by
the time we get to the middle of the show I start looking like the shaggy dog like
Nikki Sixx Nikki Seven 7.2 alright so watching this film
Invisible Ghost blah blah blah she’s not invisible she’s in the dungeon really
what’s up with that all wives are in the dungeon it’s marriage well you know this
film confuses me and I think this is why Bela Lugosi did it he likes doing films
that confuse me personally I could be wrong who knows anyways we’re here to
talk about ghosts not this movie right oh yeah and you’ve seen a lot of stuff
and I’m thinking I want to know what is the most grisly ghastly ghost story
you’ve ever experienced personally yourself my personal experience would be
I’ve had a couple I’ve had twice where I’ve been actually thrown out of my body
as a medium thrown out of your body and taken over by a spirit fortunately so
can I just say that you sound a bit like a crazy person right now that’s fine this is
a normal thing that happens to ghost hunters uh sometimes yeah if they
have mediumistic abilities sometimes that will happen yeah did you say mediumistic yes
I like that it’s a nice word alright continue so I we were throwing an event Devin and myself
Napa Ghosts and Legends we’re throwing an event at the Ride Hotel which is down
in the Delta right outside the town of Alton that area it’s an old 1920s
hotel and it was a speakeasy as well during the 20s and a brothel and we were
conducting a seance for about 75 people during our event and I had was I was
waiting on Devon to bring the room down to kind of like talk them down and calm
them and during that time while he was speaking my head went forward under the
table and dropped and apparently a man took over my body
right now I could see it see myself but I couldn’t experience what I was doing
and when Devon finally noticed what was happening I turned my head to look at him
and he saw a man with a full beard on my face superimposed on my face
he then proceeded to curse and shake me and try to get me to come back and I
stepped back into my body and there’s no possibility that you both perhaps had some bad shellfish
that night no no shellfish and no alcohol for sure so what was the purpose
of all this he would just possess for a moment so he could frighten people I
think so I think he actually wanted to live again and that particular night an
unusual storm had rolled in on the Delta there was thunder and lightning and the
hotel is very old and not very well taken care of so water was rolling down
the insides of the walls and flooding and actually the ceiling in one of the
rooms on the third floor collapsed so you were possessed in a ghostly hotel
saloon place yeah I think that would be the last time I would pursue that
particular hobby it’s very scary it really was you know we should be showing the
Exorcist tonight yeah that would have been a more appropriate film for this
maybe so maybe right so did your head spin not that I know of that could be
possible though oh you know that would not be good no considering I would be
dead after that right I think you got off easy I do too
all right well we’re not gonna get off easy with this film we got to get back
to it but when we come back we’re gonna hear another ghost story from Mrs. Ellen
MacFarlane so you guys stay with us [door bell buzzing] My name is Dickson.
Yes. Of– of course.
I’d like to see Mr. Kessler. He’s in there. I hope I’m not intruding. Oh, Ralph.
It can’t be. Apparently, my brother never told you about
me. Come in.
I’ve been in South America. I flew here at once.
However, I’m afraid it’s too late to do any good.
So you’re Ralph’s brother. I knew about you.
But I– I never expected such a striking resemblance. Sorry to have startled you.
This is my daughter, Virginia. How do you do?
Won’t you join us? I’ve had my dinner, thanks.
But, uh, I would like to talk to you Do I look pale? No.
Huh? I feel pale.
[door bell buzzing] [door bell buzzing]
The buzzer, Evans. What’s the matter, are you deef?
[door bell buzzing] [door bell buzzing]
Did he have a good attorney? Oh, one of the very best.
He’s handled all of Dad’s legal affairs for years.
Evans, Mr. Dickson will have coffee with us. Oh, I’m Ralph Dickson’s brother.
Well, you sure had me going for a minute. But you do like poor Mr. Ralph.
Eh, coffee. Yes, sir.
I realize how incriminating circumstantial evidence can be.
But it was never broughthome to me like this before.
We did everything we possibly could. You know that Ralph and my daughter
were quite serious about each other. Yes, he told me in his last letter.
