Eating Can Foods for 7 Days Challenge | Pre Van Life Day 3 living in Cargo Van | Minimalism

hi everybody
welcome welcome welcome to taste a mukbang taste a mukbang taste a mukbang
banging banging bang bang bang bang tasty much bang each y’all I am ready to
eat living in my van for the last three days
and I spent $20 yesterday for some food I did not like I would rather eat canned
goods and keep my $20 so today just what I’m gonna do some canned goods let me
tell you I’m gonna eat them straight dr. King y’all ain’t warm in the book uh I
got some peaches I got some peaches y’all know I like black olives I got
some black olives I got some mushrooms I got some corn on the collar
I mean corn give me your thumbs up I don’t even have no salt and pepper y’all
it don’t even matter and I got some carrots I got some kind of drink here Nick turn I don’t know what y’all tell
me I don’t know these drinks was on sale yes yes – and I got some apples these
drinks was on sale a fiesta a while ago and I had never tasted them
and I got some of my hands are filthy so me tell y’all what I got over here
let me tell y’all how I wore my water cup for then like this is my little
thing that I take my bath in Oh wipe off wit this is water that I filled
up my water bottles we read water and I put it on top of my car in the Sun all
day long and get let it get hot so I got some hot bottles of water and that’s how
I take my bath y’all I’m gonna make a video about that put all those people
we’re gonna know how people this is my name is mix video is how I take a shower
in daily life yeah I need to stay tuned for that Vanessa my like my journey
that’s where Buddhist water is so good and hot y’all so it’s good and hot I got
a look just watching you quick calm down let me get it I gotta look
dishwashing weekly I’m gonna put on my hands and then I’m about to wipe my head
off yeah I’m sorry I’m supposed to be coming
to you out earlier I got caught up straightening up pulling stuff
out of the storage people stopping by my friend came back when we sat down and
talked for a little while I haven’t had anything to eat since this one oh I just
know I was smelling something I was like what’s this smell it was that old stinky
nasty rice from the place where we got the food yesterday so I took my fish out
of there and I ate my fish just now but I was like let me do this video before
you get dark and y’all won’t be able to see me yeah this water is hot so I’m
gonna wash my hands I’m gonna wash I’m so dirty and sweaty yes yeah yeah a song I get the same I’m gonna have to do that again I wanna
make sure I got I’ll let dirt off my face I wish I could show y’all how dirty
this water is just for washing my hands in my face it’s black
it is dirty just for washing my hands in the face yeah okay so okay so let’s get to the training so
I got some wet wipes I’m gonna wipe off the top of my hands cuz I’m eating
straight out of the cans y’all should always wipe off the top of
your cans hey you never know take it with a wet wipe and wipe it off
just to find out what’s on the top of the can from the store to your house so
yeah this is dinner dinner is served let me turn around and I shall see Jared
served dinner while I’m not here garage selling it I had a couple of things that
I’m pulling out of storage that I’m finding
they will be beautiful my planes in my van right so I’m pulling the things to
the side that I want to keep for myself and I had pulled this little character
son and y’all already know you’re gonna be
like only you can eat candy straight out the can with no seasonings yes ma’am
I could ain’t never did it before ain’t never had to but you don’t know say
never because if you have to you will do what you need to do and if you won’t do
what you need to do then you ain’t gonna be eaten but I’m gonna be and I won’t
thank God for it so Liz I’m gonna thank God for it you
know but you don’t want to thank him that’s all right ain’t no rock gonna cry
in my place I’ve been having these Forks tore it up for a minute I don’t like the
way these folks feel I feel kind of greasy watch this in this water where I
just wash my hands yeah I might have to get up give an ID
and look over there to see if anybody came just you thing about a king so let me
take so I’m gonna make my drink I got some ice down here put some ice on my side
let me go get some ice okay I’ll be right back okay so I got some water over here and I
get this uncle Ian just drink this first and pour a little water in there because
it’s a little sweet okay yeah I can guess Oh don’t tell me this candidate yeah I
don’t want to see me open I can’t get the wretch away okay yeah I need another
brief intermission y’all give thumbs with the video a thumbs up if you have
an Iranian this can’t get do not work let me go get another one it might take
a moment I’ll be right back yeah I thought I had one on the table
for sale I don’t so let me go in the building I’m back yeah just matter what please thumbs up the
video I have the chat turned off you guys so you can’t come in if you want if
you’re new here and you’ve never been here before there’s nothing wrong with
your comments I just have the comments disabled so you’d have to go to the
regular video after it’s true to leave a comments let’s hope this can open works
I was gonna say don’t work oh this our Old Faithful I’ve
been having this candle before I just wasted some of the juice so that’s the
corner so we’re having corn mushrooms carrots black olives because I love them I look like I’m a joke Oh while I was in
there I’m taking a Miss when I was in there I want to pull the water
I should have looks for some sodomy this is a storage effort to dessert
dessert we got some punches I don’t say the peaches fillet us cuz I might get
full and don’t want no pictures have you ever seen somebody get full of some
canned goods well it’s the first time for everybody thank you out 4/12 owns up okay oh let’s say grace we still thank
God but I said my voice already I can’t remember father God I thank you for this
food that we’re about to receive it thank you for everything that you have
provided for us everything that you were doing for us I thank you for all your
many blessings your love your kindness your mercy and your grace and all your
