Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

How much does this thing weigh? -Well, try to pick it up. -Okay. Alright. -Be nice to it -105 lbs
-105 lbs -It consists of four motors connected up to these spinning magnet arrays and if you spin these fast enough it will actually levitate. -That’s correct. -Let’s see if we can do it Ready? Let’s fire it up -It’s lifting. -Okay, it’s flying now. -Is it? -Yeah, definitely. -Now it is so easy to just move around That’s amazing. -Give it a push. Like, it’s got some real- -Wow. It can carry some weight, eh?
-Yeah -That is amazing. So how does it work? Well, it’s similar to how a magnet falling through a pipe is slowed down Anytime a conductor experiences a changing magnetic field electric currents are induced in it which create a magnetic field to oppose that change And in this case the spinning magnets induce currents in the copper sheet. They create a magnetic field which is nearly a mirror image of the spinning magnets and so they’re repelled. If the rotors spin fast enough, this repulsion leads to levitation. That is awesome. -Let’s shut it down now
-Yep -It’s just gonna come gently land. -The induced currents then encounter resistance in the copper so they dissipate their energy as heat. Whoa. And this copper is pretty hot. – It’s gotten warmer. Yeah, I can still keep my hand on it. At least for a second or two. – But it is like a hot mug of coffee or something I experienced this before with another electromagnetic levitation device. Except with this one the changing magnetic field was created by an electromagnet in the base inducing currents in a light aluminum plate which levitated. Whoa! The plate got so hot you could boil water on it. Check how hot this plate is. If you have two north magnets facing each other, they normally just kinda like fall off. -Yeah. Is there a similar problem here or not? -Not really. No. And the reason is: the magnetic fields that are induced by currents in the copper sheet are a mirror image of the applied magnetic fields. And the effect is so quick that as it moves it just kind of follows it around. – Making this device work in practice is harder than it looks. For one thing the magnetic field of the permanent magnets has to be very strong. Neodymium magnets are strong, but there’s a special configuration you can use to make them even stronger. – It’s called a Halbach array. They’re used in particle accelerators. They’re used in fridge magnets, actually – Halbach arrays, so they’re stronger on the side that sticks to the fridge. So they use less material, overall. – Magnetic field lines run from north to south. They’re normally symmetric on both sides of a magnet. But if you rearrange them like this the magnetic field lines are channeled almost entirely into one side of the magnetic array. And they cancel out on the other side. This configuration produces a much stronger magnetic field, without changing the properties of the magnets. In these rotors there are 12 wedge-shaped magnets. The magnetic poles are fixed in this particular arrangement. This increases the magnetic field on the bottom side and almost eliminates it on the top. As the magnets spin they create a rotating magnetic field in the copper beneath them. This induces currents that create magnetic fields which oppose the magnetic field of the spinning magnets above. The result is a repulsive force that is effectively lift for this quadcopter. But in addition to lift there is also drag. Energy is clearly being dissipated in the system as the heat produced by the induced currents and the copper. That energy comes from the fact that magnetic of the induced current is not a perfect mirror of the spinning magnets above. Instead the induced magnetic poles are slightly ahead. So they produce a backward force on the rotors which is really a backwards torque and that’s why the rotors on alternate corners have to spin in opposite directions Because otherwise they would produce a net spin and turn the whole machine in one direction. This way they cancel out. This principle has been used to achieve levitation in everything from Maglev trains to hover boards. And it’s being considered as a means to make the Hyperloop. A super fast system for transporting people and goods through tubes at very low pressure. But instead of spinning the magnets, the vehicles motion itself would cause the magnetic field to change in the conductive track below. So in the future you think this is gonna be how we travel? – I think ongoing developments in digital motor controllers and very powerful magnets will mean that talking about moving humans and cargo at extremely high speeds is actually something that we can as a species kind of look at, and be like: wow! It turns out that getting from one city to another city in the same day is something that the next billion or two billion people might have the option to do in one lifetime. Hey! Veritasium is supported by viewers like you on Patreon And by Audible. Audible has an unmatched selection of audiobooks plus original shows, news, comedy and more. And for viewers of this channel they offer a free 30-day trial of their service. Just go to audible.com/veritasium Now, if you’re looking for a good book recommendation maybe you can try the one I’m listening to right now, which is “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” by Ashlee Vance. This is a biography about one of the – in my view – most impressive entrepreneurs alive today. This book was written by interviewing hundreds of his employees, his acquaintances and Elon Musk himself So it provides a really in-depth and thorough look at that incredible determination that’s made possible all of Elon Musk’s ventures. So if you’re intrigued by him and his work then you should check out this book. You can download it for free by going to audible.com/veritasium Or you can pick any other book of your choosing for a one month free trial. So I want to thank audible for supporting me and I want to thank you for watching.

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  1. FANTASTIC video Derek. I'll teeet it in a second. It make me realize that wouldn't there be a type of magnetic terminal velocity for hypoerloop because of Lenz's law?

  2. Where are all the "magnets how do they work?" Comments. I knew eventually you all would be fascinated with the answer and wanting to know more.

  3. I have a question… what will happen if you use electromagnetic levitation (as you call it) together with vibration (if posible to mix it up)… I know it sounds weird but if I put some idea that I would like to experiment with is creating an elecromagnetic field with sound type vibration beneath it! xD (well I am known as mad or crazy ahahahhahaahhaha). instead pushing to levitate but actually control it lol xD something like that xD

  4. @2:14 looks hazardous – a perfect recipe for a plate zooming out of control and chopping everything on its way ! and you guys are just standing there in casuals !

