Cristiano Ronaldo Body Transformation – The Workout (Home & Studio)

That’s it! Hello and welcome to our new Video, my Name ist Konzi and I got Benny with me. And today we show you the top 5 exercises for the upper body and a six pack like Christiano Ronaldo Have fun So let’s get to our first exercise, what did you choose? Everybody wants to have a massive and trained chest
Chicken breast very few would want that, so every day is chest day and we start with the bench pressing You see my shoulders are lying on the bench, I’ve got a bridge, body tension The height, my eyes are under the barbell, searching the grip distance, pull out the barbell, get in position, eyes focus one point on the ceiling a rule of thumb, stretch the arms out completely, now we got the shoulder distance, now we go one hand to the outside, now you can orientate the distance for the other hand look for a spot on the ceiling, and let down the barbell place to keep and the angle of the elbow to torso are good to go eyes on the ceiling, breathe in, press Anyone who doesn’t have a long barbell can also do it with short ones Now like with the long one, the elbows should not go up instead they should stay in a 45° to 75° angle What might help, is not holding the barbells like this but a little rotation to the inside This is the wrong way, barbell completely straight Do this under no circumstances or you will damage your shoulders Hold them like this elbows a little more to the outside We just did a pressing exercise, now it’s time for the counter movement, a pulling movement, we do the bend over row one step back, now bend over, on the mark you get tension in your upper leg, neutral head position alway in extension of your spine the barbell pulling from this position to your stomach and when you go down, relax your shoulders, don’t hold it back, release it and pull it back to your stomach a little more to the hips Again, who anyone who doesn’t have a long barbell and wants to do it at home use a short one Important, put your hand flat on the bench, on knee up, a relatively large sidestep, grab the barbell, built up tension in your back, shoulders released, tension in the back, shoulder is pulled back, and down remember release shoulders, and pulled back and pull it to your hips release shoulders and pull it to your hips to the hips exactly, release shoulders, and to your hips Exercise number 3 we to a shoulder exercise, shoulder pressing Holding the barbell like a hammer, not this movement to get rid of rotation then tense your stomach and, push it up Best you get some power from your leg to get in the right position In this position we breathe in our stomach, building up stability Kick it up and now push it straight up a little more to the center of your body let it down with more control more control, coordination So if you got one stronger arm, you match them together with this exercise Konzi definitely has a weak left arm The right one is the one I’m working with Weight on your leg and push it up to the body center Next exercise, we do push ups For push ups you take your shoulders back and pull up grab a little more than shoulder distance, take back shoulders, this movement and up Important for a push up, don’t swing, a lot of people here start swinging and important don’t let your shoulders come forward, who does this movement when he is pulled up, that the shoulder comes forward doesn’t train the aimed muscle and pull up one, two , three, four, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 42, 43, 44 Now we do a little exercise for the guns, so that they look good, normal biceps curls, you might know barbell in the hand, hold them like a hammer and move them, you turn them when you lift them up All these moves, we don’t want to see And Konzi show us his massive arms Elbows close to your body there are some veins popping out of it you never know You take a diagonal bench, put it at a 45° angle, lift the weight up, from this position you put them behind your head and push them up stretch out completely, now let your arms down, and again, press you can look in the mirror if that helps you coordinate do you feel the stretch
yes now we come to the pinnacle, the abs exactly everybody wants to have abs hard as steel exercises for the abs, especially in the end, but on thing i have to say, you can train as hard as you can, abs are made in the kitchen everybody knows this sentence if you have too much fat on your belly, the abs won’t ever be visible Konzi will lay down on the floor, we do different levels this is for beginners, now hands to your chest, and up all the way up we can level it up, if we put the hands behind our head and we can crank it up a little more, if we put our legs flat on the floor now again the crunches You don’t have to go that deep and the other thing is, what you have to look for by the planks pull the elbows inwards, and at the same time with your feet as if you be pushing something together The bottom lifts up, feet pull in, elbows pull in Now we do a little coordination exercise for Konzi, at first stretch the right arm out and left leg He already does the rest, now he hast to balance a little more Nevertheless the belly is working You can do it for 30 seconds and the other side If can’t do this in the beginning, you can start with just the arms or just the legs That’s it So guys, that have been the top 7 exercises for the upper Body especially for soccer players to get in shape like Cristiano Ronaldo Hopefully you enjoyed it, thank you Benny for your training and your tips Thanks for having me, if you wanna see more you can visit my channel, there you’ll find more information also about the right exercise techniques. See you next time

11 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Body Transformation – The Workout (Home & Studio)

  1. You guys are asking dumb questions, no offence, but:

    1. There's no age limit to working out (unless you're a toddler).

    2. Full body workouts are gonna require a gym or some creativity (i.e. sandbags)

  2. Hi Konzi,

    dein Kanal ist echt super, aber solche Videos solltest du nicht machen, das ist nicht dein Gebiet, überlass das jemand der sich damit auskennt und das ist sicher nicht dieser ANABOLIKA MISSBRAUCHER, der denkt, er kennt sich sonderlich gut mit Training aus – Fußballspezfisches Konditionstraining sieht auf jedenfall anders aus als das. Für Jugendliche kann so ein Hanteltraining schädlich sein!!

    Macht das ja nicht nach, wenn ihr noch im Wachstum seid!!!

    Ein Tipp wenn du trainierst: man atmet aus, wenn man Kraft braucht, ansonsten führt das zur Pressatmung, das kann bei hohen Gewichten gefährlich sein und das hast du mehrfach falsch gemacht. Dies hätte dem ANABOLIKA MISSBRAUCHER auffallen müssen.

    Konzi überleg, du bist ein Vorbild für Jugendliche, mach Technikvideos und Produkttest, das ist echt super. Auch wenn du an neuem Content und neuen Rubriken intereseiert bist, lass diese Fitnessvideos, zumindest mit dem ANABOLIKA MISSBRAUCHER!!

    Alles Gute 🙂

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