Creatine HCl Reviews: Is Creatine Hydrochloride Effective?

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of and today I’m responding to a few requests that I’ve received to do
a review of Creatine Hydrochloride supplements and so that’s what this video today will be
about. So, we started off with the original creatine monohydrate back in around the mid
1990’s, and since then a huge list of “new and improved” creatines have been added
to that list and one of the most recent of those forms is creatine hydrochloride, or
creatine HCL for short which is a form of creatine that is created by attaching a hydrochloride
group to the creatine in order to create a salt. And like most of the other “breakthrough”
creatine forms on the market, creatine HCL is surrounded by a lot of hype and big claims
about its muscle building effectiveness in comparison to creatine monohydrate. But is
creatine HCL superior to creatine monohydrate? Well, let’s examine the main claims that
are made about creatine HCL in comparison to creatine monohydrate and thhen you can
basically just make the decision for yourself. So the first major claim is that there is
no loading phase required with creatine HCL. Now this is a totally irrelevant point because
there is no need for you to perform a loading phase with any form of creatine, whether it’s
creatine monohydrate or creatine hydrochloride. A loading phase can help you see the results
in a shorter amount of time, 5 days as opposed to about 20 but a standard 3 to 5 gram per
day dosage of creatine will result in full creatine saturation of the muscles within
about 2 to 3 weeks. The second claim is that there is no bloating with creatine HCL. Now
I’ve talked about this a hundred times in the past and I don’t even really know where
this idea came from but creatine monohydrate does not cause “bloating” of any kind.
Creatine does require additional water in order to be stored in your muscle tissue,
but that water is stored inside of the actual muscle cell itself and not directly underneath
your skin. And this is actually one of the primary benefits of creatine usage because
it gives your muscles a fuller and harder appearance. So sure, creatine hydrochloride
does not cause bloating, but neither does creatine monohydrate. The third claim is that
creatine HCL will not give you an upset stomach. Now creatine monohydrate is the most studied
sports supplement in history, and when used within the recommended 3 to 5 gram per day
dosage does not produce any unwanted side effects in terms of upset stomach or GI distress
in otherwise healthy individuals so again, another irrelevant point. Claim number 4,
you don’t have to cycle off of creatine HCL. Now I just covered this in a video a couple
of weeks ago and there’s no need to cycle your creatine whether it’s creatine monohydrate
or creatine hydrochloride. External creatine consumption does not alter your body’s natural
production of creatine when you stop supplementing with it nor does cycling reduce the side effects
because there are none. Nor does it enhance the results any further when you cycle on
and off. So again, this is just another irrelevant point that’s used to market creatine HCL.
And claim number 5 is that there is no water retention with creatine HCL. Now, I just mentioned
this a couple of points ago but increased intracellular water retention is actually
one of the primary benefits of creatine supplementation. This is NOT a drawback. Creatine requires
water in order to be stored in your muscles, and to say that creatine HCL does not cause
water retention is basically saying that it doesn’t work. Both creatine hydrochloride
and creatine monohydrate are going to cause intracellular water retention, and this directly
translates to improved muscle growth and performance at the gym. So, when it really all comes down
to it, there’s just no good reason to deviate from the monohydrate form when it comes to
creatine supplementation. 2 to 3 weeks of consistent creatine monohydrate use at the
recommended dosage of about 3 to 5 grams per day will result in a near 100 percent saturation
of your muscle tissue, and without any unwanted side effects. And there’s really nothing
more that you can ask for there. It’s not that there is necessarily anything bad about
creatine hydrochloride itself, but why pay 8 to 10 times the cost when you can achieve
the maximum benefits that creatine has to offer by simply using the monohydrate form?
One of the primary reasons why creatine HCL is claimed to be superior to monohydrate is
because it is more water soluble and so it requires a smaller dosage but on a per serving
basis despite that it still ends up being a significantly higher price. And on top of
this, creatine HCL is still a relatively new supplement, and at this point there really
isn’t any concrete research that directly demonstrates its effects in comparison to
the creatine monohydrate form. So the bottom line here is that you’re free to use whatever
form of creatine you like and I’m sure when I post this video there’s going to be a few
people in the comments section who are defending creatine HCL and who claim that they got better
results with it but at the end of the day creatine monohydrate is the most researched
sports supplement ever released and it has a near 100 percent absorption rate in the
body, no side effects and it’s also the most cost-effective form as well. So unless new
research surfaces which shows a different form of creatine to be superior to monohydrate
for building muscle or enhancing gym performance, I think the choice is pretty much a no-brainer
at this time. So I hope you found the information in this video lesson useful. If you do want
to check out a very high quality creatine monohydrate based supplement you can check
out our Muscle Amp formula over in the store which I’ll link in the description box
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100 thoughts on “Creatine HCl Reviews: Is Creatine Hydrochloride Effective?

