100 thoughts on “Det Cord Shockwaves in 4K

  1. Glad to see Dan drop the act and actually show his intelligence. Probably my favorite video for that reason mostly. But still was a cool idea and a cool video. Good job guys!

  2. you guys should have set off prima cord to show how fast it lights off, yes I realize my comment is over 1 year late but just had to say it

  3. Slowing that down even further with the speed option on YouTube is amazing and also hilarious at the same time as it sounds like you guys are stoned outta your faces with how slow your talking lol

  4. that is awesome only one thing could make it better if you covered all of the det cords in dirt then the name would be an explosion coming out of nowhere!

  5. If you took detonation cord and wrapped it around the world once it would take 12 min for it to come back to where it started.

  6. We used det cord in the army to clear pathways in the woods. Easy. And lots of fun 🙂 But I wonder, how does it propagate if applied to a tree trunk? Does it detonate upwards like a cylinder for igniting the cord next to it, or do it propagate like a spiral wound cord up the trunk?

  7. i watched the vedio at .25x playback speed, and boy it was so funny. it seemed as if these guys are high! and their laugh in slo mo………..

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