Sit down. How long do you plan to stay in this country?
Haven’t decided yet, Mr. Kessler. But I would like to find out who killed that
girl. Mm.
It’s something I would like to know, too. Please consider this your home while you’re
here. If there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate.
Oh, thank you. I’ll see that your room is put in order.
Uh, sure I’m not troubling you? No, no, not at all.
Entertain Paul till I come back. Paul.
Oh, Paul. Yes?
I’ll show you to your room. Oh, thank you.
Oh, I almost forgot, I must see Evans, oh, about breakfast and things.
Oh, goodnight, Virginia. Goodnight, Paul.
Goodnight, Dad. Come in. I hope you’ll be comfortable. I’ll send for your luggage in the morning.
It’s awfully nice of you, Mr. Kessler. Really, I’d–
It’s a pleasure to have you. Thank you, sir.
Well, I guess I’ll turn in. I haven’t had much sleep the last couple of
nights. Goodnight.
Goodnight, sir. Hello Operator, give me the Police Department.
No, the body has not been touched. Yes.
All right. MR. KESSLER: Good morning, Evans.
Good morning, Mr. Kessler. What’s the matter?
The gardener, sir. What?
He’s been murdered. Murdered? welcome back the show we are watching
the Invisible Ghost with Bela Lugosi and we are talking about ghosts with Mrs.
Ellen MacFarlane who is a ghost hunter extraordinaire your like you could teach
a class on this I have taught a class on this have taught a class see so we’re gonna call her
Professor Ellen for the rest of the night well thank you Vincent I appreciate
that Professor Ellen you know so we have a ghost problem here
really we’ll discuss it while the film’s running but it’s this one oh the lady or
the armor well I’ve never seen the armor do anything but the lady she comes up at
night and plays a piano oh sometimes you can’t sleep she’s banging on the damn
piano any particular tune you know something in D minor okay I can’t quite
place it but anyway we’ve learned to live with her she’s learned to live with
us you know everybody else who lived in this house before was scared away except
us and I think it’s because it’s because of Tangella Tangella scares ghosts alright so
you were telling me though during the film that you go to lots of wineries
because you’re in the wine country and wineries are old and moldy and they have
ghosts they definitely do and in Sonoma Buena Vista Winery is the oldest winery
in California California in California yes right here in Sonoma in Sonoma yes and
it was settled by a Count Agoston Haraszthy a Hungarian Count who is said to
still haunt the property right and it’s actually we’ve caught many things there
before they redid there cellar house our team went in and
observed knocking banging walking on the floor that didn’t exist above us so
you’re all being quiet and you just hear these noises and the place is empty
yes yes and it was fully like somebody was walking how do you know it’s not
mice rats because it’s footsteps and knocking and we went around the building
we do our due diligence we go all around we find all of the things out there that
could be a natural explanation first because the first thing you want to be
when you’re ghost hunter is skeptical right skeptical believer is what we call
ourselves and open minded open minded as well that
makes sense yes so you do your due diligence first before and then then you
go through we did catch an anomaly of a like a white mist coming down a stairway
that’s no longer there a white mist coming down a stairway
yes but the stairway is no longer there no it’s they’ve taken it out during the
remodel however the maiden form in the in the main area of the cellar house is
always sets the meters off and it’s made out of wood maiden form what is this
it’s like a like a looks like a ship like the front of the stern whatever they
call it a bust is a stern on the front I know the sterns the back the bow it’s like the bow
right right it’s the form it’s looks like a religious statue that’s holding a
cross so it’s like the figurehead figurehead that’s what I was getting at yes
she lights up the all of the meters and she’s made out of wood there’s no way
that she should have any kind of and these meters that she used they’re like
electronic yeah detecting yes we use a lot of different things but on our tours
and and just in our pockets that we carry around we use a k2 meter which is
actually used for electricity to detect electrical wires so you’re finding
electricity in the air where it should not be right it’s and she sets it off
when there’s no wires even there so the range on these k2 meters is only about
this far so you can always kind of tell you know if there’s nothing there and
it’s setting the meter off so you are like the Ghostbusters you’ve got tools
oh yes lots of tools they can be quite expensive however your most important
tool is your body that’s the most important tool that you can use because
your body can sense temperature change your skin stands up it’s a flight or
fight response when you become encounter with something paranormal but you know I
imagine you go to a spooky place and the hairs naturally gonna rise on the back of
your neck in things like that just because you’ve frightened of the place
but you’re hyper aware right you’re hyper aware not everyone’s psychic like you
yeah well my grandmother was psychic was she oh god she caught me at everything
really well you know I come over so I noticed you stole some candies from
the store and I’m here your not even the same town anyways we should get back
to the film I want to hear some more ghost stories when we come back but first we
need to get back to another ghost story called the Invisible Ghost so you guys
keep watching it’s a fun one right they’re all saying no see you soon Strangled Well, here we go again.
