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I’m so excited to finally be back in relatively set up in my new place so that I can start shooting videos for you again today the video that I’m gonna talk about is I’m gonna share my DIY pre-workout mix with you so that you can make your own and not spend you know 40 or 50 dollars a month on something like this now I love this product but you know 40 or 50 dollars is a bit much for my taste so you can buy all the raw ingredients yourself and I’ll provide a link in the description below and then you can purchase it and make your own just mix it up so I’m gonna show you exactly how I get mine done and then you can kind of tweak your recipe to make it work for you so let’s get into it and you know in an ideal world they would all be pink but they’re not um and then here with my little plate of them I even put it on a silver platter for you guys I’m not gonna get into the medical specifics of why those things are important in your pre-workout powder except to say that you will find all of those things in almost every single pre-workout mix and you will also find a lot of other stuff that either you don’t know what it is because it says proprietary mix or there’s a lot of sugar things like that okay so just a quick tip I don’t know how many shaker cups you have but over the years I have sort of accumulated several of them and I like to try to mix mine for three to five days if possible so I don’t have to constantly sit there and mix them so if you see a bunch of you know cheap shaker cups you might want to pick them up because it’s just easier to just have it all mixed and staged and then you don’t have to pull everything out all the time and back to them first thing that you want to do is go ahead and get your shaker cups all lined up and then get your ingredients open phones on the top we will start with beta alanine and we’re gonna need 1 TSP of beta okay and then let’s just go over just some basic you know measuring facts real quickly ok a teaspoon of anything for bait for these purposes excuse me is going to be 5 grams so 1.5 teaspoons would be 7 point 5 grams and 2 teaspoons would be 10 grams and then with respect to the caffeine you really don’t want to go over 200 milligrams and again that eighth of a teaspoon rule I mean I take that so seriously that I literally just ordered a little eighth of a teaspoon measure from amplifiers go ahead and open this up I’ll let you guys have a look inside the bag kind of looks a lot like sugar and then what you’re gonna want to do is just take your teaspoon measurer and this one is five grams that’s one teaspoon so you’re just gonna go one one I like to do it one ingredient at a time just you know final okay that went away and then the next ingredient that we’re gonna do is 1.5 teaspoons of citrulline malate and if I’m saying that incorrectly please feel free to correct me politely please all right so we’re going to take I mean they’re all just kind of like a white powder and you just kidding you can just buy so much more for so much less I will not have to repurchase these probably until next year sometime which for me I was spending on these right here these BCA I want to say this is like $40 and it’s great but it’s $40 so that’s just too much money for me especially when I can just buy something like this for 20 something dollars and have it for 8 times the amount of okay and by the way this is the one kilogram back you can buy on all different sizes so there’s something for every budget there are other things that I wanted to mention is you know I am NOT being paid or sponsored in any way to say any of this I’m just sharing my own Do It Yourself pre-workout recipe you can use supplement powder from absolutely anywhere you can substitute any of these that you like so don’t get hung up on you know the brand or any of the rest of that just focus on the core ingredients and then get it wherever it’s cheaper for you or whoever it’s available to you so I personally got mine from bulk supplements well it’s actually it was available on Amazon free shipping so Amazon Prime but the company name is bulk supplements and that’s what I would a we’re gonna use two teaspoons okay and I keep showing you guys this but again it’s just kind of what it looks like some people like to see stuff like that oh like Walter White in here he’s the guy from Breaking Bad if you’re not a Breaking Bad fan that looks like a monster teeth then we will take these out now you can use anything from you know I guess Crystal Light or anything like that but these are just less expensive and so that’s what I do pad and you want to make sure that you’re getting the sugar-free version I get it in three pack three flavors lemonade fruit punch my personal favorite strawberry watermelon is so delicious in my day of summer um and you want those because these ingredients iam the beta alanine and all these other things they’re very very sour and so it’s super bitter if you don’t add something that makes it a little bit sweet all right so then like you can see that tops already cut off someone we’re going to take one teaspoon of this throw it in there I like this one that’s not my favorite but to be fair I don’t really like fruit punch down there they just when we had three flavors so that’s what I bought and up next my baby favorite in again strawberry watermelon so good all right and then this is our last one and then this is just a they were little pills caffeine pills and then I just put it into my I don’t know what it is Blendtec Vitamix whatever and I crushed them all up and then I will open this and show you I’ll try to turn it towards the camera sorry there you go so what I’m gonna do is so let’s say that like this would be a quarter teaspoon which would probably I don’t know maybe cause you to die or something Saran dump that out and I am literally just going to use just the tiniest portion of this scoop if you can see that China it’s not even a half of that just gonna I’m just using like the very top portion of the scoop throw that in there my hands are already shaking because I had coffee this morning here we go I even feel like that’s too much I gotta say I’m a little afraid of the caffeine ingredients that I just really want you to be careful with is caffeine okay now you can buy the pills and just take a pill or whatever and that’s fine you just do that before you work out or have a cup of coffee or skip it all together but this stuff is not a joke okay caffeine if you have too much of it is lethal so I mean you can obviously adjust it you know if I’m 120 pounds and you’re 250 pounds there’s gonna be a slight you know adjustment where you can go up just a little bit but again you know I personally think anything over an eighth of a teaspoon you’re just asking for trouble you just don’t need it and honestly you don’t really need this in your pre-workout some people like to have the caffeine because you know if they’re not coffee drinkers or they don’t want to stay in their teeth or whatever but again this this one’s optional but please use with there you have it and then you just recap all your stuff and when you get to the gym or whatever ever ever you do your workouts you just add I mean I usually pour the water up to the 16 ounce line but you know you could just do eight if you want but I like to drink mine not just pre-workout but intra workout hey guys I did also forget to mention a lot of you have been asking me on Instagram and Facebook how my training was going and answers my training has gone fantastically I’ve lost like 26 pounds total and just had a massive shift from you know fat to lean muscle I mean I still have a little bit of ways to go but I’m so close to reaching my goals right now it’s ridiculous I’m also gonna be coming out with a line of tank tops that are mostly just dealing with you know fitness and things about macros and all of that that just deals with and yes back there that is that is where my refrigerators should live but the refrigerator’s not here yet so right now it’s just like a little yeah it’s pretty funny and then those are all my baking things but um I’m actually gonna shoot another video about that in like a week or two because what I have noticed I mean obviously it’s kind of an inconvenience not to have a proper refrigerator that said my grocery bills came way down because when you just have that like little tiny fridge you eat what’s there and nothing goes to waste because there’s just no room to be wasteful so I’ll shoot a whole video about that stuff and keeping notes about the money that it saved whatever but yes that is where the fridge should live if anybody notices that in the video that’s it thanks for watching bye come on you enjoyed this video of mine please subscribe just this one time oh go fuck yourself

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  1. This is SO HELPFUL! Can't wait to try this!!!! Have recently decided to try out pre workout supplementation other than black coffee…. Was not looking forward to buying expensive chemical filled products! ❤️

  2. Hi Dear
    well my english is not that good, so I could not understand what product exactly did you use, so if you can please right the names of mixing products for me that I can buy them,
    thanks very much for this helpful video,
    GOD bless you and I wish you a peaceful life

  3. Hi Raphaela Laurean
    Thanks for replying to my message and thanks so much for answering my question, i'm gonna order them from the website you sent me. may GOD bless you with peace, love, joy and wisdom,

  4. Hey guys, if you have questions or suggestions about making your own DIY pre workout recipe, please leave them in the comments section below or tag me at #askRL. I always include all of the products that I use in my videos in the description box above. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me and I will see you in the next video.

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