CrossFit workout with Kai Braden – is this for you?

Hey guys Kevin Kreider, I’m here at the Brooklyn
Crossfit gym, I’m about to do cross-fit for the first time because I hate cross-fit. So I’m making myself go outside the box. But I’m going to make him love it. YEAH! Crossfit! See, this is why I don’t like crossfit so
much. And so he’s going to write out the workout. I’m going to be doing Olympic power lifts
which I’m not really a specialty, expertise at, and he is more. So I’m going to lead you through the workout
and he’s writing it out. Whats W.O.D. stand for? Wod workout of the day. Wod? What? What? What does that mean? Today we’re going to be doing a crossfit workout
at Brooklyn CrossFit, Souith Williamsburgh. My name is Kai Braden, we got Kevin behind
the camera. Allright, so what do you want to do. So it looks like we’re doing a skill test
for the peg board. Then the w.o.d. word of the day, I hope he
chooses wash board abs. Crossfit workout with kevin and kai with some
Wod afterwards. I haven’t taught one person yet that has gone
all the way up their first try so good job. Those of you who do want to try out crossfit
and haven’t done it before. I always recommend dropping a crossfit box
at your local ones. Try it out, meet the coach. Ask questions. Always go light. You can always go heavy for the rest of your
life. But its really important for technique. Make sure you’re safe. Make it fun. Hell yeah! Yell Time. Time! So this was like literally one the toughest
workouts I’ve ever had and whooo! Getting ripped! High intensity. Some battle scars. From the rope, its pretty awesome. Kai killed it! And I’ll definetly do crossfit again. No joke. I do see how it can be a little dangerous
if you are not careful. Kai was really nice to instruct me personally
on every lift. Especially the hang and clean. My form was still sloppy. But the thing is it was better form if I didn’t
have his persona coaching. So be careful if you’re going to do stuff
like that.

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