E.T. Episode 8 Socket To Em!

whats up youtube its part 8 of our
full-size GT build in this episode we’re trying to give ET a good set of shoulders
to rest his head on so stay tuned well you may have noticed i said trying
to give ET some shoulders let’s take a look at the time lapse so you can see
what i mean. In the time-lapse you cansee my first printed shoulder socket
break while I was trying to remove the support the issue is actually caused by
the supports themselves see a month or so back i upgraded cura and since the
upgrade have not needed to print using support so the settings were still on
the default grids as a result of supports were practically stronger than
the print the second one ended up breaking too but it’s not all bad news
though is I’m sure you can see the rafting on my reprint came off just like
it should so we’ve got that problem sorted out after the reprint i was able
to get one shoulder socket put together and it’s working pretty well it will
need a bit of sanding to smooth out the movement but I want to leave it a bit
snug is over time the joint sure to loosen on its own well that about does it for part 8 of
ret build even with the setbacks in this one I’m sure we can stay on track to
complete ET so look forward to partnering we get the arm started as
always if you liked the video leave a thumbs-up or thumbs-down it’s your
choice and if you want to see more of the ET project be sure to subscribe
thanks for watching we’ll see you later

4 thoughts on “E.T. Episode 8 Socket To Em!

  1. Woot. et is slowly getting there. can't wait to see the neck and head parts. keep up the great work!

  2. Awesome update on the ET project, great to see things coming along. Sucks when parts have issues but those are easily reprinted. Are you using HatchBox filament for all of this? Even the clear sections?

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