Delete empty folders and run your android device faster

Now whenever you use your Android device
there are certain applications which will create empty folders in your device
and when there are a lot of empty folders in your device then might be
your device will run slow. So in this video today we will see how to use an
app to look for all the empty folders and delete it from your device. This app
won’t delete the folder which has files. It will just look for the empty folders.
So we will go ahead and open Google Playstore and then we look for the app
empty folder empty folder cleaner. So this is the app which you want to
install empty folder cleaner and then select Install button. Select install now.
The app is being downloaded and it will install in your device. Once the app is
installed select open now. From here you can select scan empty folders you need
to allow this app to grant permission to look for the empty folders in your
device. It will scan all the storage media which are present in your device.
select ok. Now you need to allow empty folder to access photos media and files
on your device. Now at this moment if you are concerned with the security and if
you don’t trust the app then you should not use this app. Select allow. If you
want to use the app then again select scan empty folders. So it has detected
279 empty folders and if you want to delete the folders select delete empty
folders now out of this 279, 76 folders are deleted. So it will delete only those
empty folders which are of no use. Maybe there are some folders which may be used
by the program later on. So those won’t be deleted. So in this way you can find the
folders which are empty and delete them which are not necessary for your device.
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