How long did he work for ya? Oh, about three years, I guess.
Ever say anything to you about having any enemies? No, sir.
-Were you home last night?-Yes, Lieutenant. To your knowledge, did anybody come in or go
out of the house during the course of the evening?
We have a house guest. Why isn’t he here?
I’ll get him. Oh, don’t trouble yourself, Mr. Kessler.
Where is he? He’s upstairs in his bedroom.
Let’s have a look at him, Ryan. Good morning.
You’re wanted in the kitchen. In the kitchen?
Yeah. Am I seeing things?
He’s Ralph’s brother. Well, he’s the image of him.
How did this happen? That’s what we’d like to find out.
He was strangled, Paul. Would you mind if we go into the library?
No, that’s all right. Better wait here for the coroner, Ryan.
Not you, Evans. Hey, where were you on the night of January
the 13th? Have you had your coffee yet?
No. Well, I guess that’s that.
No clues, no fingerprints, no motive– nothing. But truly, if a man was choked to death,
there would be imprints on his throat. Hm.
There weren’t any on the Mammocks’ girl. And they were killed the same way, is that
right? That doesn’t prove a thing, Dickson.
All the others got it, and always the same way.
The coroner’s here. OK.
I’ll be right back. What does he mean by, the others?
Just that– others have been killed here. Why in the world do you stay in this place?
We can’t leave. Oh, Evans.
Your luggage, sir, I’ll put them in your room. What about these murders?
I’ll put your luggage in your room, sir. Oh, Lieutenant.
Yeah? Uh, I’d like to ask you a few questions.
Uh-huh. That would be a change, anyhow.
What’s botherin’ ya? As a rule, I’m not a very curious person.
But, uh– Oh, it’s beginning to get ya, huh?
In a way, yes. What about these other murders?
Well, there’s been quite a lot of them, Dickson. Some of the best brains in the department
have tried to solve them. But we always run up against a stone wall.
Were the other murders brought up in my brother’s trial?
That was different. That was a cut-and-dry case.
Why haven’t the police closed the house? Well, we tried to.
But Mr. Kessler took it to court. Carries a lot of weight around here.
He does a lot of good, too. You think he’d want to leave.
Ah, I guess he’s waitin’ for his wife to come back.
She left him several years ago–an awful scandal at the time,
one-page stuff and all that. Poor devil.
He didn’t have a chance. Mm.
Well, I guess I’ll be running along. Glad to have met ya, Dickson.
Good day, Lieutenant. Well, this isn’t a very pleasant way
to entertain a guest. You know, Mr. Kessler, I have a feeling that,
somehow or other, these mysterious murders are going to be
cleared up, and quickly, too. Nothing would please me more. [sighs]
Is that your wife? Yes.
She’s beautiful. I rarely talk about her.
But I think about her constantly. She has eyes like Virginia.
Yes. Her hair, her skin, they were the loveliest
I’ve ever seen. I hope you have the pleasure of meeting her.
She’ll be back someday. Hello, there.
Paul was admiring your mother’s picture. Father’s a sentimentalist.
He has every right to be. [phone ringing]
I’ll get it. [phone ringing]
Hello? Yes.
Just a moment, please. It’s for you, Dad.
