– Whew, what’s up guys? So you’ve been training in the gym for a while now, and
you’ve been seeing that your growth has been starting to slowly decline, or maybe even plateau. Today, I’m gonna show you how to consistently progress in your training. During training, it’s very common to reach a plateau and a lot of times people stop progressing because they don’t know how to
overcome that plateau. They normally stick with the same amount of reps and the same amount of weight because at the beginning, they were just progressing naturally. Their body wasn’t used
to the current amount of stress and overload
that they were doing through their workouts, and they were just naturally developing. But after a while of training, your body eventually reaches its maximum potential that it’s able to develop, eventually, you’re gonna need more weight and more reps and that’s called beginner gains. At the beginning, it was
easy to develop muscle, it was easy to get in shape and it was easy to just
do the same exercises as well as the same
amount of reps and weight because your body was still very foreign to these movements and
the amount of capacity. So eventually, over time, the amount of progress that you make on the same amount of reps and weight is gonna eventually start to diminish and then that’s when you start to plateau. How do you consistently
stay on an upward trend? Just like any other
statistic, cryptocurrency, the stock market, as long as you’re making bigger gains, you’re always gonna be on a consistent upward trend, you’re always gonna be
making consistent progress. The key to fixing this is very simple. You can immediately to three things every single day to consistently propel you toward progress. In any routine, in any exercise, you can always either increase the weight, increase the reps, or decrease the amount of rest time that you’re gonna have. Here’s a scenario: let’s
say you’re benching in the gym and you’ve
maxed out for 10 reps. You need to find a way
to continue progressing. You can either add more weight and adding more weight is gonna eventually increase the amount of
reps that you can do. If you can’t add more
weight, then you can always do more reps and doing more reps is gonna eventually increase the amount of capacity, allowing
you to lift more weight. If you can’t add any more weight and you can’t do any more reps, then just shorten your rest periods. Do the same exact thing that you’re doing but shorten the rest period, that’s gonna build your endurance and eventually you’re gonna be able to do more reps of whatever you’re
doing or add more weight onto whatever you’re doing, so I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to put that into practice today. We’re gonna be doing a shoulder workout and I’m gonna be using these scenarios through this workout,
live, to show you guys how we can advance and
consistently progress through our training, let’s get started. Alright, so we’re gonna be
doing the shoulder workout. The first exercise is gonna
be handstand push ups. Now, I normally do, I’ll say about 10 handstand push ups in a row. I can increase my repetitions right now, I can add more weight, or I can take a shorter rest period. In this case for this exercise, I’m gonna be adding a lot more weight. Alright, let’s go for
some handstand push ups. (techno music) Whew, yeah man, right there. I’ve got a long way to go. Normally I do those with body weight, today we did it with weight. Let’s move on to rear delt flies. Alright guys, so in this case, this is a good move that you really want to focus on, so we’re gonna choose some lightweight, so for 20s. From the handstand push ups, I’m going straight into
this, rear delt flies. Let’s go for it. (techno music) Alright, so now we have
full planche push ups. I normally do about three to five full planche push ups, so at this point I can either increase the reps or I can increase the weight. I’m kind of confused as to which one I should actually do because they’re both really, really hard at this point. Normally, like I said, if you come to this point and you can’t increase reps or increase weight, then just decrease the amount of rest time that you have. I did that last time, I don’t want to do it again for you guys so I’m just gonna go hard in this video. Yo, what do you think I should do? More reps or more weight? This guy’s crazy, he says more weight on the full planche push ups. Alright, I’m gonna try this, this is definitely gonna be a first for me. Alright, I’m gonna have to take off my shoes for this one. (laughs) Now of course, if you can’t
do full planche push ups, stick to tucked full planche push ups. Alright guys, we’re
gonna go big or go home. Let’s see what we’ve got. (techno music) Okay, we’re gonna have to keep on moving. So that was a first for me, but these are gonna turn you into a beast. Get ready, Chris Heria weight vest coming to in just a couple more weeks, guys,
so be on the look out. But we’re gonna move on to the next move. We have military press, let’s go for it. Let’s put those shoes back on. Alright, moving on to military press. Anything more than five
reps with this weight I think is more than I
normally do, at least. So, let’s go for it. Wish me luck, guys. (techno music) Okay, not too bad, not too bad. Pretty fatigued from those other moves because I’m really pushing myself today. I’ve done some really good reps. It’s a good routine, alright, so we’re gonna move on to the last calisthenics move, it’s
gonna be front lever raises. Let’s go for it. So again, I’m at a point where I can choose to decrease that rest time, which I think I’ve been doing like this whole workout, I just
like training like that, but I can also add
weight or add more reps. For this one, what should I do? Add weight or add reps? This guy wants to kill
me man, this is crazy. This turned into like, an insane workout routine real quick. Alright, here we go. So if you’re watching these exercises and you’re thinking okay well, obviously these exercises
are way too hard for me, well I have all the exercises that work your way up to these moves in the Heria Pro app so download it right now in the App Store. We’re already working on phase two so get ready for that, because that’s gonna be the best
fitness app in the world. Alright, so let’s go for it. I normally go for 10
or something like that. Let’s just go for 10, weighted. Try to keep those arms straight. (techno music) Alright, I feel that. We definitely made a
lot of progress today. Typically, you can be using this technique in a couple of your exercises and you’re still gonna make progress. If you’re doing it in
every single exercise, every single day, well you’re definitely gonna make crazy progress but of course you want to listen to you body. Some days you’re gonna be able to go harder than others, but it’s like I said at the beginning of this video, as long as you have an upward trend, you’re gonna be progressing like crazy so that’s how I do it, so we’re at the last exercise for
the shoulder workout. We’re gonna go, listen
to me, I’m out of breath, we’re gonna go for farmer walks. This is one of my favorites, alright. What should I do, more
weight or more reps? More weight, let’s do it. (techno music) Hold it, hold it, hold that. Alright, that’s a good round one. Alright guys, that’s basically how to consistently progress
when you’re training. If you ever find yourself in a scenario where you’re plateauing, you’re coming near that wall, either add more weight, increase the reps or decrease
the amount of rest time. Of course, there’s other things you can do to compliment that, like nutrition is definitely gonna help you. Leave a thumbs up and a comment down below if you want me to cover
some more nutrition. Also, doing regressions, and adding more repetitions, for example,
going down in weight and increasing your reps and doing it as soon as you reach your normal overload. Basically drop setting without any weight, that’s gonna consistently give your muscle a longer time overtension which is gonna make you a whole lot stronger. Alright guys, so again,
if you liked this video, smash that like button and let me know what you want in the next video by commenting down below. Get ready guys, we’re
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very soon, peace out. (techno music) Smash that like button guys.

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