provisions that you have made for our lives I ask you a camp here in angels
round about us in continue to protect us from all her harm and danger in Jesus
name we pray amen amen so I might eat some corn first
hmm hmm yeah I’m know a little come on anything on my hand makes my hands sweat
yeah I’m bout to come out the closet I start winning this ball here in public
all day every day I can’t do it other time I’m gonna be when I’m wearing
a cap on his head as I side in the heat to protect me from the Sun and in the
wintertime Cara’s taste good I think allows in military I’d rather he
kissed them in our emails hmmm mushrooms taste delicious my friend came over today but I think as
container while I went to the store and I was just bringing more stuff out and washing
stuff and cleaning stuff so I didn’t even do the van I love black island down they take something I’m still thinking about how I’m gonna
do my floor okay let me with our side anybody can walk up they don’t have to
be in the car they could just be walking and they walk up and I won’t here and I
don’t like this one I do add a little water to it but the other flavor tastes
it different I think it was a mango I don’t know what that is I don’t think I
like it hmmm dropping all my black olives yeah
I’m gonna do this if y’all want to do this y’all can I’m calling this the 7
day I think I had this challenge in my arm go one of my older videos down yep
I had this uh and one of mine in my description box
this was the eating can glue challenge for seven days I think I’m gonna start
I’m gonna do this now I never need to do it I think I’m gonna do it for seven
days cuz I’m I need some more canned goods though I’m gonna have to tell my
friend the bring me something this woman’s
house I couldn’t buy something for my house I got so many mm-hmm mm-hm
y’all just don’t know how good this team if you are hungry you will eat anything including a rat or
a roach yeah you don’t know about that I’d only do that if I don’t see
refractor and I even buckles him I wouldn’t even
finally thank you out for 17 thumbs up we got 20 people in the house thank
y’all for joining me today hi Elizabeth
hi miss kitty hi diamond diva bail are you there if I set your name
and you was in this life leave a comment after the line I say
thank you for saying my name I’m only saying those people name Yahoo coz they
usually oh and oh my gosh hi miss Gloria miss Connie are you here oh yeah yeah oh
yeah oh yeah Natasha I’m here are you here I’m here
Jeanette are you here I hear onion CNET when you call me this morning good
I was trying to go to sleep I knew if I answer the phone
it wasn’t no happen so I did not answer phone
I didn’t even warm and start chatting I was so tired cuz remember the day before
I didn’t even sleep 27 people in my house can I get a thumbs up we eating a
po man’s meal we eat entangles for dinner for seven days yeah this is day
one this is my seventh day came good I picked this look at one of my old videos
ow I think this cane goes for seven days challenge by tasting macmaine eat if you
dare to eat mangoes for $7 and if you’re really bold the challenge
is to eat them straight at the canyon without warming them up let me know let me know if you’re feeling a little
problem take a bit whatever you want to eat in the can yeah I ain’t pick it when
it kind of challenges I’ll let y’all do whatever I said I ain’t really doing
that many challenges no more but I got to be I you eatin you something anyway
so I might as well do this huh I am NOT gonna starve I got to go see if I had some more canned goods in them I got another one of my challenges I
could do too but something I got opinion let’s finish the : mmm almost finish our
means sometimes I see it in the comments
tasty eat everything you so roundabout now tasty wanted to eat and not go to
home but not go to bed with her stomach scratching her back she ate what was put
in front of that y’all give this video thumbs up I’m gonna call my friend I got two
frames getting close back my accident bringing some kind of I know
one of my friends she got some real good can you do me a favor I need to help all this thing and I’m sitting home if
y’all get on one of these little stools do not sit on the stool without a pillow
oh it’s hurting my booty oh okay do it pillow make smooth so much
yeah a butt is meant to be cushion can’t be sitting on that horn
you’ll get Travis’s who that was hurtin but it seemed like it was digging into
one particular spot that was nice so tomorrow Yami that’s probably gonna
be slow so I can get the inside of the van down I forgot to ask my friend did he have in Kansas spray-paint so no I heard somebody feed drain after get
to eatin yeah my English live and then before I go to
bed tonight if I feel like talking to y’all in the dark after I get everything
locked up our country young and we could talk y’all I ain’t everything that’s it
that’s all I think this just one pilot only two nurses used to pulling yeah you see yeah I ate everything and I
don’t eat the UH the peaches are my eating tonight when I come to you out in the other line
I’ll do a peach so that’s it y’all I appreciate y’all I
love y’all thank y’all for 26 thumbs up if y’all having thumbs up the video get me some moon for more thumbs up so
we could get to 30 and if you haven’t subscribed to this channel press the
subscribe button make sure you turn notification bell make sure you come
back for another video that’s what I want you to do so you can see more uh
takes the month a tasty mukbang its y’all I love ya see you winder alligator
after work record uh in the nude you know what they say after that so I’m
back to go y’all i’ma see ya later on tonight ok bye I love y’all
thanks so much

27 thoughts on “Eating Can Foods for 7 Days Challenge | Pre Van Life Day 3 living in Cargo Van | Minimalism

  1. Much better tasty. Now I can see you ๐Ÿ˜„… you better get a gym membership like the lil girl did so you can take a shower…. Tasty makes anything look good ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Hey Tasty , my dad use to eat food straight out of the can a lot. Also, when I was little we had a baby sitter who would serve us food straight out of the can without heating it up

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