Thank you. Yes?
Yes I guess I can. Yes.
Oh, in about 20 minutes, I’d say. Surely.
Goodbye. I’ll see you children later.
Business. Sorry.
That’s the only information I can give you, Mr. Kerby.
Have you notified his wife? Yes, Mr. Kessler.
Poor thing she took it quite hard. That’s terrible, awful.
I want to see the coroner. Yes?
I’m Jules’ wife. Where have they taken him?
In there, Mrs. Mason. If you please, sir, may I have one moment alone with him?
I won’t ever see him again. Well, uh, yes, I guess so.
Thank you, sir. Mrs. Mason. Mrs. Mason.
You’d better take her out, Mr. Kerby. He’s alive.
What? He’s alive.
I saw him move. I’ll get the hospital. He’ll be all right, Miss Mason.
Steady, now. Get him out of here.
He’s not dead. A doctor will be here any minute. Jules, Please, Mrs. Mason.
I– Jules.
Listen to me. Did you recognize the man who tried to kill
you? It was ghastly.
I don’t believe I was evermore startled in my life
than when Mrs. Mason screamed. It must’ve been a terrific shock
to see him come back to life. Yes, it was.
Just a few moments longer, and I would’ve known who the assailant was.
I don’t like to bring up this subject, Mr. Kessler.
But these murders, do they ever happen in the daytime?
No, I don’t believe so. I see.
You evidently have some reason for asking. Uh, not particularly.
I was just curious about that one point. Yes, uh, sorry dinner’s late tonight,
sir, but the new cook is having quite a time getting started.
That’s all right. Evans been with you long?
Over some years. Everything’s gone wrong today.
Now I’ve burned the roast. Oh, don’t get so flustered.
You’ll be all right. I was so anxious to make good.
I want to stay. Now where’s that mixin’ spoon?
Here it is, right in front of you. Thanks.
I like it here. It’s nice.
Everything’s so quiet and peaceful-like. Ever read the newspapers?
No. They’re just full of trash and murders and
s– stuff. Mhm.
What you don’t know, well– it’s all right. Here, here’s your pepper-salt.
Thanks. Well, Paul.
I’m afraid you have me cornered. You still have a couple of moves, Mr. Kessler.
No. You’ve met your equal, Dad.
Oh, your father just got himself into a bad position.
[thunder] Hm, there’s going to be a storm.
It’s your game, Paul. Wanna play another?
No, thank you, not tonight. It’s getting late.
Pardon me, sir. Yes?
But may I speak to you a moment, please? Oh, yes, certainly.
The cook wants to leave. I thought you should know.
Why, she just came. She feels if her work is unsatisfactory.
She had so much trouble with dinner tonight. Why, that’s ridiculous.
Oh, I understand. It’s her first day.
I’ll speak to her. Ill say goodnight, Mr. Kessler.
Think I’ll turn in. Thanks for the game.
Goodnight, Paul. Goodnight, Dad.
Goodnight, child. I’ll walk up with you, Paul.
Oh, glad to have your company. It’s a long, lonesome climbup those stairs
all alone. Where are you going, Marie?
You can’t leave us after cooking such an elegant dinner.
Did you really like it, Mr. Kessler? Why, I never tasted anything to eat like that
roast beef. Besides, you can’t go now.
It’s going to rain in a minute. Are you sure you want me to stay?
Oh, certainly, Marie. Oh, well, I like it here.
But I thought– Oh, then it is settled.
Oh, wait till you tastemy apple pie, Mr. Kessler. Apple pie?
Mhm. My, that will be a treat.
Here, let me take this. You– you might as well unpack your things,
Marie. Eh, sure.
Thank you, sir. Not at all, Marie.
Goodnight. Goodnight, Mr. Kessler.
Oh, he’s a wonderful man. Now, let’s see.
What did I do wrong? Oh, Mr. Kessler. Mr. Kessler, are you ill?
What? Something wrong? Hello, Paul. I must have walked in my sleep.
Well, you did better than I. I couldn’t sleep at all.
