E5 Indoor Snowboard Workout – Butter Front Side 180

* Today we’ll talk about Indoor Snowboard
Workout butter front side 180 * There are many other video tutorials on
YouTube about butter front side 180, and in this video, I will mainly focus on how to
do this trick on a carpet * The basic concept is move or kick you back
foot as if kicking a ball and move it to the front side.
* #1. Get Started. it’s totally OK if you can’t do 180. Start with 90 and gradually
progress to 180. Be patient to yourself. As you repeat and practice the trick, you will
eventually get to the full 180 degrees. * #2. Arm rotations. The key trick of completing
front side and back side 180 is to use your arm and torso rotation and counter rotation.
Here is the most important part and you should remember and do this on the carpet whenever
you practice 180: * Swing you back arm 270 degrees to the rotating
direction to initiate the turn. You’ll probably naturally notice that at the end of the 180
rotation, the same arm will rotate back for about 90 degrees, causing a counter rotation
of your body. This counter rotation will dramatically help you to complete a solid 180 rotation.
So to reiterate: whenever you do 180, swing the back arm 270 degrees to initiate the rotate,
and naturally put it back to the 180 direction. You should always use this quote and quote
standard operation whenever you practice front side 180 during the Indoor Snowboard Workout.
* #3. Nose and Tail press. Once you are able to butter front side 180, the next tuning
point is to confidently put pressure on your board. If you take a closer look at this video,
notice that when I pass the 1st 90 degrees, the ground side of the board suddenly bends
a lot and the bending start to hold most of my weight afterwards. When you initially started
doing front side 180 butter on a carpet, it almost feels like either a total jump or swing
during the whole process. After this stage, you should consciously challenge yourself
to put more and more weight to the bended board to achieve a balance with just one side
of the board on the floor. Mastering this technique will get you really to the next
level, both indoor and on the snow. Mastering this technique also gets you prepared for
future 360s as well as board grabbing. This is a very important and useful technique so
please spend some good time practicing it. * #4. Using your side core muscle.
* A key tuning point of practicing 180 and 360 is to unconsciously strengthen your side
core muscle during the turn. Once you know how to press the nose and tail of the board
during the turn, really it is the side muscle that keeps your balance when your whole body
weight is on a bended board. Initially during the practice you may need to constantly remind
yourself to strengthen the muscle during each turn. After repeating this many many times,
it becomes your muscle memory and whenever you turn, your side core muscle will keep
you in-balance until the board lands. * #5. Knowing your riding direction and keep
your eyes on the down-slope. * One of the key goal of doing Indoor Snowboard
Workout is to be able to apply the same technique on the mountain. While our house floor is
usually completely flat (I feel sorry for you if your house floor is not flat), you
still need to make a imaginary up-slope and down-slope direction when you are doing the
workout. Make sure to keep your eyes on the down-slope before and after the rotation.
Keep this good habit and build it into a muscle memory will help you to ride almost the same
way on the mountain. * #6. Where to put your weight during the
turn. * When we are rotating on the carpet, we our
weight is not anymore right below the standing foot anymore. So it’s helpful to put an
imaginary target new weight point when initiate the rotation. I’ve tried several imaginary
weight point as target, generally they are either on the board slightly away from your
standing foot right at the bending point, or slightly towards the left or right of that
bending point. When I got really good at the trick, this imaginary new weight spot is always
on the board at the bending point, however, when you just started learning and practicing,
you may try slightly to the left and right side of the board, and it’ll help you to
get better balance when not able to complete the 180 yet.
* #7. Do one thing at a time. * There are many points you need to remember
during the practice, and you are supposed to do all of them in just a second or two.
So when you are just getting started, you don’t need to remember doing all of the
important things. Just try your best to consciously do one thing at a time and build it into a
muscle memory. For example, you could just focus on swing your back arm 270 degrees every
time you rotation. Once this movement becomes a muscle memory, you can start to focus on
the next point. Be patient to yourself. If you do this workout every night for one hour,
you should be able to muscle memorize all of the tricks within a week or two.
* Thanks for watching this tutorial for Indoor Snowboard Workout front side 180. Hope you
can enjoy the workout and master all the key points solidly.
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I’ll see YOU in the next Video.

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