Eliminated Players Hit the Gym on January 2nd | Gridiron Heights S2E18

Hey, um, 2017 kinda got away from me but this is the year I really want to get in shape You came to the right place.
First thing, what’s your diet been like lately? I mean, I’ve only been eating W’s Well, sometimes I’ll have an L before bed Maybe in the morning, or during primetime OK, sign here and wait with all the other eliminated players Who decided to join a gym on Jan. 2 I’m gonna make some changes in 2018 Yeah, we’re gonna make some changes too This is where all the cardio goes down How does this work? They really expect
me to move my feet? God damn newbies “OK, I give up” Over here, we have a bunch of giant tires. Terrible for your back, but great for Instagram. This is our media spin class. Repeat after me: I blame my quarterback. I blame my offensive line,
I blame my defensive coordinator. I blame Jameis. This is our spa and wellness area. Perfect for rehab. Ooh, these Jets are okay. Ah, the Jets are actually too inconsistent. Aaaaah!! You got free weights, your cable machines and of course, bench press. Higher!!! Woo! I’m in, let’s get started Ow! I hate the gym in January

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