It’s raining. Why don’t you go to bed, Paul.
I’m all right. Is there anything I can do?
Nothing, Paul, thank you. I think I’ll read for a while.
Goodnight. Goodnight, Mr. Kessler. Invisible Ghost I think you know somebody
should The Beetles should have made a song about this movie no that was the
Police right Spirits in a Material World right I don’t know you should you’re
a rock star were talking about this film and The Beetles alright so murder and mayhem around town
all kinds of havoc you know this is like a normal day for you as a ghost hunter right
it truly is it really it’s my whole life as a paranormal experience if
you’re just coming in were with Ellen MacFarlane ghost hunter at large and
small because she’s only about that tall yeah my
nickname is Corgi legs Corgi legs you know the Queen loves Corgis they do she does
actually Corgis are awesome amazing alright so
you’ve got a story to tell about a place close by yes and you have photos I yes she has
photographic evidence so a few years ago I did a show and it was based on this
location it’s known as Partrick Road we’re gonna show a close-up of this but
I’d like to see it because I cannot see that close-up myself alright so the road
is blue yes and it’s actually a great picture because it shows the contrast
it looks like a negative yeah this is special effects no sometimes when we do ghost hunting
and we photo those are the greatest photos because they can show masses you
wouldn’t see with your normal eye this is intentional this did not come out of the camera
like this Partrick Road is part of our urban legend Partrick not Patrick
right Partrick with an r Partrick and it’s after the Partrick family who
owned a candy store downtown do they have a big yellow bus that’s the Partridge Family you yanks have a way with names I’m confused with don’t even bring up Danny
Partridge Danny Partridge Donny Danny Bonaduce hot mess well we’re not here to talk about
him were here to talk about ghosts right so what’s this so this this is
actually the creature from the urban legend
it’s called the rebob show me this yes this is of course is an artistic reproduction it
is a reproduction it is not an actual photo right this is what people have claimed
they have seen yeah this image was showing you now is an
artist rendition this looks like one of the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz
yes it does actually well you know I I’m I’m starting to think that there may not
be a lot of truth to this particular you know what’s well tell me that
legend well okay so the legend is that it’s a bio engineered monkey that’s
half-human half-machine machine yes that was created as a super fighting
soldier for the Vietnam War and these were built on Partrick Road yeah by the
mad scientist and they’re called what Rebobs Rebob Rebob I didn’t make it up and I
personally don’t believe in the Rebob I have no response to this III don’t know what to
say I think this is a legend somebody made up to keep people off their
property I do I do believe that because the current owners don’t let people on
that property right there’s a cemetery at the top of that road if you’re gonna
go visit Partrick Road and you see one of these do write to us because get
a photo this time bring your iPhone definitely Partrick Road so why mechanical
I don’t know you know it was Lovers Lane back in the day oh well that explains it
yes yes so I think people were very you know altered and the cemetery at the top
of this road yes cemetery but it’s a community
cemetery with several of our forefathers oh being buried up there but nothing
to do with robotic red monkeys no but there is paranormal activity in that
area well I think there’s paranormal activity in this story I don’t know this
is not my favorite story of yours you’re gonna tell me a better one okay
definitely all right let’s get back to the film right back at the film all
right off we go back to Invisible Ghost you guys stay with us Well, you look like you had a good night’s sleep, Mr. Kessler.
I was so tired when I got to bed, I don’t even remember climbing in.
Dad. Who would do a thing like that? I wonder if anyone was hurt. Oh, nothing could’ve hurt my father more.
It’s unquestionably the work of a madman. [humming]
You all right, Evans? Yes, Mr. Kessler.
Good morning, sir. Where is the new cook?
She said she was going shopping first thing this morning.
Have you looked in your room? No, sir.
Something wrong, Mr. Kessler? [knocks on door]
There’s a relief. She didn’t leave.
I’m not worried about that. When did she tell you she was going to the
market? Last night before she went to bed. Do you think there’s any connection between this
and what has happened before? I don’t know.
Have you been through the rest of the house yet?
No, sir. Good morning, Mr. Kessler.
