DO THIS Before EVERY Workout (REAL RESULTS) 2018

– All right, everybody ready? – [Man] Let’s do it, do it, let’s go. – What’s up guys, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another vlog. We’re gonna be working out
downstairs at a park nearby, and I’m gonna show you
something you need to be doing every single time before you
workout, for some real results. All right, see you guys there. (mellow hip-hop music) Hey. What’s up guys, we are at Jose Marti Park, otherwise known as Zay Marti Park. What’s up dawg?
– Yo. – Yo. (laughs) (hands slap) So, today we’re gonna be getting the workout in right here. I’m gonna show you guys something that you need to be
doing every single time, right before you workout. This is is gonna give
you the best results. Now normally when people are training, they’re usually doing the
same exercises over and over, every time they go to the gym. They’ll go do a little bit of bicep curls, do a little cardio on the
treadmill, and go home. And next time they go to the gym, they do the same routine
over and over and over, and they’ve been doing that for years. Now a lot of times, this can be the case because of the lack of knowledge, or because you just don’t
have enough time to put into programming your workouts
and creating a workout plan that’s gonna actually
maximize your results, and have you working out
smart and efficiently. And to get real consistent
gains and real results, you need to be tracking all of this, as well as having different
workout exercises and routines that are gonna shock your body, and develop those muscles
a whole lot faster. With the app,
we handle all of that. As soon as you open the app, you can instantly start
creating a workout program or creating workout itself. If you click on the workout, you can choose to build your own workout, or you can choose to click
on our workout generator, which is an algorithm that I created that creates workouts the same way that I’ll prescribe a workout
as if I was your trainer. So the first question
is your workout type. You’re gonna choose if you
wanna train calisthenics, weights, weighted calisthenics
or a combination of both. So today, we’re gonna go into calisthenics and weighted calisthenics. We’re gonna move on, your workout style. You can choose between fat burning, strength building, rep building. Today, we’re gonna for
some strength building. Now in your muscle groups,
you have abs, back, biceps, chest, legs, any
muscle group you want, or you can choose to train
your whole entire body. Today’s my chest and tricep day, so we’re gonna go ahead and
put in chest and triceps. And don’t worry about
the other muscle groups, because we’re gonna get to
those throughout the week. The app saves and
stores all your workout data: what muscle group you worked out, which day you worked it out for, how long you worked it out for, every single exercise you performed, and how many reps you did it for. Which is why it’s super
important to do this before every single workout. Use the app,
program in your workout. This is gonna store all your information, and you’re gonna be able
to see all that data and you’re gonna be able to
really calculate your progress. See where you’re improving, and see where you need improvement. And start getting real results,
based off of real numbers. All right, so we’re gonna
choose the workout time. We’re gonna go for 45 minutes. Do you want a warm up? No, we’re gonna skip the warm up today ’cause it is hot as hell out here. We were actually training
a little bit before this, so let’s skip that warm up for today. And the difficulty level, so I’m gonna put this as intermediate because all these workouts that I create, I end up posting them on
the app on a weekly basis. So, if you guys actually
wanna just take my workouts, you don’t wanna create
a workout for yourself, you can always just sign onto the app and take my workout
that I did for the week. Also, all the workouts that
we do on the Youtube channel, they will always be posted
in the app, so you guys will be able
to do it along with me, in the video. So I’m gonna choose intermediate, so you guys will be able to
do this workout along with me. We’ll choose exercises that will be between advanced and beginner, of course. So, I’m gonna go ahead
and rename this workout. Let’s name it Jose Marti Chest Workout. All right, now as you can see, everything here is customizable. If you ever wanted to see what
any of these moves look like, of course, you can
click on the actual move and the video will actually drop down of what the move will actually look like. All right, so let’s get
this workout started. By the way guys, check
out the new apparel. (mesmerizing electronic music) You can find it on,
check out the shop. All right. We’re gonna need one of
these for today’s workout. And don’t forget, September 14th is when the new Heria weight vest
drops on, pick yours up, September 14th. And this coming Monday, before
the next vlog is uploaded, the brand new app
will update will already be out, and within that app, you’ll be able to become
a member, and we’ll be giving away a
brand new Heria weight vest every single month to a
lucky member. So become a member,
and every single month, you’re gonna have a chance to win one of these weight vests. All right guys, so let’s
get this workout started. All right, so I’m gonna
ahead and hit the timer. (bell dings) This is gonna calculate how much time you’ve been working out for. If you need to take a break, go ahead and press that pause button. And on the right, you’re gonna see how much of
the workout you’ve completed. So for our first exercise, we have push ups in a circle
with the weighted vest. Let’s go for it. (intense, heavy bass music) Gonna go ahead and put in 16 reps. 16 reps, save.
