Die besten natürlichen Booster & Preworkouts!

Hey Guys, welcome to Athletics Academy! We have often talked about nutrition and sports, training, mindset and movement. But we’ve never really covered the topic of pre-workout foods that we like. And you can of course use supplements as much as you want, but even better than supplements is truly good nutrition. And we at Athletics Academy love to keep it simple yet effective. Eating without much preparation but taking in really great foods. Nuts ( like Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts etc) Dark Chocolate Preferably with a very high cocoa amount, even higher than 85 % Nuts ( Cores/Seeds ) – in Germany we distinguish those – like Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds etc. Oranges and Herbal Tea Still Water That is basically what we like to eat 1 hour before training. Wether its filming, training camps, brazilian jiu jitsu fight classes some chocolate, handful nuts and seeds. I personally love oranges after working out because I’m extremely dehydrated afterwards and it doesn’t matter how much I drink, it hydrates me but I need some mineral supplements, vitamins ( C ) Magnesium, Zinc and its all within this little guy. That’s why my secret after training, sauna and a cold shower is – eating an orange. And before training I’m an absolute fan of herbal teas. Because it hydrates, puts you in a concentrated state of mind, relieves stress and gives you a nice taste and of course after training as a light cleanser, once again reduces stress and puts you in a good mood. So as we said, super simple yet effective. Healthy fats, ( you can also eat avocados, olives for example,) good proteins ( for example sardines) So this is our secret. That is the performance. That is good for our cells. You don’t need a protein shake. You need the right food. Avocados, olives.. ( for example!) that is what you need. Because that is where your cells activate and your cells are producing your energy. Have fun with it. If you liked this video please subscribe!! If you read this subtitles let us know in the comment section!!

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