  5. I am huge fan of yours from India ……. Your explaining power is just emence….????????♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. The video above is fantastic! If you would like to see an ion thruster that lifts its power supply, silently, with no moving mechanical parts, Please click on the channel icon to the left.

  7. I would assume that the copper plate weighs more during the levitation ( the same as the spinning box + copper)
    But does it?
    It should, but who's to say?

  8. So copper freaking hyperloop it is then?
    Why does it look in the video like this is a brilliant idea..
    Wait a second, now I got a brilliant idea, let's copper plate a skate park and let Tony hawk ride it while pretending it's a hoverboard that works everywhere and does not need a super beefy power supply/batteries and big motors.
    Would be great for a TV commercial or something in 2014
    Someone tell Marty McFly, hoverboards don't work on water, or anything else, unless its a really good conductive non-ferrous material.

  9. Weak compare to what we actually already have…skunk works…secret space program!!! Zero point energy! Thorium energy…don’t mean to throw shade but it annoys me to see smart people play with old tech when we can be doing a lot better

  10. I liked the video but everyone needs to look on YouTube for
    ‘Real planets and stars’
    It will blow your mind I promise!
    It’s video footage from the legendary Nikon P900 high powered zoom camera of the luminaries ?

    Tesla said it was an electric universe and once you see these images you’ll definitely agree.
    Or just type in Mars P 900 and tell me you think fElony Musk could shoot his load to a luminary!

  11. I see this possible replacing ball bearings.
    Some marine bearings are gargantuas as in propeller shafts.
    Bearings on the gigantic wind turbines, the current is already there.
    Creating a magnetic field to keep moving parts from touching has a huge potential.

  12. It's not levitation if you are using a ground source the device has to float over, that's no difference then two magnets. Not worth anything at ll. Fail

  13. Yawn…. by your own admission, this already exists in monorails…. It's not like you've discovered anything new…..
    Basically this is an advert ffs.

  14. I think this idea has way too much wasted energy (evident by eddy currents generating the heat in the copper plate) to be viable. 🙂 it's kind of like our current mode of transportation where we hop in a 6,000 pound vehicle to transport 1 single 200 pound human… waste… 🙁

    Even worse is that we normalized this wasteful behavior…

    However, I would like to see this honed into a better and better idea… So keep working at it… 🙂 may find a breakthrough idea to make it even better… 🙂 no idea ever starts off perfect…

  15. Now you just need to lay copper through the entire hyperloop… that'll only cost billions and billions of dollars on top of the already insane price tag…

  16. You could now use the copper as a thermal generator and cut costs to pump it back in the system. The key is graphite otherwise your burning loads of energy.

  17. Can they use the copper plate as a fly back energy and supercapacitors to catch the energy and is it oscillation current or direct current that the plate is making and if it makes oscillation current use a bridge rectifier

  18. If you mean Lexus hoverboard they are using nitrogen & a superconductor to create quantum levitation effect above magnetic area. There is nothing spinning in the hoverboard. Search for Lexus video, they made one to explain how they have built it. And search for quantum levitation/locking video to see what it is.

  19. I swear I've seen this video before, liked it, and even subscribed to you guys before
    not sure what youtube is doing, but I'm starting to think likes and subscribtions are temporary on youtube
    this wouldn't be the first time I've been unsubbed from a channel
    but it's definitely the first a liked video has been unliked

  20. Yeah, but I've lived in a couple of mountain towns in Spain. One put up Christmas diecorations on the local hillside and some deplorable climbed up therer and robbed all the copper wire. In another town there was a remote camera viewing a colony of 500 vultures. When I went to the viewing station they only had archieved footage because thieves stole the copper linking the cameras to the hq. One has to factor in the price of commodities to ventures like this.

  21. I once worked in a "Steel Mill" and we used to lift and move sheets of Steel weighing several Tons with an electromagnet powered by a 12v DC Car Battery.

  22. I really would like to know how much energy is used to levitate since there that counter torque. and how much more efficient would that kind of transportation be compared to losses due to friction of e.g. ball bearings.

  23. The "tic-tac" spaceship off the coast of San Diego?..a USA experimental drone of electromagnetism propulsion.

  24. Would the Hallbock Array be optimized if the change in direction of magnetism were more continuous? For example, including diagonals?

  25. Less revs and no lift. Too many revs and it will fly off into space until outside the influence of earths magnetic field. Also revs would have be adjustable for different planets gravitational signatures. Controls for pitch/yaw and six axes. I contemplated the probability from one of the designs in the Vaimānika Śāstra. Now see it done. Weight ratio is high so materials become a challenge. Mercury induction is the key but only governments have the ability to pull it off.

  26. Imagine if a rotating motor that can create magnetic field and do the same exact thing with the earth instead of the sheet of metal. It could hiver with almost no noise and no movement, except every electrical device around it will experience electrical interference and under it will get slightly hot. Its long time till we get it but lets say if the theory is correct we can explain UFOs. They almost work the same way,, and colorful lights are because of the electrical fields around them. And no im not wearing a tinfoil hat. Lol

  27. So if you could create a vehicle that was able to use the force of repulsion from the earth and then control it , hmmmmmmm just a thought!

  28. Hyperloop will never work! There is a reason we don't transport little mail through vacuum tube! The weight of the earth's atmosphere!

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