Driven Nutrition supplement REVIEW by Crossfit SRC

– My name is Tyler
Bennet, I am the co-owner and head coach of
CrossFit SRC, located here in Milton, Florida. So for us, when it came down to deciding whether or not to sell supplements in our gym, it was a pretty easy decision. Most of our members were
already taking supplements, like creatine and amino
acid in pre workouts. Our initial attempt at
selling supplements was somewhat unsuccessful. We went with a large global distributor and we sold big brand supplements. With that, we really
weren’t seeing the return of investment and whether we
just weren’t doing it right, which might have been part of the problem. So when it came to Driven, I initially made one phone call, and right away, I was on the phone with the owner of the company, which had never happened before
with the other companies. And immediately we began talking about how we could help
increase the revenue for our gym by delivering
a superior product to our members that most of
them were already taking. So for us, and as a small business owner, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome was the return of investment and if it was gonna be
profitable for the gym, and if we were going to be
delivering a superior product. So I think the biggest
benefit to our members so far, is that we’ve now been able to take that middle man out and give them that superior product
that they were wanting. And then giving it to
them at a fair price, and being able to provide
them with information and tools that they needed
about supplementation and how to take supplements,
and which supplements to take. Obviously, giving them a
product to help them recover and help them to meet their goals. I think the biggest thing
that set Driven apart from some of the other
supplement companies that we were dealing in
the past was the connection that we had with them. So right away, I mean, I was introduced to the owner via phone. I simply picked up the phone and called to find out more information, and I was on the phone with the
owner of the company. The connection with their team. That’s something that we
weren’t able to deal with in the past was, all I had was a sales rep from a large distributor
and that was pretty much it. And even getting like promotional items, and things like that, were pretty tough. So for us, as a small
business, dealing with Driven was much, much easier. When you order a product from them, they’re gonna send you a picture of it. They’re gonna give you marketing tools that you need to help you promote and sell those products to your members. Think the biggest benefit to the gym as a business has been
that additional revenue. That additional income that
we just did not have before. And that revenue or that vertical of income has been able to
help us provide our members with new equipment. We’ve been able to add new equipment in just a short amount of time. The tools that they’ve given us has made us very successful
with selling Driven products. We’re able to give the
members what they wanted. It’s a superior product, it tastes good, you have access to the owners, and then that additional revenue
is really what we needed to help us sometimes get over a hurdle of, as you all know, memberships fluctuate. So if you had a shorter
month on the membership dues, you have that other
step there that was able to help make up for some of that. I would absolutely recommend
Driven to other gyms that might be considering signing up for the affiliate program. One of the biggest benefits for us is that there were no minimums. There was no buy-in kind of minimum. The other thing was that
Jason is gonna help you kind of every step of the way, on how you’re gonna be
able to see that product without feeling salesy or
pushy with your members. Chances are, your members are buying these products anyway, and
they’d rather get it from you, and they’d rather help the gym, and they’re gonna give you the tools, they’re gonna help you with the marketing that you need to help sell these products. There’s a private Facebook
group for affiliate owners, where a lot of ideas get bounced around, and overall, if you’re thinking
about it, don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone, call them,
do that session with them. They’re gonna talk you through it. How you can really get
that return of investment that you’re wanting. The only other thing I’d like to add is, like I just said before, I mean, if you’re an affiliate
owner you need to find those different verticals
of income for your gym, and selling supplements
that you believe in and that are superior
products to your members, that’s gonna give you that
extra source of income to provide them with better equipment. Bring on extra staff, some of those things that your gym might be
lacking due to revenue or income, that’s gonna
fill that gap there. And if you do it right
and you use the tools that they give you, you’ll be successful.

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