Do I need to drain my pool to replace my pool light?

[MUSIC] Hello. Welcome back to another poolside chat
presented by I’m Rob.
I’m Matthew. Despite the letter-writing campaign,
the question goes as such: Do I need to drain the water to install
a new light fixture in my inground pool? Rob?
All right, we get this question a lot. I guess the concern would be that they’re worried about
water getting into the conduit and then, water with electricity
normally isn’t good. Yes. I’ll tell you, most times.
Most times, I would say, yes. The cable on that light fixture is sealed and there always tends to be water
inside that conduit. Even if you do drain,
water gets into that conduit. Like I said, the cable is sealed.
It runs all the way through the conduit and it terminates above ground
into a junction box. Water is not going to get
into the electrical cord. That’s why they also recommend don’t splicing.
Don’t splice the cord because then you risk water
touching inside of the cable. We’re trying to think of any reason
why you would need to drain the water- Like if your pool was on a hill.
For some reason, let’s say, the pool is on an embankment
and the equipment is down below then, obviously, all electricity and pipes
would be going downhill. If you pop open that Epoxy
or unplug the cord stopper, the water’s just going to go
swishing down to your equipment and wash everything away. It’d be the hardest draining bathtub
you would ever come across, also the most expensive.
Outside of that occasion, that’s the only one we could really
come up with. The rule would normally be:
No, you don’t have to drain water except for that rare instance.
98% of the time you don’t have to drain the water,
other 2% bring your floaties. If you have any questions
or if you have a pool on a hill, leave a question down below
in the comments. For any of your pool needs,
visit us over at Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

9 thoughts on “Do I need to drain my pool to replace my pool light?

  1. Great video guys. I got one for you. If you can't get the screw that holds the fixture in out of the pool wall – which happens on occassion, you will need to drain it below the light and then use a power drill and drill the screw out. Technically you are not going to remove the screw but drill off the head of the screw and then remove the fixture so you can change the bulb. That's all I got! 👍

  2. matts example of a raised pool with the junction box below the water level does not exist in the real world, the junction box would of been installed up top by the pool and the electrical conduit ran over to it,

  3. I have pool equipment below my pool level. I have to plug my skimmers when cleaning my pump basket. Would your warning apply to this scenario? I def do not want a mess happening.

  4. What about if the conduit comes loose from the back of the light casing? When I removed my light I could feel the water draining through the hole and when I reach my finger inside dirt and bit of rubble come through the hole.
    For now I have left the light fixture out and plugged the hole in the light casing with a 1/2” metal bung

  5. My inground pool liner is covering the pool light that is been broken
    I bought house like this and i dont know what is the issue with it.
    Im ready to replace it or find a solution to have some type of light in the pool.

    Do i need to change the liner or pull off completely to get an electrician to look at light and replace or this is something you can do or fix by only lowering the water under light or emptying the pool ECT.

    Also if you have any other idea to have some light in the pool will be fantastic if you share with us.

    Thank you

  6. I've seen a kid jump in the pool clothed (open button shirt, t-shirt, cargo shorts) and replace the light on a hot circuit at an apartment complex.

  7. I saw a guy who made a half-box and put it over the light, then he vacuumed out the water with the pool vac. The water pressure held the box to the wall and he could dry change the light without getting wet. He just had to pull the half-box away from the wall to remove it.

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