Oh, Marie. You have no idea how happy I am to see you.
Thank you. I wonder why he was so glad to see me.
Mr. Kessler thought you had been murdered. Oh, he’s so sweet.
I’m going to start to make that apple pie– murdered? MR. KESSLER: I can’t imagine who would do a thing like that.
[door bell buzzing] I’ll get it. Good morning, Miss Kessler. Won’t you come in?
Thank you. That happened last night.
Didn’t it fall? No.
Find me the person who did it, and you’ve got your murderer.
Nobody came into this house last night. Ryan and his boys are stationed outside.
Lieutenant. Oh, Lieutenant. Police Officer: Come out.
Come on out, I say. It’s Ryan.
[screaming] Then you didn’t hear any noises during the night?
No. But there’s funny things going on around here.
Meaning what? Well, it’s happened three times now.
I put food on the sink, left the room. When I come back, it was gone.
No. You’re a hired detective to watch it.
That’s what you get forbeing such an excellent cook.
Oh, thank you, sir. Oh, Lieutenant.
Yeah? You got something?
I don’t know. I– I found this in the picture.
Anybody else know about it? No, I wanted to speak to you first.
OK. I’ll see if I can match it.
Keep the others downstairs. [LAUGHING] Why not?
I agree. Is, uh, this yours, Mr. Kessler?
Yes, why? I thought I’d seen it on you.
Found it in Evans’s room. Well, there’s nothing strange about that.
There’ wouldn’t be, Mr. Kessler. But it so happens that a thread from this
robe was found embedded in the picture.
Surely, you’re not trying to accuse Evans? Oh, it’s incredible.
You’re just trying to make a case. Well, somebody’s been doin’ these killin’s.
And Ryan didn’t die of heartfailure, don’t forget that.
When did you give Evans that Robe, Mr. Kessler? I don’t remember giving it to him at all.
But naturally, when my things need mending, he just picks them up.
I don’t care how he got it. He had it.
And he used it on that picture. I’m going to talk to him.
Uh, just a minute, Lieutenant. Yeah?
If Evans is the man we want, it strikes me you’ve
got to have more evidence. –[chuckles] Now everybody wants to be a detective.
MR. Kessler: Now, wait a minute. Perhaps Paul has some suggestion.
Oh, all right. Go ahead, what is it?
Without doubt, the murderer is insane. The picture tells us that.
I believe we should call in a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist?
You’ve still got the robe. But before Evans is accused, I’m definitely
in favor of giving him a sanity test.
What do you say, Lieutenant? Oh, OK.
Maybe I’d better take one myself. All we want to know is if the fella’s crazy.
That’s very easy to determine. Shall we make the examination here?
If you don’t mind, doctor. Please tell Evans I want to see him,
and then go up to your room. Go to my room?
Is it possible, doctor, for a man to be normal, say, for two
or three months at a time, then go completely insane
for an hour or two? Yes, quite common.
This should be most interesting. Now what?
A fuse must have blown. I’ll light the candles. A fuse burned out, Miss Virginia. Oh, thank you.
My father wants to see you, Evans. He’s in his room.
Yes, miss. That’ll have to do, gentlemen, until the lights
are fixed. I’ll be in my room, Evans.
Yes, miss. I’m sorry, Mr. Kessler, but we ran out of
fuses. I sent Marie over to the store to get some
more, sir. That’s all right, Evans.
Sit down. Oh, pardon me, sir.
Oh, go ahead, Evans. Sit down.
We want to talk to you. All right, sit down. Do you want to speak to me, sir? This gentleman would like to ask you a few
questions, Evans. Yes, sir?
Do you know these men? Yes, sir.
What’s this gentleman’s name? Mr. Kessler, Mr. Charles Kessler, sir.
Would you say that Mr.Kessler is out of his mind?
I– I don’t understand. Would you say that he is insane?
No, sir. Well, young lady, what are you doing here? You can’t take it.
You can’t take it. It’s mine, I tell you.
OK, sister, it’s yours. Leave me alone.