  1. Hey Sean I have a question, I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, and dinner is brown rice, meat and salad. But 3 times a week I have soccer practice, which starts at 5, I am hungry when I am home from school, so I eat around 3:30, when I come home from training at 7 pm. I am hungry again, and it is still 3-4 hours left of my day. How could I prevent eating 2 dinner meals, do you have any tips of what I should eat before or after the training and how much?

  2. Creatine Hydrochloride Vs. Creatine Monohydrate

    => Creatine HCl Review: Is Creatine Hydrochloride Effective?

  3. There are a million foods you could have – check out my video "what to eat to gain muscle" for some ideas.

  4. im takin hcl now, not by choice, but i gota say im pretty impressed with it. but its only been a couple weeks since i made the switch from mono so i dk maybe its just leftover from the mono, but all i know is since i started taking the hcl ive made significant strength gains compared to mono.

  5. It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these other normal people build muscle so easily using Ripped X Beast (Google it).

  6. I took mono and just recently switched to hcl, i dont know if its phycological or what but i am putting up more weight an reps in just 3days. I actually take both. My preworkout has mono and i pop the 189s then my protein postwork out has mono in it. HCL works, different strokes for different folks. At the end if the day, your gona take whatever you see results with.

  7. 2nd video ive watched from this guy and 2nd time i disagree with him, you have no medical research to back what you are saying

  8. Mono doesnt dissolve and is harder for the body to absorb! I got a gas and bloating from using it. HCL is a much better product

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  10. U know tho I just started taking con-cret creatine after taking mono for about 4 years on and off and creatine hcl is so much better mono did give me a lot cramps and gas and this doesn't and first day taking hcl I felt it mono takes me like 2 weeks taking 5g a day so ya research shows mono is the same but for me at least hcl is way better

  11. Sean, my super expensive Creatine HCL makes me so freackin thirsty I can't stand it. I already drink like a gallon of water a day & im still always thirsty when I take this stuff. I even stopped taking it for a while and I stopped craving water so much. Please advice.

  12. Creatine hcl holds less water retention and doesn't convert creatine to creatinine so it might not make u do as much reps as monohydrate, but u keep what u gain. With monohyrdate u lose it all when u stop taking it. That's why I stick to hcl

  13. Since creatine monohydrate never completely dissolves in warm, hot, or cold water, no matter what after 10 minutes of being in water, juice, etc…then how is it dissolved completely into your system if only 1-2 grams are absorbed of the 5 grams taken?  Doesn't that seem like a waste? I've tried different monohydrates, ALL of them settle at the bottom of the shaker bottle.  Now unless it doesn't have to completely dissolve in your glass in order to be absorbed entirely into your system, than fine.  But that's not what I'm hearing.  Please explain more.  Thanks.

  14. When talking about water retention people are talking about the 5 grams, you take and the 2 that get absorbed leaving 3 grams sitting in your gut, drawing water. Then giving you diarrhea. Everyone's body responds differently. I drink a gallon and a half of water a day and have done so for almost a year, somehow even creapure leads to diarrhea. If you don't think it's effective just go to jim stopanni's website, there are countless people who use HCL pre and post.  

  15. I've mention this to you in one of your more recent videos. That I'm using a pre-workout that has creatine hcl in, 2g to be exact. I'm also using ON Creapure creatine about 3g after my workout w/my protein shake. My concern was if it was safe combining the 2 different creatines. I've been thinking of switching to hcl just to be on the safe side for my after workout dosage. What would be your thoughts on this matter?

