Are you willing to push yourself farther? And push the limits harder? And push yourself through plateaus outside of your comfort zone? I put so much into this, you know. I put SO much into this. For the last 6 years of my life.. I’ve just been dedicated to this. And I wanted it, I wanted that sht so bad. Work ethic will take you a long long way. 99% of people never even realize what you’re capable of. Because you never committed everything you got to a cause. I never stopped for a second and go maybe I’m just not genetically good enough maybe I should not try this hard. It’s not the attitude you can have. 90% of us bodybuilders or any other professional athletes or whatever.. Started this journey, it’s not like it was oh I got superior genetics I’m gonna kill it… You just gotta bust your ass. The warmup is over, now we’re gonna start working. You guys don’t know what your genetic potential is because you don’t know what your work ethic over a long consistent period of time is. And I think you would realize that a lot of that genetic potential .. .. Is working your A$$ off! I never dreamed in a million years I’d be somebody that this many people could be behind and support. And I’m just thankful and blessed to have it. And I promise you, I’m gonna keep busting my A$$. I’m gonna keep moving forward. I need to find a winning formula.. I got a work ethic like nobody else. And I’ll figure it out. I’m gonna stay positive.. Can’t get me down too bad. And one of these days.. I’ma nail that sh*t !! This is everything I’ve worked for right here.

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