E-LINK Exercise Kit for Clinical Rehabilitation

The E-LINK Exercise Kit includes both
Myo-EX and AngleX sensors that are exclusively designed for innovative
computer-based exercise. The exercise kit gives immediate biofeedback to the patient and is the ideal tool for undertaking progressive exercise
throughout the whole rehabilitation process. Myo-EX is a very practical easy to apply
solution when seeking to address issues of muscle activation not
only for the extremely debilitated patient but for all patients through to professional athletes. Simply applied with medical grade tape onto the skin surface over the muscle to be exercised, the wireless Myo-EX sensor is quick and easy to apply. As a muscle contracts, the Myo-EX sensor uses the electrical activity that is generated to control the movement of objects in
gradable E-LINK activities facilitating exercise. The greatest benefit of Myo-EX is that it can be used in early rehabilitation as soon as there is the
smallest flicker of voluntary muscle control even when there is no visible
joint movement. Myo-EX provides immediate biofeedback
through the visual movement of objects on the screen, maximising the patients motivation to exercise. To succeed in the game the patient is focusing effort on a smooth efficient and coordinated movement, rather than recruiting possible compensatory ones. Muscle strengthening and restoration of normal movement patterns is encouraged. Myo-EX is ideal for wrist and elbow exercise, focused exercise on the shoulder musculature, knee and ankle exercise and
with certain facial muscles, as in Bell’s palsy. Invaluable for hand therapy as
well as stroke and neuro rehabilitation. Where there is some active joints
movement as little as two degrees but not yet sufficient strength to grasp or
move other devices, AngleX is the perfect rehabilitation tool. The sensors
are simply attached close to the joint to be exercised with medical grade tape. AngleX then responds to active movement against gravity providing focused exercise for joints in the upper and lower extremities as well as the neck and back. The smaller sensor is lightweight and
ideal for exercising each individual hand joint, perfect for patients with
rheumatoid arthritis. The larger sensor AngleX is used for the forearm, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints suiting all areas of rehabilitation. AngleX encourages normal patterns of joint movement and discourages compensatory one’s. Totally focused on the individual patient, Wireless sensors gives greater freedom of movement, the ideal choice for focused joint exercise. Designed by engineers in close collaboration with clinicians, E-LINK has evolved into a well recognised technology that has been used worldwide for over two decades years.

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