(bell dings) Now, with 3% complete,
let’s keep it going. Next we have, archer push
ups with the weighted vest. Let’s go for 10 reps. (determined electronic music) Okay, I actually ended up
doing a little more than 10. (chuckles) Again, eight on both sides. Let’s go ahead and plug that in. (bell dings) Hit the check. All right, so, another cool
thing about using this app, is that, like I said before, if you’re used to doing the
same workouts every single time, there are close to 1000
individual exercises within this app alone. So you’re not gonna be
doing the same exercises, every single time. In fact, you’re gonna
be probably introduced to brand new exercises that are probably even more effective than the ones that you’re using right now. All right, so let’s move on. Next one we have is
weighted dips for 15 reps. Let’s go for it. (relaxed hip hop music) All right, go ahead, go for 15. Let’s go for the last set of dips. That’s gonna be 20 reps. And that’s gonna end round one, the first set of round one. We got three sets to complete round one, then we move on into round two. Let’s go ahead, and get those dips in. (velcro rips) (laid-back electronic music) (exhales) All right, set three of round one is done. I’m gonna go ahead and plug that in. (bell dings) And now, as you can see, 44%
of this workout is complete. So we’re about halfway through it, guys. We’re going, moving onto round two, and we have three sets of round two. The first exercise is straight bar dips, it says to do 15 reps. I’m gonna ahead, get those 15 reps. Straight bar dips, let’s do it. (intense, heavy bass music) Whew, quick reps, straight bar dips. Went ahead, I think I did
about 20, I just put 15. Bench dips is next, let’s go for that. (mellow electronic music) We’re gonna go ahead and put in 20 reps. (heavy breathing)
(bell dings) Moving onto the next one, we have tricep extensions
with the weighted vest. Let’s go ahead and put that vest back on. Let’s get into some tricep extensions. (laid-back electronic music) (grunts) We are almost done. I think we’re onto the last exercises. There’s two more left, we
have explosive push ups, and then we have push ups. All right, so I’m gonna go
ahead, plug in this last move. 20 reps. (bell dings) Explosive push ups, weighted
push ups, let’s get it. (intense, energetic music) All right, aye. So as you can see, (heavy breathing) I’m drenched in sweat. This is the real routine right here. You guys are gonna be able
to pick up this routine by downloading the app. (heavy breathing)
(velcro rips) Just a couple of days, this update is gonna be out and available. You guys are gonna be able to become official members. So I’m gonna go ahead, (heavy breathing) plug in how many reps I did, 15, 15. (bell dings) I’m gonna finish up these last two rounds, and then, I’m gonna show you what to do after you finish the workout. All right, routine is done. So now, once you finish the workout, you’re gonna ahead and
press Finish Workout. As you can see, it comes up with a survey. I completed 100% of this workout routine. It shows the amount of time it took you to complete the workout, and when you go ahead
and press Finish Workout, now you’re gonna be able to hit
the stats button right here. Check out your stats. And if you click on the left side, you’ll be able to see your
progress for each muscle group and the percentages of how
much you’re working out throughout the day, throughout the week, and throughout the month. If you’re training all your
favorite muscle groups, this is gonna show you
where you’re lacking in the muscle groups. And so you can actually see the proportion of how you’re training your body. If you’re training more chest than legs, if you’re training more legs than chest, and where you actually
need to start improving, and need to start training, and paying a little bit more attention on. So, this app is gonna do
everything for you guys. So that’s it, no more
excuses, so get ready guys. Sunday, Monday, sometime around that time, the update is gonna be live. Definitely before the next vlog, you guys are gonna be able to pick it up. And remember, everyone that
becomes a member is gonna have a chance to
win a Heria weight vest every single month. We’re gonna choose a member at random, gift them with the Heria weight vest, so they can start taking their
training to the next level and start using that app for real. So thank you guys so much for watching, smash that like button if
you guys enjoyed this video. And before I go, I want
to let you guys know that I finally dropped my
first single, On My Mind. You guys can go ahead and
pick it up at Apple iTunes. You can stream it right now on Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music. And the music video for this song is coming out real soon, guys. So get ready, it’s gonna
be releasing right here, on this Youtube channel. And music has always
been my first passion, it’s always been something
that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little kid. So this is like a dream come true, that I’m actually getting this started. So, if you guys really wanna support me, go ahead and check out the song. I’ll give you a little
sneak peak right now, so you can check it out. And I already got the second
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that song sounds like, a little sneak preview, in the next vlog. So, ’til next time guys,
definitely check out the song. We got a lot of big things
coming this September. I’ll see you guys very
soon, next Thursday. Mad love, peace out. ♪ Got you on my ♪ ♪ Give me one more time ♪ ♪ Wanna make you mine ♪ ♪ Show you I’m trying ♪ ♪ So you know she’s fine ♪ ♪ We do this all the time ♪ ♪ Wanna make you mine ♪ ♪ Show you that you’re mine ♪ ♪ Girl, you know I’m tryin’ ♪ ♪ I can show you things
all around the world ♪ ♪ I’m sayin’ ♪ ♪ If you know me (mumbles) ♪ ♪ Together all the time ♪ ♪ Together all the time ♪ ♪ Open up her eyes ♪ (automatic gun fires) – Smash that like button, guys. (automatic gun fires)

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