  16. Is it ok to take both forms of Creatine? I have a pre workout with 3 grams of Mono in it.  Today I received a free tub of Con-Crete hcl powder (thanks to a friend). I was thinking to just take the HCl on rest days but if you think thats not effective or not healthy then i won't bother and give it back.

  17. "HCl has no benefits over Monohydrate, just take Monohydrate, oh by the way, here's a link to some monohydrate that we sell" …Ya, ok bud.

  18. I personally thin HCL is great but since it doesn't have the studies backing like Monohydrate does I don't recommend it to people and I use Monohydrate for myself.

  19. " Is Creatine Hydrochloride Effective?" Never answered that question. He posed the question!? …his answer seems to be "I don't really know" but he never even said that.

  20. the whole point of wanting to know the difference, is the that the old creatine doesnt dissolve on the spot which put a load on the kidneys.    so if you say that hcl dissolves better with water, than i would rather use the hcl.

  21. Good and informative, but the statement that mono doesnt cause bloating is bs. Im not saying that HCL doesnt either, but its very obvious that mono does. Personal experience plus experience from workout partners have proved this as well.

  22. I took several different creatine monohydrate and they didn't work on me, I started using Creatine HCL and it starts working in 2 weeks!!

  23. I have Crohn's disease and I notice a big difference between the two the HCL is so much better. I had bad cramping bloating and even diarrhea. when I change the HCL I had no side effects.

  24. I just started taking creatine hcl, how much water should I be consuming? I've herd that with mono you should be taking around a gallon/ gallon 1/2. Is it the same with creatine hcl?

  25. I'm not saying he doesn't know his shi* because he does, but as someone who took mono hydrate for about two months I didn't notice the bloating until I looked at pics of me before I started. You will bloat, and you will make temporary gains, but of course the bloat went away shortly after I discontinued use and it is wasn't permanent, as well as about half the gains.

  26. Hello shawn, not too long ago I purchased a creatine hcl supplement, but after doing research I realized that I would have been better of purchasing creatine monohydrate. I do plan on using creatine monohydrate, but I would like finish the hcl first. I would like to know if I completely waisted my money with creatine hcl or does it still have its benefits?

  27. I just went into GNC knowing jack about creatine but just knowing everyone says it produces results and is well studied. The guy gave me the song about water retention and I bought the creatine hcl. I also bought $50 "Advanced Wheybolic Extreme 60" (Wheybolic? Extreme? And it's Amplified too? Wow? Give me everythibg you got!). Before opening either bottle, I realized I could have bought the same quality products and saved $70. I hate GNC. It is my own fault. I have been lifting supplement free for a few years but just hit a benchpress benchmark and had just left Captain America: Civil War. I am an idiot. lol

  28. Great info. That explanation on water retention was flawless. You have a point. I guess the manufacturers didn't think that one through?

  29. I bought the body fortress HCl at Walmart and it has the same ingredients as the HCl at gnc 750 mg and it is 100 servings it's the same stuff just not $40.00

  30. Tried it today, waited 45min or so and then did a suprise workout with new stuff for triceps and chest, and man. I blew up to look like an athlete, it really works (Might be my body had severe shortage of creatine) But i was a little bit worried it worked to well because i really blew up with pump. Might have been the workout though, i tried something i had not tried before

  31. According to Jeff Cavalere, the reason you are encouraged to cycle monohydrate is that it needs breaking down by the body which produces a waste product that then has to be filtered out of the body, and cycling allows your body to completely rid itself of buildup.
    HCL does not have this effect, and is thus superior from a health standpoint.

    You didn't mention any of this in your review, so what is your view regarding the above?


  32. hey have a question, use to use the stuff "mono" back in high school but tried now and the few times I did I got a headache, is it because I don't intake enough water? had good results but on hcl I really don't feel as much side effects "headache and mild stomach upset"?

  33. When I first started creatine Mono a year ago, I bloated really bad because I left it in suspension (not fully disolved). now I heat the water first and I have not bloated since.

  34. Truth is everybody's body is different. Those who claim monohydrate doesn't cause bloating is claiming that based on their own experience. I've been lifting for 20 years and monohydrate bloats me. And so does milk whereas it might not bloat others. So I really wish folks would stop discounting those who say they have bloating problems with monohydrate. HCI on the other hand gives me no problem.

