Don’t Sleep When Planes Take Off or Land, Here’s the Answer

Traveling by air can be pretty exhausting,
so no wonder a lot of people choose to sleep through it. And while doing so is simply inevitable if
you have a long-haul flight, you can actually put your health at risk if you doze off during
take-off or landing. You see, when a plane is taking off or landing,
there’s a rapid change in air pressure inside the cabin. And this affects the air trapped in your ears
since there’s not enough time to equalize the pressure. Because of it, a vacuum appe ars in a part
of your ear called the Eustachian tube. Your ears become blocked, and every sound
you hear is muffled. You need to be awake when this happens. Otherwise, you won’t be able to equalize
the air pressure in your ears by relaxing and opening up your Eustachian tubes. And if you don’t do that, you’ll feel
dizzy and your ears might hurt. In the worst-case scenario, you might even
get an ear infection, a nosebleed, or face hearing loss. To avoid all these unpleasant conditions,
you have to yawn or swallow a lot. To produce enough saliva to swallow, try chewing
gum, sucking on hard candy, or just drinking water. If this doesn’t help then pinch your nose
closed while at the same time blowing it. Ok, now not snoozing during take-off or landing
makes perfect sense. But a lot of other things can make your trip
on a plane less safe and less comfortable. For example… Ignoring the safety instructions. You might be an experienced traveler and know
them already by heart. But don’t put on headphones or talk to your
companions while a flight attendant explains everything. Yes, most airlines have similar safety presentations,
but it won’t hurt to freshen your memory. In case of an emergency, this information
could save your life. Taking your shoes off
It seems like a good idea to give your feet some rest from your shoes during the flight. But the plane’s cabin is airtight, and the
air inside is constantly recycled. So, just spare your fellow travelers from
sniffing your socks and hope they’ll do the same for you. Besides, the cabin’s floor is full of germs. But if you really feel like kicking your shoes
off, bring a pair of slippers in your carry-on. Not asking a flight attendant before switching
seats. You might think it’s no big deal, but it actually
is. Of course, if you move a few rows it won’t
cause any trouble on a large airplane. But doing so on a regional plane can throw
off an airplane’s center of gravity, which is especially critical during take-off. So, let a flight attendant know about your
plans to occupy some empty seat you’ve spotted and make sure it’s ok. Wearing your contact lenses. Choose glasses during flying, especially for
long haul flights. The air in the cabin is much drier than on
the ground, and it can irritate your eyes. Also, if you plan to sleep during your trip
with lenses that aren’t for overnight wear, you could harm your eyes even more. Eating the food that touched the tray table. Unfortunately, the cleaning crew doesn’t
have enough time between flights to clean the cabin thoroughly. Experts claim that tray tables have 8 times
more bacteria than the lavatory flush buttons. So, unless you brought your own placemat and
sanitizer, say goodbye to that piece of sandwich that’s just fallen on the tray table. G’Bye! Forgetting to drink water. The dry air in the cabin can make you feel
dizzy or have a parched throat mid-flight. So, staying hydrated is important. But here’s the catch: the water tanks on
the airplane aren’t the cleanest thing on earth. That’s why you should put an empty bottle
on your carry-on and fill it after the security check at the airport. Plus, avoid drinking tea or coffee onboard. Even though they use boiled water, the caffeine
in those drinks has a dehydrating effect. Using the blankets. Many airlines provide their passengers with
blankets and pillows on demand. But they’re not washed often enough either. Usually, the cleaning staff doesn’t take
care of them until the day is over. Unless you want to wrap yourself in a blanket
that someone before you covered their feet with or sneezed on, bring a small one of your
own. Turning off the air vent over your seat. Yes, it can get chilly on a plane, and you
don’t want to shiver during your whole trip or catch a cold. But it’s better to put a sweater on than
turning off the AC. Different airborne viruses and germs that
are in abundance in any constricted space can hang in the air for up to 5 hours. So, without proper ventilation, you just increase
your chances of inhaling them. Not getting up from your seat
Sitting in your seat the entire flight is bad for your body. Get up to stretch your muscles or walk for
a few minutes. If you can’t get up for some reason, you
can still do some exercises right in your seat. For example, twist your upper body from side
to side and lift your knees to your chest. Ha, if you have enough leg room! Flushing the button in the lavatory with your
bare hand. Just because it’s not as dirty as the tray
tables doesn’t mean you should touch it. A public bathroom is a public bathroom, even
up in the sky. After doing your business wash your hands
and use a paper towel to turn off the water and flush the toilet. You can even use it to open the bathroom door. Wearing shorts. Or any other clothes that don’t cover your
lower body fully (think of short dresses, skirts, or jumpsuits). You probably can guess by now why it’s a
bad idea. Yes, germs are all around the seats and they’re
rarely deep-cleaned. So, protect your skin from coming into contact
with them. Neglecting your skincare. If you fly in the daytime, don’t forget
to apply your cream with SPF. You’re much closer to the sun on a plane
so just being inside a cabin or not sitting near a window won’t save you from the rays. Plus, don’t forget to moisturize your face
during the flight to avoid parched and itchy skin from the low humidity. Drinking fizzy drinks. Traveling with a bloated stomach is a real
ordeal. So stay away from fizzy drinks since intestinal
gas might expand up to 30 percent from the increase in altitude. Oh my! cSimple bottled water is your safest
bet when you’re in the clouds. Keeping a heavy carry-on in the overhead compartment. It’s understandable why a lot of passengers
try to bring as much stuff as possible on board. But if a plane enters an area of turbulence,
the overhead compartment might open up. And a heavy bag falling out of it could cause
serious injury to you or someone else. What things are a “must” in a carry-on
for a plane trip in your opinion? Let me know in the comments! Not fastening your seatbelt when the sign
is on. You must stay in your seat with the seatbelt
fastened during taking off, taxiing, landing, and during turbulence. There’s no exception for this rule, even for
flight attendants. Avoid a dangerous situation by staying in
your seat, even if you want to go to the bathroom or stretch your legs, until the light goes
back off. By the way, keep the belt fastened and over
your blanket if you use one and want to have a good sleep. This way a flight attendant won’t have to
wake you up to make sure you’re following the rule. Running to the exit. When the plane has landed, stay in your seat. No need to rush to the opened door, pushing
others out of your way. Chances are you won’t save any time by doing
so and simply get stuck in the crowd while people gather their belongings and kids. You’ll just be frustrated in the end. However, if you’re in a rush for a serious
reason or have a connecting flight, explain it to a flight attendant before landing, and
they might help you get out faster. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  7. Well, I have slept during landing only one time, and I am a kid, so…. yeah dab I wanted to get enough sleep because it was a night flight, so I slept when the plane was cruising, then I didn't hear any announcement about landing and I hadn't put my seatbelt on, BUT I WAS STILL SAFE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! But the real question is: How was I safe during the landing without a seatbelt? I woke up when the plane was taxiing to the gate and I asked my father if someone fastened my seatbelt but it was unfastened the whole time before the landing announcement. so…. yeah.


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  12. Change seats and throw off the planes center of gravity. You gotta be kidding! I've never heard somethingso ridiculous. Even if you weighed 600 pounds, you really think you would throw off the plane's center of gravity?! If a plane is that light to begin with, maybe you shouldn't be flying. After all, the turbulencethat a plane encounters daily is going to put more stress on the plane than one person's weight! ….LOL😅🤣

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