Dust X | DMHA Based Pre-Workout

What’s up, everybody? PJ Braun here, president of Blackstone Labs,
coming at you today with Dust X. Not to be confused with Dust V2 or Dust Extreme. This is a completely different product than
both of those products. Dust V2, which is my flagship product, started
as the original Angel Dust and progressed into what it is now. The original Angel Dust also progressed, and
then kind of circled back around and came back as Dust Extreme with a higher dose of
DMA. Now with the state of the supplement industry
and the FDA, we’ve had to remove the DMA from our products, and we put our heads together
to figure out what the next best thing was in making this product as strong as possible
because there are people out there that they just want that crazy stimulant ‘I’m cracked
out in the gym’-type feeling. I don’t know why. I don’t like feeling like that. It seems like the younger guys love it. The more cracky they can feel, the better. You know, have at it. Not for me, but this is that product, guys. This is the one that’s going to get you amped
up. As soon as you take this, you’re going to
feel tingling, sweating, and if you don’t go to the gym, you’re probably going to be
a little bit shaky. This is not your basic pre-workout. We made it as good as we could possibly get
it without the DMAA. If you’re looking for that DMAA alternative,
this is it. Now, some of you guys may not have liked DMAA. I’ve had people say, “Man, I don’t like your
Dust Extreme. I don’t like the way it makes you feel.” This is a much different feeling. It has more of a thermogenic feel to it. So you may like this product a lot more. I would always suggest starting with the Dust
v2 first, but if you’re someone who’s used the Dust v2 for a while, you have no issues
with it, jump up to this. Not as much caffeine as the Dust v2. This is about 300 milligrams as opposed to
Dust v2’s 400, but this has the other strong stuff in it like the two amino. What’s cool about this is two amino doesn’t
look like it’s going to be going anywhere anytime soon, so as we are searching for more
new ingredients to make products better and better, you can rest assured that we will
keep this product as strong as possible with that two amino. So this is your advanced pre-workout, not
for beginners, that’s for sure. And again, if this is something that you guys
can’t, you know, feel in one scoop and need to do two, please go get on the Adrenal Care
because you probably fried out your adrenal glands. You should not be relying on stimulants. I am PJ Braun, president of Blackstone Labs. Peace out – bye.

13 thoughts on “Dust X | DMHA Based Pre-Workout

  1. this is basically the same as the dmha version of dust extreme they sold in Australia last year. I still have an old tub of extreme that says it has the 150mg dmha + 350mg caffeine.

  2. The first time i took it i finally got the endurance i was looking for, though im not advanced i like intensity training
    Gave me rapid heartbeat though so i reduced to about 1/5 scoop i take ? and got a psychiatric condition so ive got to be careful though ill always be chasing stimulation

  3. this stuff literally made my gym sessions 2x longer and Im lifting heavier on a cut… it seems too good to be true, I'm trying to find any potential harmful side effects?

  4. I think i might of found the perfect preworkout. I noticed on my cardio days i run faster and longer. My endurance is alot better with this product. I actually have exercised induced asthma and i looked into dmha and they say it helps open your airways. Thats prob why i like this product so much.

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