  35. Good info but things I already knew. Was really hoping for some information on how effective hydrochloride actually is in practice rather than just a debunking the claims around it. I've always stuck with monohydrate but found some hydrochloride for dirt cheap so I guess I'll just experiment and see how well it works.

  36. Different strokes for different folks.Creatine HCl works better for me due to the fact of my sensitivity and water retention issue with Creatine Monohydrate.Creatine Monohydrate made me look big and puffy not for me.

  37. He dont know what he is talking about creatine monohydrate does cause bloating bc of the water solubility soo that means if you dont drink enough water it will sit at the bottom of ypur stomach lile it does in a glass of water but when its in your stomach doing that it will pull water in to your stomach and digestive tract there for causes bloating

  38. Thanx for the information,but monohydrate does bloating and other GI issues …that is my experience…may be it reacts differently and more suitable for the others

  39. 5 grams of monohydrate = $0.36
    3 grams of hcl = $1.08

    It's a marketing scam. The only difference in the two is that supplement companies make more off hcl. Don't waste your money.

  40. This review is fantastic, I like how he pointed out there’s no need to load monohydrate (which I totally agree, I take a dry powder unflavored directly in my mouth then mix water in my mouth, I get 5x more energy and reps) also liked how he pointed out monohydrate does not bloat, I never experienced bloating. Also how we WANT WATER RETENTION! It’s the whole purpose, water in muscles. Great ?? review I’m sticking with monohydrate

  41. what if your a wrestler, boxer or sportsman whose weight is important then hcl is better with no water retention weight

  42. I have been lifting for 23 years.. I have tried the best creatine supps for almost 17 years. Monohydrate sends me to the toilet after 5 days.. and doesn't feel good. Best creatine products I have ever tried: creatine ethyl ester and creatine HCL. These are by far more superior than plain monohydrate! I only use 3-5gr before and after workouts no loading and no creatine consumption on non training days. Helps you train longer and harder. If you are a hard core athlete it is going to help you progress gradually without the need of steroids period. Pay attention to your diet and train smart and hard to reach your goals.

  43. If creatine doesn’t cause bloating or water retention then why did my stomach look puffy and soft? Ik its not fat because when I stopped it after about 2 weeks I could see my abs again so there you go

  44. Thanks! U sure it doesnt cause water retention? Or less water retention? How come? Retaining water is a property of the creatine molecule itself regardless of the form or solubility.. in fact more soluble creatine Should retain more water cuz its absorbed more

  45. It doesn’t cause any bloating? ???. I tried monohydrate at least 5 different times over 15 years. Each every time I stopped taking it because it caused so much bloating. I would get bigger with less definition. And the stomach area was the worst. You must be getting paid to defend mono hydrate

  46. Creatine mono doesn't cause bloating? I don't care what supposed science you use, but my friends and I definitely bloated when we used it. The face had muscles too you know.

  47. Mono gives me really bad headaches to the point where I get nauseous and it makes my neck stiff. I've tried it twice without the loading phase and each time I got the same symptoms after a few days so I stick with HCL.

  48. I have run into people when I come back to town that I havnt seen for a year show up to the gym looking huge and puffy in face and I ask them when did you start working out and they tell me a year ago, wow you sure got big fast I would say and they are like "ya I grew pretty quick eating lots I got a 300 pnd bench now" , and let me tell you these guys were small and skinny, it's obvious they are juicing bigtime . So in other words they juiced right out of the gate picking up thier first dumbell not building naturally at all ,problem for them is their body's are 100% test support system built, when they go off they will be psychologically fucked when they shrink and they will be addicted .

  49. tbh creatine mono will get you bigger faster but you WILL NOT BE AS SHREDDED and when u stop taking it you will shrink a bit but with HCL I noticed that I was more cut no I didn't get big fast like when I was on monohydrate so it comes down to you n what your goals are

  50. Creatine Monohydrate does cause stomach bloating discomfort to many even in lower 3-5g dosages you dumbfuk. You are ignorant as hell. HCL is better more soluble more effective at lower doses.

  51. I just bought the hcl equate brand. It was less than $4. I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks for the advice.

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