Dana, muling nag-agaw buhay sa ospital | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

Come on, David. If Dana wakes up and
sees you like this, I’m sure she’ll be angry. You are so unattractive
right now. Do you think she can still
come back? One step at a time, David. We can stay positive instead of letting sadness
get the best of us. Get in touch with
all the doctors and specialists, who are experts
at this type of case. Do you have anyone
in particular in mind, sir? Try UCLA. There’s a psychiatrist there named Professor
Alejandro Birski. I understand
he’s developed a device that has induced patients
out of a coma. Call BLA General Hospital
in Beijing. Ask about the AI system. Tell them to send
all their experts here ASAP. I don’t care how much it costs. I want my daughter back. [MACHINE BEEPING] I already gave Lara
a list of things we need to accomplish
for the second wave promo of the Tagaytay Sands
Hotel project. Yes. Everything’s already
taken care of, Adam. Thanks . I’m just checking because
that’s due next week. [MACHINE BEEPING] Papa Adam’s already asking me
to report to work. I’ll come home
immediately after work. Mom and Mama Lucy
will take care of you. I’m heading out, Mom. [HEARTRATE MONITOR FLATLINES] – Code blue! Code blue!
– Mom? Code blue ! Code blue ! Mom, what’s happening?! – What’s happening?
– The doctors will be here soon. – Code blue !
– Oh no! Not my daughter ! Lucy? [SOBS] Dana! Lucy, what’s happening?! Shelly, call the driver. Hurry! – Dad?
– Jia, it’s Dana. – What?
– Let’s go. Hurry! Dana! The doctors are coming. [HEARTRATE MONITOR FLATLINES] See? They’re here. Dana! [HEARTRATE MONITOR FLATLINES] [LUCY CRYING ON THE OTHER LINE] No way ! Dana ! Dana ! [HEARTRATE MONITOR FLATLINES]

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