I’m goin’ home, home to my husband and my daughter. Of course you are.
And we know where you live, too. You do?
Sure. But I’m dead.
Do you understand? I’m dead.
Of course you are. I’ll take you where you want to go.
Now, you just come with me, young lady. Tell me, Evans do you think this man is crazy?
Now, don’t ask him that, doc. I’m beginning to have doubts myself.
Please, Lieutenant. Oh, all right, all right.
Am I crazy? I don’t think so.
You don’t think so? I know that woman.
She’s my kid. She can’t go home.
Yes. Yes, I know.
She’s bad. Now, you come with me. Ever see this before? Yes, sir.
What were you doing with it last night? I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir. Look what we found.
Miss Kessler. I’m dead, Charles.
Do you hear me? I’m dead. I’m afraid to come home. You’d kill me. You’d kill anybody. It’s Kessler. Take her out, quickly. Help! Mr. Kessler.
Oh, Dad. Get back in there!
Close that door. Now, you sit right there.
And we’ll see that you get home all right. We’ll return.
Gimme a hand, George. She’s dead. What happened here?
We’ve got the murderer. Evans.
No, Mr. Kessler You. I knew you’d come back. Nothing can part us now, my darling. and so ends Invisible Ghost you know
I’ve seen this film I now realize I have seen this film once before I think we’ve
even shown it on the show and I never liked the ending it was like you know
too predictable well yeah he always plays the bad guy what do you think of the
film what did you like about it oh you know she loves Murder She Wrote
so it’s like a murder mystery type movie so she likes those things he likes old
movies I do too she doesn’t like this new stuff like this 1941 stuff we show she
likes the talkies the early talkies the early talkies right
so what are you doing next well we launched our new tour as we discussed
and we have our other tours in Napa Sonoma and Vacaville let’s throw up your
website again just in case okay it’s Napa Ghosts Napaghosts.com Napaghists.com one more time that’s where you go and this year we’re gonna be
launching a mobile tour on our ghost bus you have a ghost bus we sure do
are you going to call it the ghostbuster no no I suppose there’s copyright
trademark issues yeah Dan Aykroyd wouldn’t like that would’ve have been good
no I bet he would love it I bet he’s a really nice guy he really is some
man in a suit that is good definitely right all right so you’re doing a bus
tour and what does one do in a bus tour it well it’s gonna be bus tour with
whiskey tasting around town oh my goodness the driver gets to taste as well no no
no no no we’ll be going to the Napa distillery they’ll be setting us up and
it’s it’s a very cool steampunk speakeasy vibe how wonderful so you get to taste a
flight of whiskey you know I think I’ve been by there it’s got the upstairs a
nice luxurious looking yes yes it’s where Dacre was Dacre Stoker that’s right o I’ve been
there it’s very nice and they make very fine whiskey so you go you get
drunk you get in the bus and you go look at ghosts I think the drunk will be after the bus oh
at the end because there’s nothing like an unruly passenger on a bus I think your success
of seeing ghosts will increase exponentially no
they would see spirits they would not see ghosts
you know better these things better than me yes that sounds like lots of fun I think I want to attend
one of those we’re gonna be doing the serial killer thing with the bus so we’ll be visiting
serial killers on the bus well we visited the stops of a serial
killer and the last public execution I was afraid you’re gonna have serial
serial killers on the bus and normal people as well well you never know who’s
the serial killer if you invite her yeah she might be a serial killer she’s more
of just a gravedigger she’s terrible all right well that’s absolutely amazing
so we will see you again soon yes right yes you certainly will and thank you so much for coming
thank you and you stay out of trouble and don’t get bitten by a ghost bitten
as far as you guys go thanks for staying up late with us tonight we love it when
you do that Tangella loves it when you do it Mr. Livingston however frowns
upon it so get to bed early all right we’ll see you next week different movie
different guest should be lots of fun to see you then so uh Ellen hmm a bus yes I’ve driven every type of vehicle in the world except for
a bus I’d like to try driving your bus do you think you might let me one time well ours is a long bus I think you should
be driving the short bus

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