CribMaster ToolBox™ – Secure Storage, Flexible Dispensing

The ToolBox is the foundation of CribMaster’s
line of traditional vending solutions and provides highly secure, point-of-use dispensing to
help you manage and control the consumption of MRO, safety supplies, high-volume items,
or any type of indirect material. The flexible coil layout provides ample
storage for cost-effective control and can be reconfigured or linked with
auxiliary units as your operation grows. Multiple login methods make
employee authentication easy. The user selects from the item image screen
or descriptions displayed on the touchscreen interface. Optional user-defined fields can be pre-set to
identify other cost-saving opportunities such as department or job name. The helix releases the selected item and the software automatically records the transaction and updates the database. Software features such as critical
alerts and automated optimum order levels eliminate stock outs and aid in replenishment. Powered by CribMaster software, the ToolBox
is an end-to-end solution allowing your operation to run smoother, reduce waste, lower cost, and increase productivity.

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