E10 | Full Abs Workout Routine & Truth About Abs | Upper, Lower & Obliques |

Hey friends, hope you’re doing fine again
your friend is here. Today, we are going to train our abs. We trained every muscle in our body in
previous video as I uploaded before. First of all let me tell you one thing
before we train the abs, we have to change our eating habits, because we won’t see
our abs. Hopefully, unless we reduce our body fat percentage, you can reduce your
body fat percentage by changing your eating habits. such as consume a lot of water, consume lot of protein, try to consume less carbs and less fat. And try to consume good food like vegetables, fruits don’t eat heavy before you go to bed. So
today we will train our upper abs,lower abs side obliques. Let’s get started. One more thing
before we train our abs, in next video I am gonna share some ideas regarding
what kind of supplement you need to build a muscle like basic supplements.
Stay tuned. See you in the next video. Hey guys first of all we’re
going to train our upper abs, so a little bit inclined and we are going to
train in the simple way Twenty reps. Five sets. {music} In previous exercise for all the
exercises we will go for 5 sets with 12 reps and 20 reps.
This one is last workout I mean last exercise for this exercise builds
your muscle and burns fat. Additionally, it helps to build your strength, so how
to do it just to 5 sets for that one 30 seconds 30 if you can. Hey guys thanks for watching the video
don’t forget to subscribe next video as I told you in starting that I’m gonna
try to share some basic supplements ideas so see you next week thank you so
much. Peace !

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