Creatine and Caffeine – A BAD Mix?

Caffeine and creatine are perhaps the two
most effective natural supplements any lifter can take outside of protein powder. Caffeine, a strong stimulant that improves
muscular endurance and strength output. And creatine, the substance tied directly
to the ATP-PCr system, providing a quick energy source that can help you crank out a few more
reps each set. Now, they’re great all on their own, but
there has been speculation that you probably should never take them together. The concern of taking creatine and caffeine
together stems from their interaction with water. Caffeine, being a stimulant, can also accelerate
the loss of water through peeing. Creatine, on the other hand, has the propensity
to pull water into the muscle cells. Essentially, they are working against one
another in terms of hydration. And of course, without proper hydration, bodily
functions, including performance, will suffer. Then came a study in 1996. What they found was that taking either creatine
or creatine plus caffeine saw an increase muscle creatine concentration, as expected. But, taking creatine plus caffeine did not
do any better than a placebo in terms of force production, whereas creatine alone did have
significant improvements. As for other applications, particularly cardio
and sprints, studies did not see any detriment to taking the two substances together. But back to force production. If the 1996 study is true, that can pose a
very big problem for lifters commonly taking the two together. However, the study has a few problems. The first being the sample size, where at
a meager 9 subjects, might not accurately translate to an entire population. The next is lack of information on the subjects’
diets, making it unclear if they’re already getting creatine straight from eating. Another is the fact that the study has never
been replicated directly, especially in terms of maximal force production. But the most glaring issue is the fact that
they used a crossover subject design. Meaning, instead of having different groups
taking different things and then comparing them, the subjects instead compared themselves
between a placebo phase and an experimental phase 3 weeks apart. The problem with this is the fact that creatine
level can stay elevated for up to 6 weeks after supplementation. With only 3 weeks between control and experimental
phases, it is very likely that the subjects still had elevated creatine concentrations,
complicating the results of the study. And that’s where the current research stands. Simply put, there’s not a lot of evidence
backing up the claim that caffeine and creatine can’t be mixed together. And if it does have to do with hydration,
you can just as easy drink more water to make up for any issues. As for now, if mixing them together works
for you, then enjoy your café mocha… creatini… Share your thoughts on creatine and caffeine
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99 thoughts on “Creatine and Caffeine – A BAD Mix?

  1. question on the study since had 9 participants I would assume the the population is normal or approximately normal when it comes to power output so 9 would be fine but maybe.

  2. Hey if i do a low carbs diet , and i eat fat about 30% , Protein 65% and carbs 5% will i lose fat or lose fat and catabolism ?

  3. dude , can you make a video about working out while fasting since ramadhan is around the corner! have a good day everyone!

  4. Could you make a video on The differences between your standard weight lifting and Crossfit when it come to burning fat and building muscle. It would be greatly appreciated! Love the content thanks so much it's great for beginners keep it up!

  5. GUYS PLEASE HELP ME ! i weigh 60kg and my height is 163cm and i want to build muscles, how many protein do i need a day ? i usually eat 1gram/kg bodyweight is it enough to build muscles ?? my main sources are egg,fish,milk sometimes chicken breast

  6. can you make one about if you should do heavyweight or lightweight first at the beginning of the workout

  7. if the side effects are counter acting there's no reason to believe the combination would do anything besides essentially and in simple terms, cancel each other out. I don't see how anyone could come to any other conclusion, it makes no logical sense

  8. such a useful video. But I would really love to see a video about the thing called "man's boobs" and how to lose them

  9. heey, i have a question!
    if i burn more calories than i eat,and i drink whey proteins,are those proteins unused and destroyed by burning calories?

  10. hi if i do about 12 sets a week of about 15000kg for hypertrophy do i need to do more than 15tons of volume a week to progress with strengh training? thanks

  11. If you stay hydrated enough then the creatine+caffeine issue isn't a problem. So if you are someone who can't stay hydrated enough to lift weights then you just shouldn't take either at all. Problem solved

  12. 1:38 Wait, a sample size of nine people?
    Why would anyone even refer to this as a "study"? This is barely an inch above "personal experience".

  13. I does not have nothing to do with hydration if you just drink more, but it has to do with PH in the stomach because coffee PH destroys creatine absorption, not Caffeine per se but other compounds in coffee. So I would recommend to have the two of them separately. You can have creatine with caffeine pure but you can not have creatine with coffee.

  14. when ever i mix them b4 training i feel i need drink alot more water, but after i drink enough water i feel everything is ok

  15. Creatine dont do nothing you dont need it its just water weight and all you need is food and sleep lol dumb libtards

  16. Creatine and caffeine don't mix, if you are creatine and caffeine the creation will work. The creative put on weight when take it. Now that stop caffeine the creation work!!! No caffeine when you are creatine

  17. So basically the one and only study which started this myth, was questionably executed, and hasn't been replicated since in over 20 years?

    Honestly, I'm shocked this myth exists at all. There's almost nothing credible to support it.

  18. I use creatine a month on, a month off. Usually about 700-1000 mg of caffeine a day. Don't see why you can't too, but people are different.

    Tea or coffee will not make you dehydrated, because small amount of loss of water (caffeine) versus a lot of water in both drinks. If you are unsure, have a glass of water after. If pills make piss like yogurt, more water. There can be color, can be because of diet. If it smells, what have you been eating? Something like cured herrings will make your piss smell. For some piss starts to smell easier, like me, eating a grilled chicken will make my piss smell chicken the next day.
    Relax and learn about your body. "Too much farts for soy, maybe a little less? Learned!"

    Read, ask about people and try, the golden goose will be at the end of the rainbow 🙂 And as my friend used to say "iron wins everytime, if you put enough iron".

  19. What people seem to forget is that coffee is mostly water and it is enough to replenish the loss of water from caffeine.

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  21. I mixed a 15 g if creatine and 1 and half scoops of pre-workout 300 g caffeine with 600 ml of water , i feel like my hart is gonna blow

  22. I put creatine in my coffe and am scared shitles cause i havent the whole video yet…. hoping for best

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